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Now Dodgers lose out on Bill Hall; options in left grow still more bleak

And now on to Plan B … or is that Plan Z?

The most deserted place on Earth?

Left-field for the Dodgers.

Doesn’t anyone who can actually hit a baseball want to play there? One who bats right-handed?

The Dodgers have been busy stockpiling their pitching staff, but their daily lineup has been improved only at second base with the addition of Juan Uribe.

They currently have no left-field starter and lost out on another prime candidate Friday when Bill Hall signed with the Astros to play second base.

It’s not like Hall was going to be a major acquisition, but at least he was right-handed and offered some pop (18 home runs in 382 at-bats for Boston last season).

But according to’s Ken Rosenthal, Hall just signed a one-year deal with Houston for approximately $3 million.

Which leaves the Dodgers where, besides with a black hole in their lineup?

The pickings are growing slim. This week Magglio Ordonez signed with the Tigers, Xavier Nady with the Diamondbacks and the A’s traded for Josh Willingham. Previously Matt Diaz signed with the Pirates, Pat Burrell with the Giants, and of course, Jayson Werth to those loony Nationals.

What’s left? No free agents to set the heart a-flutter. Austin Kearns, Lastings Milledge, Marcus Thames, Jermaine Dye?

Somebody has to go out there, and the in-house gang -- Jay Gibbons, Xavier Paul, Tony Gwynn Jr. -- all hit left-handed. Trayvon Robinson, who played at class-AA Chattanooga last season, is a switch-hitter with minimal power.

Someone has to share time, presumably with Gibbons. Regulars Andre Either and James Loney are left-handed. The Dodgers might have been better off signing Hall to play second, moving Uribe to third and letting Casey Blake platoon with Gibbons in left. Something, other than where they currently are.

With a hole in left, and options to fill it dwindling. First they lose out on Diaz, and now Hall. Manny Ramirez, of course, remains available.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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Hall would not have hit as well in Dodger Stadium (and the National League). he was on a downward spiral in Milwaukee. The guy that really intrigues me is Dye. I'd bet he'd take an incentive laden contract, maybe even a minor league deal with an invitation to camp. Geez, if Ned is inviting guys like Velez, he can sure send one out to Dye. Come on, do it Ned!! Other than that, I wouldn't mind seeing any of those other guys mentioned. Milledge was a hot prospect only a few years ago, as was Kearns. Thames probably has the most power of any of them. He just can't field. But hey, Manny couldn't field either right?

How about a good old fashioned trade Ned? How about sending Troncoso, X Paul and a decent prospect or two to your pals in Chicago for local guy Carlos Quentin?

Might as well see if Manny wants to come back, we are paying him anyway(I'm just saying).

Amazing what starts to look good when you are wallowing in mediocrity. Should be an exciting year for the Dodgers battling Orlando Hudson and the San Diego Padres for third place.

We should be grateful theat Hall signed elsewhere. Once more, Ned has been saved from himself.

Leading off and playing left field for your Los Angeles Dodgers, Scott Pathednik.
Book it. Ned likes the familiar and had already offered to pick up our end of the option. Of course now it'll be for three years at $15 million, not that Ned would do something stupid like overpay or give too long a contract or anything.


Might as well bring Manny back to play two or three times a week, we're still paying him.

With a career OBP of .310, I'm glad Hall eliminated another poor option for Colletti to consider. These are not the types of players that are worth signing.

"Might as well see if Manny wants to come back, we are paying him anyway(I'm just saying)."

Posted by: Gangstaslapped | 12/17/2010 at 03:00 PM

NO kidding. He'd hit better than anyone would we have signed given our realistic budget and choice. A half effort Manny could STILL helps this team TONS. But oh well...we really blew that one.

I'm tired of a half hearted attempt to field a team that will draw enough folks for the McCourts to make a profit at the concession stands. Colletti is far from impressive. Our last championship was orchestrated by Fred Claire when he had the sense to bring onboard Kirk Gibson. With Claire you had a GM that knew enough to manage a roster with the imput and knowledge of his scouting department. Anyone still have Claire's number on file...I'd rather have him give it a shot, at least Fox is out of his way this time.

Holy cow! We lost out on our next best hope to bring us to the World Series... no way we lost Billy "the Bullet" Hall!!! That .247 batting average would have would have lead this Dodger team to glorious and splendid victories.

I mean I am sooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed that we lost "The Bullet" that I was compelled to post twice.

If we can't find someone to play Left, how the heck are we going to staff Short- Center?

Sign Beltre. Platoon Casey Blake in left with Gibbons.

manny ramirez...reed johnson...garrett anderson...xavier paul...jay gibbons... scott podsednik...jamey carroll...trent oeltjen... russ mitchell... 9 were called upon, less than half return 2011 try fill the still gaping void.

Meanwhile 2010 in Chicago, they had 'a' left-fielder...he played in 160 games at age 32/33, led all AL players his position in: a) putouts, b) total zone runs (a measure of range), had the best fielding % - oh yeah - and he led all of MLB with 68 stolen bases - a career high.

Maybe you've heard of him: Pierre's the name... JUAN PIERRE

This is good news. I was never thrilled over the prospect of Hall playing left field here. Sure, he has some pop...and he is right-handed, but he's not the answer...he's inconsistent. I'm not thrilled about Gwynn, or Gibbons, playing out there most of the time. I know he faltered at the end (probably because of his injury), but I think Podsednik will end up being the guy. Dye would be OK as part of a platoon, as would Milledge. Forget about Thames, who is a DH, as well as Ramirez.

@Tommy - Troncoso and Paul have no trade value, so the prospects would have to be very good to net Quentin.

Pierre? You mean the guy with a whopping one home run and 22 total XBH's?

Sure, I'll come back for $3 million. Start one or two days a week; pinch hit. Or does Austin Kerns excite you?

maybe Manny Ramirez isn't a bad idea and whatever happened to Johnny Damon?

Don't worry, I'm sure Mr. McCourt has been reading all of your comments and, sensing the disappointment among the Dodgers' faithful, will soon authorize Ned Colletti to go all-out and bring Adrian Beltre back home...


GOOD! Poor Houston. Literally.

Podsednik: NO NO NO. Been that done there. Didn't work. 4th place. He doesn't want to be here. I hope.

Juan Pierre was traded as a favor. Ned of course did not forsee he'd be needed so soon after all. Like those two top-notch young catchers he frittered away for nothing.

Manny? Give him a minor league contract and see if he can still hit.

He'd rather quit than come back here.

Ideally, out of those who were available, Magglio Ordonez, for maybe $12 mill. I'm sure Ned never had his phone number. Too good = too expensive for the bargain basement brigade at Chavez Ravine.

It's Ned's job to make sure lunacy like this doesn't happen. Can't get a right-handed left fielder who can hit above .248. That is beyond embarrassing. For this dis-organization it's business as usual.


Before Ned throws away Xavier Paul: Play him in center in AZ. See how he takes to it. Move Kemp to left.

Problem solved?

Sign Beltre he could make an impact on the lineup

What is Bonds' hat size these days? (j/k!!!)

no matter who ned brings in, i would never, ever, regret getting rid of juan "popup" pierre. don't just look at the numbers he accumulates because he never takes a rest, remember the popups, the refusal to ever adjust his hitting approach to get on base more, the lollipop throws and opposing runners liberally taking the extra base on him. while he led the league in steals, he also led the league in caught stealing as well. no, no, no, no pierre, and no more of his clone, scott podsednik. if ned signs him, we'd be guaranteed to have 4 lefthanded OF on the active roster, ethier, gibbons, gwynn and pods. that's ridiculous. and don't forget paul, oeltjen and robinson (albeit he's a switch hitter); all left handed.

Dye! Dodgers. Die.

Ned likes former Giants, and there's one who played left field for many years still available. Granted, he bats left, but he has legendary power and records to prove it. He hasn't played in a couple of years, but, then, neither had Jay Gibbons. And there's a history of former Giants--even some of the most hated like Juan Marichal and Sal Maglie--finishing out their careers with the Dodgers. Wouldn't it be nice to turn the LF seats into Barrywood?

HEY! I hear that this Manny Ramirez guy is still available

At least vin is coming back, hell-can he play left!

@HI dudger fan

"and don't forget paul, oeltjen and robinson"

- well meathead- er, loaf, 2 out of 3 ain't bad. Apparently you forget nee forgot oeltjen is no longer here, anamnesis... it just seems that way, huh?

NO ONE will e'er forget what we had Juan Pierre was here and all we lost his absence.

Already forget? 2010 saw #1 in stolen bases, #1 in fielding %, #1 in WARs, #1 in putouts.

A Juan in hand be better by far than nine beating the bushes - una vez mas: ramirez, johnson, anderson, paul, gibbons, podsednik, carroll, mitchell and of course the unforgettable oeltjen.

Read 'em and weep: 9 were called upon, x9 they failed.

By the way, Juan Pierre is now 30th in the history of MLB in stolen bases and after another great year this one upcoming will move into 19th place all-time past such also-ran 'lightweights' as a Maury Wills, Ozzie Smith, Davey Lopes and Brett Butler, among others.

He who laughs last laughs best & JP's got a grin goes ear to ear... and so do I.

Oh well, guess we'll have to do the same as every dudgers (formerly Dodgers) fan in 2011 - watch the 'WORLD CHAMPION' SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS make it two in a row as we enjoy the carousel out left-field...

Thank you Mr. Boras!

Where have you gone Juan Pierre? A nation turns its lonely eyes to you...ooooo...oooo. What's that you say Mrs. McCourt, Juan Pierre has left and gone away, hey, hey hey.

16 Blows - before calling people names, check your facts. Trent Oeltjen was re-signed to a minor league contract by LA, so he is, in fact, around.

Juan Pierre is also the guy that led the majors in outs made - on offense. 515 outs. Youch. He had a .657 OPS in a hitter friendly ballpark. Youch.

Let's see.....Manny is still available, Johnny Damon is still available and I really liked the one post of a former Pirates/Giants who did hit a few home runs....can't stand the creap but hell, put him in Dodger Blue, watch him take pitches and walk two or three times a game with a dinger or two in between. Put him in Dodger Blue and I will change my tune.


Welcome to BARRYWOOD #25

Here is a solution:

Quentin from the Sox for Broxton

Fielder from Brewers for Loney and Billingsley

Almost a salary wash.


Before Ned throws away Xavier Paul: Play him in center in AZ. See how he takes to it. Move Kemp to left.

Problem solved?"

no - problem not solved. x-paul bast lefty. they want a right handed bat in the lineup.
hall's so called power numbers would've tanked in LA -- bomb shots become routine warning track outs. plus his obp blows.
last i heard, posednik is still having plantar fasciitis issues -- which would mean we have an aging LF who's one gift was speed but can't run.

manny can't play left anymore - he even said it.

what happened to this once great franchise?

How about Beltre at third and Blake in left?

I'm not surprised Ned Colleitti didn't have much of a plan for the LF job. He had all of last year to figure out what he wanted to do since everyone knew Manny was leaving. Jay Gibbons is the best that he can come up with?

If they think Jay Gibbons (who should strictly be a back up 1B and lefty bat off the bench) can get the majority of the AB's in LF then the Dodgers should just wave the white flag.

Gibbons was out of baseball for a few years and was a marginal starter at best in Baltimore and that was HGH/Roid aided. They've been talking about getting a right handed compliment to him all off season so I guess Jay Gibbons was plan A for the Dodgers. This is the same guy who couldn't find a job the past few years and now he's 33 and can't field a lick yet they want him to play next to Matt Kemp? Everything will be dropping in the OF!!!!!

Paul has shown little in the bigs so far. Hoffman was let go last year. Gwynn is strictly a defensive OF and Sands and T Robinson are a year away.

I don't know why Coletti gets a pass with the media. He's made some really bad moves during his tenure.

Maybe Ned should think about going the trade route. Call about Quentin. Call about Rasmus. Do something other than thinking that Jay Gibbons or Bill Hall can be a viable option in LF. This is getting ridiculous

@TBLA (aka 'the conscience' dudger blog)

"16 Blows" - agreed - thank goodness oeltjen is 'here' (not on the 40 man mind you, but in the minors at least for to help rescue us not only fromst our merry-go-round LF but also from the major-league over-hype be our RF'r.)

"before calling people names, check your facts."

- before mistaking pulse for 'here' and 'invitation' for 'RSVP', remember: be seven other outfielders already 'here' in on the scrum, outfield hopefuls... the unforgettable oeltjen be not one of them. So then, as I precisely inferred & reiterate 'John Paul', 'he's a real nowhere man'...

"Trent Oeltjen was re-signed to a minor league contract by LA, so he is, in fact, around."

- continuing, if we embrace 'around' then so too is Juan Castro 'around' nee 'here' - YET AGAIN - as it were. paul & robinson 'are' around nee here as I said - on the 40 man; oeltjen is not and as such not so much 'here' as 'there' - we can discuss this semantic further if you wish... lemme know.

I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say the true raison your angst be the MLB Champion basestealer got stolen away from us by the White Sox: JUAN PIERRE.


'Here' nee 'around' his stead, dudgers tried nine and failed as many including the come hither again oeltjen - that we 'got' for Juan as in 'taken' was a return 'Mod Squad' youth john and a jon nee ely & Link... can Julie & Pete be far behind?

"Juan Pierre is also the guy that led the majors in outs made - on offense. 515 outs. Youch. He had a .657 OPS in a hitter friendly ballpark."

- and yet JP is 'here' as in MLB and not 'there' as in 'here' that be the minors i.e., la - an baseball limbo nee purgatory of sorts 4th place NL West dangling the end McCourt whim; well, least we have oeltjen... here/there?


- get that lisp looked at...

Get Juan Rivera from the Angels. Will hit .250 to .270, 15 to 20 homers, 80 or so RBI's, average fielder, righthanded, strong throwing arm, affordable contract. Angels do not want him. Trade a good prospect or so.

Dodger fans get used to seeing the giants on top in the west. Why would last year be a fluke? Our starting rotation is only going to get better over the years, posey is one of the best young players in the game, and the lineup is not always going to be pathetic. Real die hard giants fans had to wear all the no rings and steriods jokes over the years, now its your turn dodger fans.

Just give it to a &$*#(^&# rookie. All this free agent bottom feeding is really offensive. This needs a right hand/need a left hand stuff is retarded...just got someone who can hit the ball.

After the Yankees sign Manny to play left field and they move Gardner to right, then you will see the trade that sends Bilingsley,troncoso and DeJesus to the Yanks for Nick Swisher. This leaves a rotation of Kershaw, Garland, Kuroda, Lilly, and Padilla. Swisher, Kemp and Eithier not a bad outfield.

Pierre would be great. He would lower our team OB% and power even more And make our defense even worse. Come to think of it I am surprised that it hasn't happened yet.

"Terry" is point on! Rivera comes at a reasonable price and makes the best case solution for the time being...that is...until we get another GM in charge. Remember what I said, Claire still lives in the Southland. Doubt he'd work for the McCourts though. Once you have cut your teeth in the O'Malley family, settling for this current mess in Chavez Ravine would be a tough sell to convince him to come back.

There are so many posts, that I can't remember the guy who actually PRAISED Fred Claire. I'm sure Pedro Martinez would also call him a genius. Gibson fell into his lap. And that certain 2nd baseman ........................????
Suggestions for left field are creative, to say the least. From Germaine Dye to Lastings Milledge to Austin Kearns or Juan Rivera? OK, I'll bite. I'd sign Milledge just for his name
This club isn't going anywhere, so why not any of these second tier guys ?

find a way to get carlos beltran from the mets. or bring back Beltre and move blake to left.

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