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Some good news from Dodgers Land: Deep discounts offered to military personnel for 2011 season

We interrupt the mourning for the Dodgers’ sub-.500 year and the hand-wringing over the coming season, to offer some nice news on the Blue organization.

The Dodgers are doing a good deed.

Next season the Dodgers will offer several tickets at deep discounts for members of the armed forces, both active and retired.

Infield box seats that normally cost $110 will be available to military personnel at $25. Preferred field box seats that run $60 will cost $20, left-field pavilion $20 tickets will be offered at $10, and $15 reserved seats at $7.

Overall, it works out to an approximately 70% discount.

Call it a public relations move, say they’re selling seats they’d struggle to unload, label it with whatever cynical tag you’d like, in the end it’s a good deed.

The Dodgers are expanding a previous program for military personnel. Included in their new initiatives, military spouses and dependents are included in the program. And the number of tickets available per game is doubling, going from four to eight tickets.

The discounted tickets will be made available to members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, National Guard, and their reserves. Naturally, a valid military ID is required.

The Dodgers chose to make their announcement on Veterans Day, while dozens of military members took batting practice and a tour of the Dodger Stadium clubhouse.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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What about extending it to former military veterans including reservists that are now hurting financially, such as those receiving Social Security Disability. Those folks have also served their country and make much less than most in the active duty ranks.

God bless all of the Dodger fans in the military and your families. We will never be able to thank you enough and hope you enjoy your visit to Dodger Stadium. If you are not in the military...visit Stub Hub and in most cases you will find the SAME deep discounts and MUCH better seat locations as result of the huge devaluation of Dodger tickets in the secondary market.

Well deserved.

but the poor bastages better have their $15 ready to get into the parking lot!

What about a couple games a year where the entire pavillion seats, both sides are free to our brave young men and women who made it home. Let them have some fun as a group, the Dodgers can write off the ticket prices as promotional overhead anyway. And I bet more will show up for that sort of deal than for the $25 seat the can't afford anyway.

Still, it's better than nothing for our GI's....they deserve better though.

Smart marketing, considering what our military does for a living, not to mention that McScum knows that he's going to have a lot of trouble putting butts in the seats the usual way.

Why would our GREAT veterans want to endure any more pain and suffering by watching this Motley Blue Crew at any price?

Great job. Go dodgers.

bottom line, they're doing a good thing for the vets and it includes retired vets as well. and the veteran's day batting practice was good as well. wonder how many other teams had such an event and how many others have a discounted ticket program. angels? giants? maybe no one else? good job, dodgers. i salute you guys and our vets.

What about doing something similar for teachers, social workers, counselors, therapists, fireman, etc...NOW THIS WILL ALSO BE A HUGE DEED. LET'S SEE THE DODGERS PULL THIS OFF.


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