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Statement from Frank McCourt's lawyer

Marc Seltzer, lawyer for Dodgers owner Frank McCourt, released the following statement Tuesday in regard to the ruling issued by Judge Scott Gordon in the McCourt divorce case:

Frank McCourt is the sole owner of the Dodgers.  Any media reports to the contrary are just wrong.  This ruling does nothing to change the ownership of the Dodgers.  Even without the marital property agreements in place, Jamie has no rights to the team. 

Without the agreements in place, it becomes the Court’s job to determine which property is Frank’s and which is Jamie’s based on who holds legal title to the team. The facts are crystal clear on this point.  The Dodgers are solely in Frank’s name. 

For Frank, today’s decision means more time at the court house.  Nothing changes in terms of the ownership, management, control or the day-to-day business operation of the Dodgers.  That’s all firmly in Frank McCourt’s hands.

We are very confident there will be no changes to the ownership of the Dodgers.  We look forward to getting back in front of the Court as soon as possible so there can finally be closure in this case.

I think you’ll see that today’s tentative ruling does nothing to change ownership of the Dodgers. The Court expressly said at the start of its tentative ruling. To quote the tentative ruling: “The Court explicitly does not make any findings with regard to the characterization of the parties’ property or interest in any property within this Statement of Decision.”

Under Frank’s leadership, the team has had a productive off-season. 

Here’s what fans can expect from Frank McCourt:  a highly competitive team under new Manager Don Mattingly’s leadership, the best baseball experience in the world at Chavez Ravine and a continued commitment to making a real and lasting impact in the community.

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Frank McCourt reminds me of that other guy who proclaimed "I am not a crook!"

Amusing to watch Frank's attorneys scrambling to rearrange the deckchairs on the Titanic. The mass defection of season ticketholders will be the torpedo that sinks this Ship of Fools.


Mr. Selig - please step in and force a sale. I'd rather have Donald Sterling own the team.

Oh Frank's had a lasting impact for sure.


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