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Fox News reports: Dodgers bullpen is leaning heavily to the right

If left field seems barren as the Mojave Desert, the Dodgers bullpen is a veritable metropolis.

It can be a tad confusing. During the second half, the Dodgers’ No. 1 problem was their inability to mount a consistent offense. To this frustrated group, they have added second baseman Juan Uribe. That’s all, folks.

Meanwhile, the bullpen is more crowded than George Clooney’s little black book. Arms here, arms there, arms everywhere. At least of the right-handed variety.

Certainly, last season the bullpen was a staggering disappointment. Relievers who had performed well the previous year -- Jonathan Broxton, George Sherrill, Ramon Troncoso, Ronald Belisario, Jeff Weaver, Ramon Troncoso -- almost went into a group funk.

Hong-Chih Kuo performed better than anyone had a right to expect, and Kenley Jansen shocked everyone with his stunning emergence. End of good news.

Now with the exception of Sherrill, and probably Weaver, they have all those arms back, plus they have Vicente Padilla, Matt Guerrier and Blake Hawksworth.

Say what you will about general manager Ned Colletti, but he seems to learn from his mistakes.

Not having a fifth starter killed the Dodgers in the first half, and now he has his entire rotation filled out, plus Padilla available as a swing man. If he showed too much faith in his returning bullpen a year ago, now he’s in the surplus arms business.

And still can’t be done, can he?

Because there is still a real need for a second left-hander. Kuo is the lefty island, and he’s standing there with tenuous trust placed in that rebuilt elbow.

So Colletti adds Guerrier, who is a fine relief pitcher, but he’s 32 and got three years and $12 million. Multi-year deals for relievers are always a risky business, and this is money you thought might go toward finding a left fielder.

Another right-handed reliever did not scream pressing need. The Dodgers might carry eight relievers to start the season, but typically will go with seven.

You count: Broxton, Kuo, Guerrier, Jansen, Padilla, Belisario, Hawksworth, Troncoso and unnamed left-hander.

At the least, I’d say Troncoso was in some real trouble. Maybe somebody is dealt to bring in a lefty, or maybe they just cross their fingers really hard and give Scott Elbert a shot.

It’s only December, but for now there remains a black hole in left and a bevy of right-handed relievers. It’s only December, but it’s confusing.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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We need Carlos Quentin!

I am still hopeful Colletti will ship Broxton out, if he's marketed well, for maybe several players including a quality stick who could resolve left field, and a lefty reliver, and elevate Kuo as closer.

Who's in left? Who's left? How much money is left?


I like the pitching additions Colletti has made this off-season. This group of pitchers looks like the best collection the Dodgers have had in several years.

Carlos Quentin!


Fox News Reports: Dodgers bullpen is leaning heavily to the right.
I'd say that's a conservative estimate Steve.

"To this frustrated group, they have added second baseman Juan Uribe. That’s all, folks."

- not so fast; I'm 'gwynn' out on a limb here to say tony's .204 BA is a definite upgrade from garrett anderson's .181.

You go Ned/Frank!



"Arms here, arms there, arms everywhere."

- signs, signs, everywhere signs, dudgers 'left' out pennant race I do opine - sign this, don't sign that - can't you read the signs (of the Times, LA).

On the other, if we wish to tease ourselves a bit... if not Lefty O'Doul, what's wrong with RE-signing former dudger Joe Beimel? He's a free agent, has the requisite southpaw & now that Torre's 'high & tight' hair edict (ramirez head abomination notwithstanding) has been rescinded...

If you close your eyes (and cry), you could learn to get used to 4th place...

Righty or lefty, they need someone who can get left handed hitters out. Also, don't forget Carlos Monasterios as a long reliever/spot starter. As for left field, they need a right handed thumper . If Jay Gibbons fills the bill against right handed pitching, his platoon partner doesn't have to be a superstar, but someone who can be productive playing part time.

Now they are only three players ( Fielder,Braun and Wright) and one top notch pitcher(Lee,Grienke or Cain) from going to the World Series. I know they are not available but even if they were, franky and neddy would not buy. They would rather build from within. YOU KNOW LIKE SANTANA,BELTRE AND WERTH . We deserve franky and neddy. Just think we are going to have the mcourts in our lives long after franky has gone to the big parking lot in the sky. His sons will improve us to second place. LETS ALL GO OUT TO THE BALL PARK AND KEEP THIS THING GOING........

Any lefty will give us more than Sherril gave us last year. Don't go in on the hypothetical trade talk much but the Astros have guys that could help us and could be had for cheap. By cheap I mean Broxton. They have two mediocre closer options why not a third. Young LHP Abad looks good out of our pen. Bourgeois looks like a RH Pierre but with a much better OBP can play left and center. But the biggest impact would be made by Keppinger. Blake plays left or Bourgois or whoever i don't care. Kepp rakes LHP, never strikes out, knack for walk off hits. Plays every infield pos. and could probably play OF. He can hit anywhere in lineup except 4-5 and with his bat control would probably do better than any one we have right now. I don't ask much from you Steve, but if you run into Ned can you make some noise for my boy Kepp? Could mean almost a run more agame for us against LHP. Throw in Paul and we might be able to cherry pick a AA prospect to boot.

They are actively shopping Keppinger since the Hall signing. Would also be great insurance against another furcal injury while allowing the Dodgers to take their time with Dejesus and Gordon. Not sold on Uribe's glove. Keppinger better than avg. glove where ever he plays. Every year good teams have one pickup that may seem insignificant at the time but ends up playing huge in situations and putting those teams on top. Keppinger is that guy. Please somebody do something!

It seems to me that there is still plenty of time to get things straightened out in the bullpen.
The most interesting thing will be how the hole in left field is filled in. I hope it is by opening day.
An interesting suggest is bringing Manny back to play 2 or 3 nights a week. He'd probably create more offense than what the Dodgers have lined up for LF at the present moment.
Why not? We're still paying him. HaHa.

White Sox are shopping Carlos Quentien and the #1 thing on their shopping list is a relief pitcher. Hmm.....

Still, I'm guessing we end up with Marucs Thames to platoon with Gibbons and serve as the RH pinch hitter.

Anyway, Carlos Monasterios will be sent down for sure. Troncoso and Hawksworth I believe both have options left, so they also may be sent to AAA. That would leave us with room for a lefty.

If McCourt really wants at least some of us back on his side (buying tickets) then he needs to sign Beltre (5 Year 75M? Very backloaded...). Putting Beltre's bat and glove back where it belongs would shut a lot of us McCourt haters up. Furcal, Kemp, Ethier, Beltre, Loney, Uribe, Blake, Barajas would be a much improved offensive lineup (Martin should be in there, bad move Colletti) and if the pitching is as good as it looks then I can't see another NL West team stopping the Dodgers. But that won't happen. Quentin won't happen, even though with our bullpen depth and Chicago's need for relievers it, not to mention Quentin only making about 5 or 6M next year, is just too much for the Dodgers. It will be Thames in LF come opening day. Gibbons, Paul, Sands or Robinson will take over before the All Star break.

I could have sworn LA leaned left.


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