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Tremendous research identifies ideal candidate to purchase Dodgers; hope I don't have to sell the Accord

That's right, I’m thinking about buying the Dodgers.

Why not? Everybody else seems to be.

Steve Garvey wants to do it. Larry King is thinking about it. Dennis Gilbert and Mark Cuban have reportedly considered it. Brewers owner Mark Attanasio and Red Sox owner Tom Werner, who both call Los Angeles home, could be interested.

Jamie McCourt said she can buy out Frank McCourt. Frank may be forced to buy out Jamie.

Everybody seems to be thinking about buying the Dodgers. It’s just so fashionable, would you want to be left out?

Apparently, all that’s necessary is to put together an investment group. What could be so hard about that? I know people who know people. Heck, got a guy in my Rotisserie League that always seems to have a wad of 20s. And he brings beer to the draft. He’s flush.

Actually, his team always reeks. I need knowledgeable baseball people. Check that: I need a bunch of baseball ignoramuses, so I can be Supreme Blue Commander.

What, you really think I would do a worse job operating the Dodgers? Am I not the guy who said don’t sign Andruw Jones and to absolutely never trade catcher Carlos Santana? Anyway, pretty sure that was me.

Listen, everybody wants in. And the funny thing is, they’re not even for sale! Frank said he’s hanging on to the Dodgers no matter what you think, at least until finally passing them on to his kids.

Of course, by then his kids will have been paid so much money by the Dodgers for not working for them, doubt they’ll be interested. Plus, they’ll probably inherit a few side-by-side mansions each. Like they’d have the time or interest.

So everyone is scrambling to get in line for a team that’s not for sale. While the country is still coming out of the Great Recession, which also happens to be the tagline to the Dodgers’ 2010 season.

How’d this happen? In 2003, News Corp. couldn’t unearth a local buyer. Some might say they couldn’t find a buyer. At least not one with actual cash to put down.

Now the value of the club has almost doubled in six years and everybody and my mother wants to buy the Dodgers. Hey, wait, my mother has a reverse mortgage. My investment group is blossoming by the minute.

When it became apparent that the McCourts’ offer to purchase the Dodgers was so leveraged they didn’t have enough moola to buy a Starbucks franchise, Eli Broad belatedly stepped forward and said he’d buy the team if the McCourts’ bid wasn’t deemed acceptable.

Major League Baseball, in all its wisdom, turned the local billionaire down and went with the cash-strapped McCourts. And you actually think I’d have trouble getting approval?

A couple more investors, and this baby is rolling. How hard could it be? Peter O’Malley already said he would help transition in a new owner, though after all those years of telling O’Malley what to do, that might be awkward for me.

Whatever, I’m feeling it now. Just like everybody else in town.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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Can I be GM? My resume includes hating Frisco and the Yankees with a passion, and I actually prefer young upside ballplayers to hasbeen wash-ed up vets. No Dotels will come out of this guy baby (except every morning about 9:00 after I've had my second cup of coffee.)

It's no surprise EVERYONE wants to own a product bought by 3,000,000 people a year. A product that goes up in price as the quality goes down. And cost you $5/hour to park your car while enjoying the product. The Field of Dream$$$$$.

One of the presumed take-away lessons of The Great Recession is that debt is evil.

Evaluating the leveraged purchase of this team, we can see how much malarkey is in the concept of debt-as-the-devil.

Maybe this mass hypnosis is simply more crock for the wee folks' pots.

Hey Steve, I am forming an investment group to buy the Dodgers from you, when you buy the Dodgers with your investment group. Just a head's up.

Hehe, it's nice to see Bud Selig and his cronies at MLB's chicken coming home to roost. The McCourts were obviously pushed through by a combination of Fox's desperation to sell and Selig's desire to see one of baseball's marquee franchise with an ownership unwilling (or at least financially unable) to turn the Dodgers into Yankees West.

But I also find it a bit disingenuous for Peter O'Malley for wanting to trot in on essentially a victory lap because it was his decision to sell the Dodgers in the first place to the highest bidder instead of finding the best stewart for the team that has led us to where we are today.

I have an extra 10 spot. I'm in!

I vote Labeldude for GM. Immediately. As in, i don't care, a coup.

The McCourts must go and we ought to start a movement advocating as much!!!

I have been a Dodger fan for 55 years, loyal through thick and thin. But now the "bloom is off the rose". I am sick, fed up, disgusted, frusrtated and just plain ol' tired of this whole stinking mess. I even found myself rooting for the Giants during their playoff run!!! They have the kind of team that I am used to pulling for -- great pitching, good defense and adequate/timely hitting. I've decided I'm going to give the Dodgers one last year of support and if the situation does change for the better in 2011, I'm moving on. I love baseball, it is a great game that has given me much enjoyment both as a player and a fan. Will I be switching from "Dodger Blue" to "Orange and Black"?? As the kid said to Shoeless Joe Jackson -- "Say it ain't so, Joe"!!!!!!!

Hey I got ten bucks that I found can I join in?? ohhhhh I,ll sweeten the deal I got two parking spaces that I could charge people to park (like McCourts in boston)

I'm in.
I like to see my name attached to everything else.

Frank never really wanted to buy the Dodgers. They were kind of a "throw-in" that he had to buy in order to pick up what he really wanted which of course was 400+-acres of prime downtown LA real estate and as a bonus the billion or so dollars worth of broadcast rights that will vest in the next couple of years. The problem was that he would have to field a team until he could get everything separated. What he didn't count on was Jamie deciding to do a little separating of her own along the way. Nonetheless, he has still managed to do pretty much what he planned on all along. Eli Broad is standing in the wings, ready to build a brand new (football-baseball) stadium near Staples Center and everything works out fine. Frank builds high rises on the formerly hallowed ground of Chavez Ravine while financing the whole scheme with the revenue from his new Dodgers Baseball Network. If only I had had a few friends with money who were willing to let me borrow their financial statements a few years ago...that could have been me... or you Steve.

to WTB

what a bandwagon comment, the dodgers going through a rough stretch and all of a sudden your abandoning ship. Were we not in the playoffs the previous two years. One bad year and now your going to root for the giants, really, after the win the ws. That is the definition of bandwagon fan and you deserve no respect from any baseball fan, if you were a true fan of baseball and the dodgers you wouldn't give up on your team youve been rooting for for 55 years. you disgust me. As far as im concerned you can go move to the homo castro district where you belong and root for your new favorite team the giants

I'll BLEED BLUE FOR LIFE, even in these ruff times

WTB's posting looks like the face of the old Dodger fan.....and DPC's posting looks like the face of the new Dodger fan. Without getting into right or is amazing how these two posts speak volumes to the character of both fans.

Too bad the Nets are building an arena where O'Malley was thinking of putting his dome, using up more space in Brooklyn.

Doesn't matter who the ideal candidate is to own the Dodgers because under the MLB dictatorship, Selig will eventually decide who he wants.

DPC i'am with you on this dodger fan 4 life banwagon hopper's will be hopping year after year not a true fan just want something t talk about and be heard these fan's are call'ed loner's

I'll throw in two marbles, a once used q-tip, and some naval lint. Oh yeah.. almost forgot.... another year of shaking my head in disbelief at the clowns in charge. They brainwash 3-million fans every year into thinking this cheap weekend parking lot carnival quality team is actually a good time.

A True Blue Dodger Fan would NEVER EVER ROOT For the No Cal Battery Chucks PERIOD. I have hope as it springs eternal that my/our Dodgers will win it all. Thick or thin i am in for the Blue.

Cuban would be the best choice.

Steve, some financial advice. Don't buy the Dodgers, wait for them to go bankrupt and get them as cheaply as F & J did. You see, if you pay the inflated price for the team (double in 6 years), the McCourts (of law) will have pulled of the ultimate pyramid scam, they buy the team on strictly borrowed money, hang on by their finernails, then sell at a kazillion percent profit because they had no bucks in the pot in the first place. I know you have the best interest of a storied franchise at heart. But, please, think like the business man you're going to need to become, "Buy Cheap and Sell Dear."

It really is a joke how the commissioner handled the Dodgers a few years ago, his head was so bent on selling to someone who didn't have too much, so he couldn't run the team like some of the big boys, that the commish brought in someone with no money.

I will never support the McCourts. It galls me to see what has happened to my Dodgers. But I can state with no hesitation that I will NEVER cheer for the Giants. Won't ever even come close. Fact is, I don't like the Uribe signing (even if it did take something away that they wanted), and truth be told, I'm sick and tired of Neddy picking up every blankety-blank ex-Gnat he can find. But that's just me...

Rumor has it that Arte Moreno is thinking of dumping the Angels and buying the real L.A. team...

I grew up a Dodger fan and am fascinated by the comments in this article. I think the Dodgers got the wrong McCourt. The one who wrote "Angela' Ashes" was the one who should have bought the Dodgers. At least he knew about ashes which is what will be left of the Magnificent Dodgers. And this McCourt was Irish enough to follow in the O'Malley footsteps.

Have the Dodgers ben sold yet?

I've been a fan since '49 and found myself pulling for the Giants because all other west coast teams stink.

We need some relief! Anyone but a McCourt.

first time seeing a game, was the Dodgers. Will always be my ONLY team. Enough said . We go for dodgers because its our 1st love for baseballl. ALways next year and that year will come!!!!!! No bandwagon here..... GO BLUE


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