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The Dodgers' curious signing of Tony Gwynn Jr. will not send the heart aflutter

Gwynn_300 Are you excited? Or is that confused?

The Dodgers are close to signing another outfielder. Another left-handed-hitting outfielder. A weak-hitting, left-handed outfielder.

One we assume, who will not be splitting time in left-field with Jay Gibbons:

Tony Gwynn Jr.

That would be the Gwynn who was just non-tended by the San Diego Padres after hitting .204 last season, with a .304 on-base percentage and a miserable .287 slugging percentage.

And after he made only $419,800 last season. Somehow he used that impressive season to earn a raise to $675,000 in a one-year deal from the Dodgers.

Gwynn, 28, is good defensively and has can run the bases (17 steals in 21 attemps last season), so presumably his value is there.

But otherwise, he doesn’t seem much of an improvement from guys in the system, like an Xavier Paul (who's out of options; see ya?) or Trayvon Robinson. They must really want to play those guys every day.

Hard to see where the love is coming from.

Gwynn certainly isn’t that other outfielder the Dodgers are hoping to acquire to either start in left field, or at least platoon with Gibbons.

Gwynn, 28, is the nephew of former Dodger Chris Gwynn. And, of course, the son of Hall of Fame member Tony Gwynn.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Tony Gwynn Jr. Credit: Jae C. Hong / Associated Press

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The Ned works in mysterious ways...

Why would this be curious when Ned Coletti's has made similar transactions? Let's not forget that he also signed the following players: Ramon Ortiz, Russ Ortiz, Garrett Anderson, Josh Towers, Alfredo Almezaga, Nick Green, Brian Giles, Andruw Jones, Jason Schmidt, Justin Miller, Juan Pierre, and others.
I have just gotten use to his decision making that nothing he does surprises me any more.

About as exciting as watching paint dry! I'm trying to make sense of it and the only thing I can think of is one (Gibbons) for offense and one (Gwynn) for defense. But they have X. Paul that could fit that role and maybe even surprise us.

mccourt is so cheap, he proves it by the second, and I am being overly charitable, second rate gms that he has hired. This coletti guy, did he get through grammar school? The fans of LOS ANGELES are insulted on a daily basis. I am betting he hires his scouts from the rescue mission. He, I guess just can`t afford competent baseball people. I mean why spend money on a triple a player when there are better ones in the system.......

setting the table to have the ability to move some of the farmboys in a deal for a LF bat? Bring in a guy liky Gwynn Jr. is not too bad as he won't mope around if not starting and give the team someone to cover CF to help rest any of the starters in the OF...face it if you can play CF you can play either corner for a few games if need be. Even as a pinch runner he would be handy if Lopes can work some magic as well.

Yeah, the kids are all there down on the farm but are they really? It gives some wiggle room if nothing else. Obviously someone saw something in the kid.

What is is about this team?

Ned must have done two things at the winter meetings that led to this signing.

First, he eliminated the Jr. from the end of Tony Gwynn Jr.'s name on his iPhone Rolodex app.

Secondly, Ned jumped into the Hot Tub Time Machine and transported himself back to 1994. (Sr hit .394 that year)

After a mind altering trip, Ned woke up in the 90s and preceded to make a call on his 3 watt bag phone back to the year 2010 that led to the signing of Tony Gwynn JR!

Colletti, having regained consciousness back in 2010, with his iPhone melded to his ear during the return trip from 1994 probably still doesn't realize he signed Tony Gwynn JR!

If the Dodgers have any officials on the ground at the winter meetings, please check, in this order, Ned's mini bar receipts and his hotel lobby bar tab.....please!

P.S. Which 12 voters left Tony Gwynn, a lifetime .338 hitter, off their Hall of Fame ballots?

Nothing confusing at all.....he's CHEAP....sign'em up!

i'm not excited. . i'm not confused... i'm mad! what is in that mind of ned? i know i've been on a rant ever since the uribe signing, but at least that signing filled a need, even if the price was just beyond reason. But this one just seems like a total waste of money!!! Why sign him at all and why sign him now? What other team was even looking at him? What in world did this guy to do get a 50%+ raise, or about double what we'd be paying X.Paul to do the same thing? Someone posted that we may be looking to move someone like Xavier for a RH-bat to play LF. Okay, that's fine, but wait to make the deal before you sign Gwynn. What if the other deal falls through? Then we'll have Paul and Gwynn.. Don't get me wrong.. maybe this guy is worth something, but after the career he's had, I'd bet we could have gotten him on a minor league deal with an invitation to camp. Not a ML contract at $675K

His name is Gwynn. Cut him some slack.

We don't get it either.

last i checked Gary Sheffield has not officially retired.. Sheffield in left for 2011. would not surprise me.. Gwynn Jr. ...u gotta be freakin kidding me!!!!Keeep up the good work Ned.

This franchise sucks.

A substantive portion of the off-season was dedicated to creating a "support system" for Matt Kemp. This is part of that system, along with Davey Lopes and, I suggest, Don Mattingly

Why? Ned! Why?

When these dodgers get to the seventh game of the NLCS and need a pinch runner
(a`la Dave Roberts and the 2004 RedSox),
Tony's their man!


I don't see this deal as something to either love or hate right now. If he's basically a late inning defensive replacement/pinch runner, it's OK. If they want to see how he plays in spring training, if that average is going to improve, fine. If not, they can cut him and they're not out much.

Of course, I'd much rather see Magglio Ordonez in our outfield.

This is a fine move. You get a platoon player that can fill in for guys if they're out or need a day off in all three positions in the outfield and it only costs $675k. Not a bad deal--not a huge deal--but not a bad deal. I like having a very capable back-up available if needed.

Miss me yet?

Why are people so up in arms about this deal. 675 really are you going to harp on every small signing the dodgers make. Look botttom line is if Ned is working out a deal you have a back up plan. If he isnt there is an OF comptetion for the last spot. Last time I checked competition was never bad. Robinson is not ready to play yet he needs more seasoning. Since when is having a 4th or 5th of that can play spectacular defense under a mil bad. He is obviously not signed to be a starter but a late innings defensive guy/slash pinch runner/ ever now and starter. The only problem that I can see with this is taking a spot on 40 man roster. Other than that wats the problem with this signing

PS.on the Gwynn insult. Gwynn averages 244 and 2 homeruns a year. Hey ned your so cheap, in order to steal bases, you have to get on base. Were you born just to insult us. Only a cheap piece of what the cat dragged in would hire a second rater like you. you and frank a marriage made in peter pan land. I am fed up with you and your bs...... To see a team this cheap and this bad it will cost about $60 per patron. GO TO THE MOVIES AT LEAST YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR PAYING FOR AND IT WILL NOT BE franks NEXT HOUSE..... AND IT WILL COST ABOUT ONE THIRD OF WHAT frank WANTS TO CHARGE AND YOU WILL GET A BETTER SEAT AND THE PARKING IS FREEEEEE.

With Mattingly, Hansen and Wallach maybe one of the 3 can help Tony hit the ball better... Great glove, never injured and a gamer. On the cheap to boot. Decent back up outfielder.

this is a good move. who else was gonna back up Kemp. He can really field. Has speed. put him in CF late in games and move Kemp to RF and Ethier to LF. If we are not gonna score alot (were not) then lets pitch well and defend.

maybe i am harping on this deal too much but when i see tony jackson at espn saying that gwynn is going to get most of the starts, i cringe. and when people say he will be a good platoon player, they are missing the fact that the only guy he could realistically platoon with is kemp and there is no way i would want gwynn to be taking AB's away from kemp, i don't care how well he fields. and while he is cheap, he is still overpaid (really, gwynn hit .204 and get benched and for that, ned gives him a 50+% raise????)

Another punch & judy hitter joins the Dodgers and is awarded a 50% pay increase.

Disgraced Dodgers add another bum to the pile of cheap crap McCrap has assembled. Nothing new here: McCrap continues to own his Disgraced Dodgers and run it like he owns the Pirates or Royals. More cheap junk shopping so McCrap can pay his attorneys for his next round of legal proceedings. McCrap is delusional, narcassistic, and we continue to suffer watching him destroy a once jewel of baseball.

Everyone has been screaming bloody murder for over a year now and we had a right to, last year. We were a younger team a few games and a top tier SP away from a pennant 2yrs in arow and the McCourts marital diss put the Blues' immediate future firmly in the trash can. But it is a new year and it may be the most productive offseason. Last season was trashed and burned when the bullpen got overused due to lack of starting pitching and Belasarios' no show and subsequent rehab. Not even gonna mention Broxton. Same reasons though, over use early. Troncoso held up good for a month but burned out quickly and Sherrill was never given time to regroup. The additions made to the rotation and the subtractions of the Ortizs' make our bullpen twice as strong with out getting another arm. The fact is we will compete but fall short without the emergence of an impact RHB(free agent, rookie, or Kemp returning to form), yet we are leaps and bounds better now than we were last winter and while the Gwynn signing doesn't appear to make much sense it is a minor thing. I would really like to see Paul get a shot so for me the two moves that i like the least are Gwynn and resigning Gibbons. Oh well, I'll settle for having one of the best and most complete staffs in baseball.

People, late inning defense....5th OFer. Can steal a base, that's it. We need to quit dreaming that XPaul is even a 4th OFer in the majors....besides his defense is not great so better to replace Gibbons/Lfer in late innings with Gwynn than XPaul.

well ned got his hitters.
gwynn jr and dioner navarro.
if their averages combined were their weight combined, you'd have a small offensive lineman

Are you kidding me? other than being part of a team that kills the Dodgers, what does Tony Gwynn bring to the table? There are more question marks with this signing than there are answers! Colletti must know that this player will be available during the spring where he could be picked up without giving a non-deserving raise! Tony Gwynn Sr. must of kicked in the extra money to make this happen. A .287 slugging percentage? A .204 batting ave. isn't that the Mendoza Line? I'm not impressed with what Colletti has done this off season. Old pitching an aged and often injured 2nd baseman, moving Martin to utility, I'm confused this is resembling the FOX days where a team just got put together to play a season, not to compete.


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