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'Frank McCourt owns the Dodgers. Jamie McCourt does not,' says attorney for Frank

December 7, 2010 |  2:17 pm

In an afternoon news conference, three attorneys for Frank McCourt said Tuesday's ruling invalidating the agreement that would have provided Frank McCourt with sole ownership of the Dodgers would represent little more than a minor setback.

"He's certainly disappointed to have to spend more time at the courthouse," said attorney Victoria Cook. "But he looks forward to getting closure to this case and moving on."

The attorneys also declared the ruling utterly insignificant in terms of Frank's ownership of the Dodgers.

"Frank McCourt owns the Dodgers, Jamie McCourt does not own the Dodgers," said attorney Sorrell Trope.  "This ruling did not say Jamie owns the Dodgers."

By invalidating the marital property agreement, the court essentially has ruled that all the McCourt assets are community property, according to David Boies, an attorney for Jamie.

"Do you want me to say he's wrong?" Trope asked.

"I would say they're completely wrong," added another attorney for Frank McCourt, Marc Seltzer.

Trope said that in the next trial -- to determine which assets are Frank's, which are Jamie's and which are shared -- Frank would get the Dodgers because they are titled in his name and title trumps community property.

"We are very, very confident that Jamie would be unable to rebut the presumption of title," Trope said.

The lawyers said they will submit in the next two weeks a formal request for trial on the assets.

They did not rule out a settlement.

"Every case is settleable," Trope said. "From our perspective, Frank has been extremely reasonable. And the other side has not."

But they would not say they would be calling Jamie's attorneys.

"The ball is in their court," Trope said after the press conference.

Trope said he was surprised by Tuesday's ruling.

"If you cut through it, these parties had an intent and the intent was clear," he said. "The intent was -- and always has been -- the Dodgers are Frank's, the houses are Jamie's. I'm still shaking my head in wonder -- but I have great respect for Judge Gordon."

-- Carla Hall