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Court rules for Jamie McCourt in Dodger divorce case

A judge has thrown out the agreement that Frank McCourt said provided him with sole ownership of the Dodgers.

"The court finds that the marital property agreement is not a valid and enforceable agreement," Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon ruled Tuesday.

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-- Bill Shaikin and Carla Hall

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Sell the team. PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This will drag on for years. Season ticketholders are going to pull out in record numbers. The Dodgers will wallow in mediocrity thru 2015. Vin will leave after next season. If the Dodgers can still be considered a "storied franchise" then we are living through its ugliest chapter.

I hope Jaime doesn't bring me in to close the deal.

Sell, sell, sell! We don't want you as owners money grubbing east coasters!

Hi Jamie. I'm almost 50, still reasonably good-looking, and could take care of the Dodgers a helluva lot better than Frank.
Call me.

Is there a good reason that Baseball won't make them sell the team now? There are political reasons that other owners would object, but isn't it time for Selig to put on his man-pants and do something for the best interest of the game?

I hope they have to sell the team. It is too bad that this is the worse that could happen to these two freeloaders. If you really look at what they have done on the planet so far, you would have to think that they both stole a life. Destroy a wonderful team, that if the Steinbrenners or Art Moreno owned, it would be considered the best in all of sports. This is what greed does to people. I don`t know which one of these two charlatans(sic) is more evil......

Congratulations Jaime!

That said, the only question left to be answered now is; will he or won't he settle? 'Frank'ly, common sense says he should, but in-common cent$ he and she share now by way the Court's ruling will probably outweigh the former.

Upshot: if Frank is in it moreso for the 'baseball', he will settle...if he be moreso a bu$ine$$man then 'the game' has just begun.


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