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Really, now the Giants want the Dodgers to make nice?

 Memo to the San Francisco Giants:

Celebrate on your own time. Pat yourselves on the back as scheduled. Don’t suddenly look south to your arch enemies and expect applause.

Hey, you won the World Series. Congratulations, you earned it. Be proud and all. I’m just so happy for you.

Only don’t expect the baseball schedule and the Dodgers to bow in ceremony.

Somehow it was leaked to the San Francisco Chronicle’s John Shea that ESPN and Major League Baseball want to move the Giants’ 2011 season opener at Dodger Stadium to San Francisco.

Now isn’t that sweet? Unveil your new banner at home in the season opener at Telephone Company Of The Week Park.

While the Dodgers look on in the visiting dugout. Robbed of opening the season at home as scheduled. Probably missing out on a Clayton Kershaw-Tim Lincecum matchup.

Of all the teams in all the towns in all the world, the Giants have to ask the Dodgers to walk into their joint March 31?

It was hard enough for Dodgers fans to humbly sit by and watch the Giants’ unexpected title -- guess it was unexpected, or MLB originally would have scheduled their season to start at home -- but now they’re supposed to bend over backward to accommodate the Giants’ party?

I don’t think so. Exactly what is in it for the Dodgers? Outside of an extra chartered flight and hotel stay in San Francisco? Hasn’t anyone heard the Dodgers are carefully watching their expenses these days?

According to Shea, the plan is for the teams to play the one game in San Francisco, then hop a flight to Los Angeles to play the four-game series at Dodger Stadium as scheduled. Which would essentially mean opening the season with an odd five-game series.

The March 31 game would replace the April 11 game against the Dodgers in Frisco. (I don’t really ever say Frisco, I just enjoy using it because I know it annoys everyone from Frisco.)

Shea said the move would have to be approved by the players’ union. Almost like the Dodgers have no say in it. And you just know how thrilled they must be about all this.

This qualifies as cruel and unusual punishment of a staggering organization. There’s only so much humble pie you can ask one team to stomach.

The Giants’ home opener is currently scheduled for April 8 against the St. Louis Cardinals. Sounds swell. Make it a party. Hope it’s a real happening. I’m sure the Cardinals will be very cooperative.

Otherwise, leave the schedule and the Dodgers alone.


Steve Dilbeck

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I couldn't believe it when I read it, either. I do not think that this is really the appropriate way to go about promoting baseball - besides, weren't the WS ratings far below average? People won't tune in to see SF vs LA in a 3-game lineup (figuring since its a West Coast game, it will be the finale of opening day) just as they never tuned in to watch the Gnats play in the WS.
Come to think of it... SF never did get the love others have, namely Cubs and formerly BoSox when they never won the big one, because the northern Gnats were always considered more of the rich man's team - especially so in their days in New York. So many HOF players, so few trophies to show.
Manipulating the schedule to force their rivals to fly up north for ONE GAME seems childish and short sighted.

Amen! Well said! I am tired of the Evil Empired called ESPN trying to call all the shots.

Well put Steve. I hope the Dodgers could do the same when we win it all. There's no motivation better for dem Bums than when the Jints win the WS. If you don't remember what happened after the last time they did it in'54, look it up.
If they do make this schedule change, then that's more motivation for Dodgers.

Gosh you sound like a baby. For once, the Giants/Dodgers rivalry will be center stage instead of the RedSox/Yankees. This is good for baseball, good for the Giants and Dodgers. The Dodgers need to accept reality. By the way, ESPN is making this call not the Giants.

WTG Steve! We bow to no one, especially from the north! Go Blue!

What the...? This is the first I've heard/read of this. This is most certainly NOT a case of the Giants want the Dodgers to "make nice"; this is a desperate need on the Giants part to rub salt in the wound. Bullroar. If I were McCourt/Colletti/Mattingly/whoever else, I'd rail.

Hey everyone, it's not the's the self-proclaimed "Worldwide Leader" that wants this switch. It's a ridiculous idea. I don't want ESPN to get what it wants this heck with those people. They think they run the show (well, I guess they do in most cases). I sure hope the players' union says no.

Hahaha it doesnt matter what you clowns from the south want. Your pathetic bums finished in 4th while we won the world championship. Cant wait for the country to see the world champs unveil the world champion bannner especially against the dodgers hahahaha. The Giants brought the throphy home where it belongs!

2010 World Champions SF Giants!

"2010 World Champions SF Giants!

Posted by: SFgigante14 | 12/10/2010 at 08:05 PM "


OK, dont make nice - in the best interest of baseball - then

Are you serious?

"ESPN and Major League Baseball want to move the Giants’ 2011 season opener at Dodger Stadium to San Francisco."

Huh??? Where does it say the Giants want to move the opener? It clearly states ESPN and MLB want the move. But hey don't let the facts get in the way.

Go to H3LL Frisco were not changing any plans to accommodate your fluke World Series Title they wanna get the royal treatment after winning ONE WS title in Frisco!! This is why these ingrates will never win another WS for another 50 years!

when has this ever happened before? why would espn want to do it this year, of all years? is this what we are supposed to expect every year from now on? it's ridiculous and completely unfair to the dodgers and LA fans. you think espn would do this to the yankees or redsox if this happened to them? absolutely no espn and mlb should just stuff it and let the schedule go as it was planned.

Meh, Go ahead and move it. The Dodgers have a nice way of spoiling all the Giants would be-great moments (last game at candlestick, first THREE games at Pac Bell, Barry's record breaking game). Be fun to kick their butts on national TV.

Here's an appetizing rivalry:

The Los Angeles Lobsters vs. the San Francisco Sushi.

I can hear the taunts:

"Hey, do you scare around lemon and butter?"

"We eat you RAW!"

I love this guy!!! you know screw it lets go up there, let Juan Uribe get his ring, hit a home run and walk away with the win!! but I see the fact that the Giants are acting like little kids who just received their first trophy.

Oh, I think you will be bowing down alright.

As a life-long dodger fan I like this idea,especially after all the crap we have signed so far. understand,this organization is NOT trying to win a championship. This is the medicine we need,the hated ones getting their rings in our face. hopefully,its an eye opener.

Loving this. Fuel the fire. The young Dodgers need to feel the competition of the past. These young players need some old school 'schooling' and some lessons of the fifties and sixties and carry the fuel to the field instead of sitting back and collecting a paycheck.
The Dodgers have lacked 'fire' for years, maybe this will be a start in the right direction.

I'm all for it. Why not? What better way to start the 2011 season than putting a beat down on the Jints after their cute phone booth celebration? Then sweep four at home. Long live the rivalry!


espn and bud selig can go hump themselves

Hell No We Won't Go! Go Blue!

Much ado about something that would be good for our rivalry! imho.

(1) Espn resets the sched, not SF. The tradition of the last several years is that on the Sunday night before the Monday home openers the World Champion hosts a game against a rival. You may have noticed this new tradition also happens in the NFL, on the Thursday night before the Sunday openers, altho not necessarily between rivals, but in the World Champs' home park. From now on, the openers will, wisely, start earlier, on Fridays, and so the champions' opener will begin the night before. With the next night an even-more ginned-up opener in LA.

(2) The Dodgers are The rival of the Giants per se, and also rivals for dominance in the division, which intensifies the importance of the opener. Coincidentally, the '11 schedule called for the Dodgers and Giants to play in LA. Longtime Dodger-Giant fans may remember seasons past when in fact 1, 2 or 3 game series opened in either LA or SF and then immediately switched locales with the same two rivals playing another 1, 2 or 3 games. This is not a first. This has been historically precedented.

(3) The reason espn wants to put it in the home park of the champion is to give them their due in the form of the ring ceremony. Moving back the start of the LA series one night wouldn't include that.

(4) There's nothing terrible or evil in starting off this season with this one-day trip to Frisco. The Dodgers are coming off of spring training with about 30 games scheduled the same way. It's not like this is some sort of torture for them or the fans OF THIS RIVALRY.

(5) This would be GOOD for the Dodgers, not to suffer in the dugout watching all of Frisco celebrating, but to put some fire in them to perform like they'd want to host the next opener on espn a night early with their rivals. It would be good for Mattingly, and Kershow or Billingsly, whoever wins that starting privilege, to throw like it's the 7th game of a playoff against who but their rivals, and to show up their fans in the other guy's park and put the Giants in their place. The Dodgers up till the All-Star break last year were slapping the Giants around the field, then folded. THIS is an opportunity to show the country the Giants' win WAS a fluke, by beating them on this stage.

I hope this opener happens, and expect it to. Think it thru. This is a juicy opportunity, for just one night, to forget how, eventually, the McCourts will have to sell the team and go away.

And if the Dodgers falter in these first 5 games, the spotlight on the first game will intensify the disgust LA has with the punch & judy lineup Ned put on the field. This is a win-win for LA and the Dodgers.

Hey SF Fan:

5 > 1

It is bad enough the 'WORLD CHAMPION' SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS must lower themselves the 4th place level their opposition opening Championship 2011 season vs the bums; would be worse if they were thence beaten at home in front of their own fans and live before a national tv audience.

When the '63 Champion Los Angeles Dodgers (fresh off a four-game sweep of the Yankees) were 'allowed' to play the first 7 games of their season at home, the rest of the NL didn't whine...they went out and put a 1-6 record on LA. If potentially playing a five-game series vs SF (with 4 straight at home in LA) to open the 2011 season isn't consideration, opportunity and advantage enough, well...

Any sport, they don't usually have a 'dog' first game of the season whereby a World Champion plays 4th place team and on the losers home field. For the record, change in venues is nothing new; reasons vary but this case the signs are unmistakable and as preeminent as every case same: Champion's reward and $ to be gained.

Football, the 1965 AFL All Star Game had to be moved from its announced New Orleans locale to Houston due to racial strife, and this happened mere 'days' before the game was played, not months.

Baseball, the World Series '67 played in Boston resulted scheduling conflict, so that the AFL Patriots had to play a second road game v the same team (SD Chargers) in less than a month (and) IN SAN DIEGO AGAIN, result of which Boston totally 'lost' one of their scarce 7 scheduled home games that season. Advantage SD? Patriots played them to a tie in that game 2.

Be no sinister plot here, rather, the straw that stirs the drink (E$PN) is merely doing what any other like entity would want to do similar circumstances: take advantage the opportunity show baseball's finest team at home game 1 as they open their pursuit a 2nd consecutive Title.

While the team an smoggy southland imagines itself so revered as to demand 'justice'? by way mimicking purity raped, the rest of MLB could not care less. The only crime that has been committed here is larceny of the heart: a green monster California style - wall of envy form a blue-eyed stepchild to baseball relevance 21st century, lost angeles dudgers.

I've been a fan here since the days of my heroes Koufax & Willie Davis et al, but enough is enough. If you want to complain then rail at those responsible for having made mediocrity acceptable, rather than condemning others for your home team's baseball lot/transgressions.

This whining modern day fandom is embarrassing - maybe a fitting match for a team same that has lost its way and has been (double entendre) wandering in the baseball wilderness for so long they have been surpassed by the 'formerly' Title-less now World Champion SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS, better team with a brighter future.

Let that' sink in.

Don't get mad, get better.

Just another example of the lack of class of the Giants organization, like the time they wanted the Dodgers to wear throwback uniforms and drag Ralph Branca out to "commemorate" the Bobby Thompson home run.

Sounds like a bit of sour grapes. Jealous are you ? You souldn't be. Any body whose ever played the game at a competetive level knows better. Your time will come, maybe. Then you'll want to rub it in our face. In the meantime enjoy your season opener outside of the national stage !

Dodgers fans suck!! They call themselves baseball fan. They show up in the 3rd inning and leave in the 7th inning. Pathetic fans. Dodger stadium is outdated and looking like an old relic, owners are like LA. phony city, phony people, Dodger players barely major leaguer, as Bill Phlaske said, no elite free agents likes to play for an LA Baseball team.


Dodger fans and Los Angeles deserved each other. No class!

Oh, the Giant organization didn't know a thing about this scheme? They must of agreed to play the game before it went any further, don't you think? I would think the subject was broached to them beforehand.

We will now see if the head of the MLPLA is in bed with ESPN. We will also see if Frankenstein sees a chance to make an extra five by agreeing to the switch.

The Dodgers will be happy to move Opening Day up when San Francisco celebrates its next title in 2066.

It seems to me this ESPN tradition started in the late 90's but I know it's been going on at least since the Angels opened against the Rangers(rival?). I like the idea of honoring last years champ but what makes this one so odd is why the last minute schedule change? Don't they set the schedules after the Series? This has never come up before it's been a given. Is MLB and ESPN getting together to fire up our rivalry knowing that the country is suffering from RedSox Yankees fatigue? Or is it just some wierd glitch in the beuracracy? In any case the Giants/ESPN/MLB should cover the travel costs if the Dodgers are forced to perform this not so cheap inconvenience. I for one would love to see Kid K shut down Tami Lincecum on a national stage to start the season and then the blues should go back to the Hotel and run up the hugest tab in the history of hospitality. Porterhouse steaks for all the traveling secretary's secretaries. Boluga caviar for the busdrivers. Bottles of 18 year old scotch for everyone over 21! Then back on the plane for a four game sweep of the gynts as we open Dodger stadium. Can dreams come true?

N.P. Krohn: There's no tradition about changing the schedule after it's been released to accommodate the World Series winner I am aware of. A couple years ago they did change the schedule so the Nationals could open their new ballpark at home.
And to those who point out that ESPN is behind this and it's not a Giants' thing, you're half right. TV certainly wants it, but so do the Giants. Who do you supposed leaked the story to Giants scribe? Of course, the real tradition is, whatever TV wants, TV gets.

Steve, Steve. At least they didn't schedule it for an international venue. As in, Sri Lanka. The 49ers had a "home" game in London.

MLB needs to get its collective head out of its collective...

Speaking for Giants fans, as I shouldn't, this is a stupid idea. But so was making the outcome of the All-Star game decide who gets home field advantage in the World Series.

There's got to be only one baseball guy on the planet who thinks this is a good idea.

"When you say Bud,
You've said a lot of things nobody else can say.
When you say Bud Seling,
When you say Bud."

ESPN says jump and everyone says, "How high?" I'm sure copious amounts of cash will find its way into McCourt's pockets to make this happen. I just wish someone would tell ESPN to go pound sand for a change. And Selig can do the same.

Seling? Typos. Sheesh. Where's the edit button for this thing?

I blame Bud Selig for all typos!!!!

Sorry you got up on the wrong side of the bed, Steve. But as even you point out, it was MLB and ESPN that want to move the opening game. If you want to lay out some blame, put it where it belongs, not on the Giants.

Everyone's missing the point on this issue... it was clearly to steal the Dodger's thunder away from signing Juan Castro to another contract.


One title in 56 years and suddenly there's a bright future?


Enjoy your one shot Gnat boy

Winning the first game will be spit in their eyes. Lets take the game to Frisco and beat them to an embarrassing pump. Wait....never mind, we don't have the bats for that.


It does not matter where the Giants celebrate the 2010 world Series....Be it in your old, obsolete stadium The Doddgers call home or the beautiful park by the bay in SF. It must pain you blue loving fans to see The Giants as winners. Enjoy another painful season of below .500 baseball. I love secret agent Ned and The McCourts even more. GO GIANTS!

World Series Titles:
LA- 5
SF - 1

Nuff said.

World Series Titles since 1989/20th century:

SF- 1
la - 0

World Series appearances since 1989 /20th century:

la - o

Nuff said.

So, if "ESPN and Major League Baseball want to move the Giants’ 2011 season opener at Dodger Stadium to San Francisco," then why are you so ticked-off at the Giants organization?

(hint: the question is rhetorical, and the answer is obvious)

Somebody call the whaaaaambulance!

Seriously, you have much more to be concerned about then ESPN/MLB making you come up for an opening day game. "Sloppy Seconds" Coletti just signed another Giants castoff--I'm looking forward to seeing Eugene getting picked off in Dodger Blue(trust me, it will take the geniuses Coletti and Mattingly 1/2 a season to figure out all he does is get picked off 1B).

1988 was a looong time ago....

This has little to do with SF and everything to do with the Dodgers' decline. ESPN doesn't think the Dodgers are worth national coverage anymore. The only way they can sell it is with the Giants WS banner unveiling.

Steve, perhaps rather than complain about the Giants you should be asking how the Dodger franchise has become so loathsome that ESPN and MLB don't even consider the storied Giants/Dodgers rivalry to be worth opening day coverage on its own.

one would think that the 'Angeles Trollop Dodgers would welcome whatever publicity they could get, seeing as how their starting rotation this year is going to be Jamie (take me to) McCourt and the rest of the cast from Malibu Housewives.....

You embaras only yourself by calling our city by that [expletive deleted]. Its not enough that LA has Juan Uribe, Eugenio Velez, Net Colletti and the Frank and Jamie McCourt Show, you have to have the Giants open down there too? We will give you some brie on a cracker if the game is in SF!

Oh ohh!! You dun gon and dun it now son!! I see 47 comments and i bet 30 are from Giants fans who "don't care about the Dodgers" even though they spend more time on and than most Dodger fans...........

Congrats, but it's the Dodgers who don't care about you, it's you who still thinks this is some sort of "rivalry" and have something to prove. It's now 6-6 or 5-1 however you look at it, great, but we don't control who owns or manages our teams.

As the Dodgers have over the years earned a reputation as a classy organization, and one wisely managed, generally, and as it can only whet the desire of the players in Blue to hoist a pennant of their own, and as the plan involves swapping a home game for one later in April, there are good reasons to allow the champs to open at home.

Baseball as entertainment, anyone?

Pissing off people on the principle that that happen to work and live somewhere else seems not so much the Dodger way, not the way of the organization that's had a few Championship pennants since coming west. I hope that the attitude of the writer is not indicative of that of the organization as a whole. If Steve Dilbeck reflects the prevailing sentiment of the Dodger organization then the Giants have won the battle for the classiest team of the west before the season starts.

Memo to Steve Dilbeck,

1. Learn to read and understand what you read (ESPN wants to do this, not SF).
2. Go fix your ownership problem.
3. I'd worry about the state of the Doyers before worrying about the superior team from the north.

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