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Still no decision on Joe Torre's possible future with Dodgers

As his time as manager of the Dodgers wound down, Joe Torre said he planned to meet with club officials a couple weeks after the end of the season to determine whether he wanted to continue with the team in another capacity.

Over five weeks after the season ended, there's still nothing on the Torre front.

Torre is apparently still weighing his options. He's expected to have network-commentator offers … and he did not 100% rule out the possibility of managing again. His name, however, has not surfaced in any managerial rumors.

Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti said he's spoken with Torre several times since the season ended, but a decision on the former manager's future does not appear imminent.

"I've talked to Joe a couple of times," Colletti said. "Sometimes we talk without getting into business matters. I'm not in a hurry, and I don't think he is either."

Torre said he would only return to the club if he felt he could make a significant contribution. Whether that's in some type of assistant general manager role has never been defined.

"He has to look at what he wants, what we want done and how much he wants to do it," Colletti said.

Torre, 70, was scheduled to make an appearance at the Arizona Fall League to check in on new Dodgers Manager Don Mattingly, but he had a scheduling conflict -- he was invited to the White House for a function on domestic violence.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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Torre's reputation has already been sullied by his association with Frank McCourt. I think he is going to join Kirk Gibson, Sandy Koufax and all the others that have either loudly or quietly divorced themselves from the Dodgers. Those who choose to work for the McCourts....on or off the field....may be nice people....and may be talented people.....but they have no other options.

Turning around/switching other non-throwing hand grenade...

Can the dudgers even afford a cup of Joe?

Black & strong nee dark & sugarless, haunting tune's been playing Elysian Park Avenue 'Exodus' more so than 'Adeste Fideles'.

On the other, can they afford 'not' utilize JT? My guess is, yes, they can... afford not to.

Another Manchurian candidate an baseball season, programmed belief LA has a chance compete... the previously accepted form hard drive wiping fandumb embraced last 7 years before promise morphed into slight itch, became a sore and then an angry open wound may not heal as quickly this time.

The message: played for (or play for a couple) fools, get taken for a ride. Tour guides messengers PHILLIES, money the Manny & coup de grace SF GIANTS World Champions.

Shrinking returns NL West on investment still not reflected turnstiles, some folks still anesthetized to an brainwashing has been used so season open$ April 1.

I agree with Skyharbor, Joe is slowly riding off into sunset. Only he will be riding east, away from the McCourt circus. I think he will try to put as much distance between himself and Frank as possible and a analyst desk in NY seems to just the right distance.

Heck if he sticks around he might become a dual custody award. Could you imagine splitting your time between Frank and Jamie?

Another black eye/egg on face for McCourt
Mr. McCourt, please get out of town ASAP
so I might be able to root for my Dodgers again ...

What? Joe proved he couldn't manage, must we have him prove he can't assistant general manage as well?

One way or another, I like to see Torre, remain with the team. We need his knowledge of the game in any capacity.

See 'ya.

Do not forget Torre is a liar, a good fit with McCrap & No Head Ned. But maybe he lied to them as well, just to high tail it out of here & rid himself of McCrap. Joe needs cleansing after 3 years with McCrap.

Nostalgia would be the only justification to retain Torre, but how can one feel nostalgic about a guy that was here three seasons, the finale an utter failure under his command?

I can see Lopes coming back, partly because of sentiment.

(Plaschke is to be commended for midwifing that possibility.)

Unlike Torre, Lopes justifies a shot because he can make a contribution in a coaching role, where he has skills.

The Bigelow Tea concession stand needs a manager.

Translation: Torre went out and couldn't find a job. Now he is back with hat in hand. Remember I said it first: TORRE WILL REPLACE LASORDA AS DODGER AMBASSADOR OF GOOD WILL.

I also agree with skyharbor. Torre handed Mattingly this mess so he could get permanently lost. But to his credit, Joe is just too nice a guy and too tactful to tell McScam/Colletti/whoever bluntly that he doesn't want to be associated with them anymore.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting for McScam to sell the team so I can resume my love affair with it.

"Torre said he would only return to the club if he felt he could make a significant contribution."

Torre; how about you head over to Chavez Ravine, pick-up Mattingly, and both you losers return to NY!

Significant contribution through subtraction!

Torre Was so overated as a Dodgers manager. How many times did he do strange things with the lineup, overuse the bullpen, didnt use the best options available in the bullpen, or just did things that made it seeem like Grady "The Moron" Little never left then here and water then ground

Joe should be a Greeter at the local Indian Casinos ...
(ala Willie Mays)


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