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Frank McCourt files objections to court ruling

Frank McCourt on Wednesday asked a judge to consider reinstating the agreement that would have provided McCourt with sole ownership of the Dodgers.

On Dec. 7, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Scott Gordon threw out the agreement on grounds it did not conform to California law. The objections McCourt filed Wednesday are highly unlikely to persuade Gordon to change his mind, but they could be included among the grounds for a possible appeal.

McCourt also plans to ask for a new trial, this one to argue the Dodgers are his property because he bought them with a company formed before his marriage and because the team is held solely in his name.

McCourt's ex-wife, Jamie, argues that the Dodgers should be considered community property. She is exploring whether to form an investment group and offer to buy out Frank's interest in the Dodgers. Frank has insisted he does not plan to sell all or part of the team.

In Wednesday's filing, Frank's lawyers argued that Gordon could invalidate a key provision of the agreement without invalidating the entire agreement.

"Those arguments have been raised and already rejected," said Dennis Wasser, an attorney for Jamie.

-- Bill Shaikin

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Go away Frank

he just refuses to go away. Does he think he has any of the fans, the ones that work for a living, not his multi-millionaire buds, behind him. This guy has no shame, he should run with Palin. he goes out and gets a group of pitchers that are just a little too good for the minors but fall far short for MLB. he will insult us til the day he or we die, just no shame at all. he is not alone , bud selig is the man behind this joke of an owner...bud likes the DH so much, We now have a DO(designated owner)I now know what, this buds for you, means....

What alanw19 said only moreso.

What Labeldude said only moreso.

Seems that some may have a rather strong objection to Mr. Frank McCourt?

We object to Frank's objections.

Jim McVeigh:

Are you an idiot? What do the pitchers have to do with this? The Dodgers just assembled one of the best rotations in baseball and a solid bullpen
Sure McCourts done plenty of bad things, but the pitching has nothing to do with it.

I'm an attorney, so if it please the Court (if not 'Mc'Court) comes now me to file for a dismissal... of Frank.

Jamie is money hungry she should stop playing games

your also a looser

Frank McCourt asks Judge Gordon to consider reinstating the infamous marital agreement.

Frank McCourt requests a new trial.

No, and No. Merry Christmas.

The dodgers suck and the Giants won the World Series...I hope the divorce case drags on for years... GO GIANTS!

Fans...please boycott the team until McCourt is forced to sell it!

Frank can try all he wants, but it looks to me he only owns half the team and hopefully soon, none of the team. Instead of stock piling rejects, he could have done what large market teams do. Sign Cliff Lee & Crawford and the Dodgers would of been favorites to win the World Series. But noooooo, so Frank please sell the team to someone who can afford to win championships instead of just trying to field a competitive team.

Where can Dodger fans file an objection to Frank McCourt owning the Dodgers?

Where do we "True-Blues" get to file our objection?

Yeah we're having our problems right now, both on and off the filed, for sure. But it's still funny how SF fan's lil mind works. He makes sure to bust out the "still very obviously new-looking" jersey to cheer on his team at Telephone Co Park. He talks mad (smack) anywhere and everywhere while the last few years the only ones they'd talk mess about is their own GM... and then to top it all off, they run the "u haven't been there in how long smack"... TOO HILARIOUS. C'MON SF FAN. SHAKE YOURSELF. YOU'RE BETTER THAN THAT (OR MAYBE YOU'RE NOT). But instead of just enjoying your season, it's very evident you've just got (dodger fans) in your head. Guess that SoCal envy is hard to shake. Consider this last season like the past few days of rain in SoCal. Just a brief blip of freakish events before the natural order is restored. And one more thang, SF Fan: 5 > 1

Dodger fans will need to remember this moment in mid-summer, when the team is mired in mid division. This is McCourt putting his interests before those of the fans who support and essentially pay for his franchise. Do not, Mr. McCourt, expect loyalty from the fan base when your loyalty is clearly not to them.

So, Anyone, Is Gordon's ruling not final until Frank's interminable appeals are ruled on? If not, when does Jamie go back to "work", hold her first press conference in her old office, and is asked when her driver will be appearing in her box?

iow anything to drive Frank to sell. Doesn't she have the right, right now, to claim her place in the organization, replace Ned with Bruno and drive the Ex insane?

Here's to another year of uncertainty and distractions!


(16blows wrote this adaptation earlier this year courtesy my pseudonym: I, skeptic. Reprinted here by permission... mine (thank Anka for inspiration.)

"(His) My Way"


And now the end is near
The team like me it be a hurtin’
Barkeep I’ll have a beer
Will drink a case of that I'm certain
I've spent until I’m broke
I own 8 homes – or do they own me?
Oh no, oh woe is me
I’m out of mo-ney.

Regrets – I bought those too
Paid most on time financed a few
Success was mine as I
Bought low sold high
Cheers for the winner
I planned each bartered course
Angles I played by imposition
‘Cause I, much more than love
Love acquisition

Yes there were times I'm sure fans knew
That my sides ached laughing at you
For through it all last year or two
Raised ticket prices – parking too
You paid them all
So I stood tall
And did it (His) my way

I've spent, lived not denied
I’ve had my cake – greed magnified
Yet now the wins subside
Too many fans take park & ride
To think they could do that
What will be next – mine income cut back?
Oh no, oh no, not that
(Not less) more mo-ney

For what is a man what has he got
If not mo-ney then he has not
To buy the pennant need more dough
Someone please help – my ca$h is low
The record shows our offense blows
Don’t do it my way

(Yes)… I need (more) mo-ney

What alanw19 said and moreso and then some...

Native Angeleno asks; "Is Gordon's ruling not final until Frank's interminable appeals are ruled on?"

yes, that's right - or, he could modify the order to reflect any negotiated settlement agreed upon by both parties ... which is the most likely outcome.

realistically though, nothing is final here until the last lawyer is paid.

It is time for the Los Angeles Dodgers to get new ownership.

Just like an owner of house who refinances it to the hilt and leaves no equity, the present disfuctional group has done the same thing. They have not left enough equity in the franchise to operate in a prudent manner.

@DodgersSuck, The only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner. You've had your fun; now let it rest.

@Down2000, I have decided to do just that. I'm going to boycott Dodger Stadium in 2011, and until Frank sells the team. The only games I'll see in person in 2011 that involve the Dodgers will be at Anaheim and possibly at San Diego. I will not feed McScum.

Oh, and I expect fans to boo McScum mercilessly at Dodger Stadium and anywhere else they see him, and I'll join them when I'm there. Can we embarrass him into selling?

Ah, it's time to brush up on our Machiavelli...

Who famously wrote, it's better to be feared than loved, but above all, a Prince should avoid being hated.

When the antipathy is so widespread that the Prince cannot eat in a restaurant or even ride in an elevator without being jeered, then he'll capitulate.

Jon, have you been drinking? No sober person could conclude that the Dodgers have "one of the best rotations in baseball and a solid bullpen." Seriously, get help.

1) There seems to be no chance of MLB approving Jamie as an owner, so the claim that she wants to buy out Frank seems to be just a settlement bluff of some sort. 2) Once the current broadcast deal expires, the Dodgers will likely have the money from the new deal to field more than just a competitive team. Patience, everyone!

Let me say this again. Frank will not go away until he is forced to go away. One thing the fans can do is to boo him every time he shows his face at Dodger Stadium or at spring training. The fans have to let their feeling be heard.. If he sees how much he's despised, it may have some effect. Unfortunately, star-struck fans will come up to him in spring training to ask for an autograph, or to be photographed with him.
He won't just "go away." I would love to come to Dodger Stadium to boo him, but he's not getting a penny from me. Boo him. Chant "sell, sell, sell." He may get the message.
I will continue to repeat this in this blog until fans start to express themselves.

I hope McCrap gets what he deserves for XMas: a big lump of coal in his stocking. What a bum.

I will not give a dime to the dodgers until this scumbag is gone. The mccourts are thieves and liars that destroyed this organization.


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