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Manny Ramirez's mystery injury

Manny_400 When word reached the Dodgers that Manny Ramirez underwent surgery this off-season, club officials were surprised, saying they knew nothing of a groin injury that the aging outfielder claimed he had for most of the year.

Well, according to his agent, Ramirez didn’t know about it, either.

But, curiously, it still affected him.

“We found out that Manny had some medical maladies that had to be surgically repaired in the off-season,” Scott Boras said. “It had a pretty big impact on his performance.”

Then why didn’t Ramirez say anything about the injury?

“I’m not sure Manny knew about it,” Boras said. “In fact, I know he didn’t know about it because we were all surprised.”

How did Ramirez say the injury affected him?

“Well, I don’t think Manny felt anything affected him during the season,” Boras said. “It’s just the fact that when you find out you’ve got a situation where you’ve got to have surgery for a hernia-like situation, you obviously know it’s impactful.”

Ramirez, 38, hit .298 with nine home runs and 42 runs batted in over a combined 90 games with the Dodgers and Chicago White Sox. He hit .261 and drove in two runs with the White Sox, who claimed him off waivers in August.

Boras said Ramirez, who is looking for a one-year contract from an American League team to be a designated hitter, is fully recovered from his surgery and has been working out for five weeks.

Boras described the market as “good.”

“It’s multiple teams,” Boras said.

-- Dylan Hernandez in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

 Photo: Manny Ramirez. Credit:Gary Friedman / Los Angeles Times

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OH that Manny ,,,,, what`a joke.

Does anyone think that the Angel's may opt for Manny as a DH? It would appear that his market would be pretty limited by his age and lack of consistency the past few years. I am sure that a team will take a chance. However, chance it is...

What a joke! "Multiple teams", Scott? In an off-season that offers DH options like Jim Thome, Russell Branyan, Vlad Guerro, and even Magglio Ordonez, why on EARTH would a team risk investing in a washed-up cheater like Manny who hasn't done diddly squat since being busted for steroids? Boras is using this surgery as a way to explain Manny's numbers plunge last season.

Manny is a money hungry has-been! Once he realizes he won't get more than $5M guaranteed he'll lose interest in playing. Think about it, he's already earned over $200M in salaries over his career -- If he doesn't get paid, he won't play.

My guess is Manny is done playing baseball!

So, the abdominal surgery Manny underwent was indicated for diagnosis of a "sports hernia". So, what exactly IS a "sports hernia"?... Heck, let's just first discuss what a typical, run of the mill, "hernia" is.
A hernia is what MDs describe as a defect in the ventral muscular wall, meaning there's some weakening in the various abdominal muscle that keep the small and large intestine tucked safely inside the muscular wall. Most men suffer inguinal hernias, where they are vulnerable because of how the Best Buddies descend during prenatal development. Occasionally, men need surgery to correct it. So, how is this different from a "sports hernia"?
A sports hernia cannot be discovered or evaluated on exam - because there is no evidence of it.
A sports hernia cannot be visualized on radiographic studies - because there is no evidence of it.
A sports hernia is diagnosed with consistent symptoms not relieved with medical management - because the only corrective option is surgical intervention.

What do you do with a client who is 38, a malcontent, and obviously on the downside of a career? Tell the marketplace, it's not age - it's injury. When he's healthy, he'll .......

As always, someone will drink Boras' kool-aid.

Boras at it again I wish he would lose his DODGERS and ANGEL seat and ticket and vanish into NEW YORK were they believe his lies....he is ruining baseball with his greed. We are the one the will suffer at the ticket booths and lord only know what the food and drinks cost at a game. I'm for one glad the DODGERS have not fell into his traps this year and I hope the Angels don't either...bad bad bad for the game. every team that has dealt with his is in bad shape... maybe he will Marry mrs mc court and they'll own the DODGERS then we will get all the great player at his cost lol!!!!!!

Funny --- kind of like the performance enhancing drugs he was taking. He didn't know he took them, but curiously, they affected his performance.


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