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Russell Martin expects to be ready for the start of spring training

The results of a CT scan that Russell Martin underwent last week in Los Angeles have the catcher convinced that he will “absolutely” be ready for the start of spring training, according to his agent. Martin suffered a season-ending hip injury in early August.

“The fracture was healing,” said Martin’s agent, Matt Colleran. “They expect he’s going to resume his regular baseball workouts soon and be ready for spring training.”

Colleran said Martin has been working out in Montreal with a personal trainer. He has started to run on a low-impact treadmill and expects to be able to resume full weight-bearing running in the “next couple of weeks.”

The Dodgers have remained in regular contact with Martin to oversee his off-season workouts, but Colleran said they have not yet talked him about their plans for him for next year.

Martin’s health is one of the factors the Dodgers will consider when deciding whether to retain him. Another is cost. Martin, who earned $5.05 million last season, is eligible for arbitration, meaning he could earn somewhere around $6 million if the Dodgers tender him a contract.

Martin’s increasing salary and declining offensive production make him a candidate to be traded or non-tendered and made a free agent.

Colleran reiterated Martin’s long-standing wish to remain a Dodger.

“He loves L.A.,” Colleran said. “He’s been part of the Dodger family for a long time. Until he’s told differently, that’s where he expects to be.”

-- Dylan Hernandez

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Time for Russell to go. Thanks for your contributions Russell but your time is up. There's other, better options out there.

Trade him for some bullpen help I say.

Throw Loney in there as well.

Time to change things up.

Hardly a great endorsement from No Head Ned. The disgraced Dodgers cannot afford Russell Martin, another McCrap attorney yes, another McCrap mansion yes. Russell Martin no.

And in turn we want a productive catcher but then, we don't always get what we expect either.

Too bad for injured Russell Martin that he is not a pitcher.
I know Uncle Neddy would then sign him for sure.

$6,000,000.00 for a catcher recovering from a broken hip joint?
And AJ Ellis is $500,000.00?
Wonder which way McCourt will instruct Colletti to go?

It looks like we've seen the last days of Russell Martin as a Dodger, unless he really turns things around and soooon.

Russel Martins qualities: he can handle a staff, he has a great mohawk, has a good taste in women. Cons: he has troubling handling balls in the dirt, he hits well enough for a catcher that is good at defense but he has digressed defensively, he has become a dead pull hitter, his pop and base stealing abilities have diminished, catching so many innings has caught up to him, at 6+ mill he officially will now become overpaid for what he brings

like the old adage goes catching is the fastest way in and out of the bigs

Rus Martin had one bad year and now Dodger "fans" want to let him go. Amnesia must be part of the Dodger experience. If Torre had let him play as much as he wanted and had not moved him all over the batting order he would have had a much better year. Martin's demise at the plate started when sleepy Joe and clueless Donny ballgame joined the team.

Al Campanis used to say that he would rather trade a player a year to soon that a year to late. I think Russell Martin falls into that category. I just hope that its the former and not the latter. The big question is; who will trade for a catcher with a suspect hip, average defense (at best) and plate numbers going the wrong direction? The best we might be able to do is get some prospects.

I'm not ready to give up on Loney yet. If we would sign Beltre (I know I'm dreaming here but the Dodgers should not have let him go the first time), or some other bat, and Loney's lack of power won't be an issue. I know this scenario takes the return of Either and Kemp but with last years performance they should be motivated. And isn't this what the new coaching staff is all about?

Sorry there Russ..but turn in your access cards.......I,ll go with a young Ellis as a starter and Rod Barajas as his backup/mentor.......ohh and thanks for that one year of productivity (like 3 years ago). I really hope the Dodgers get it right this off season!!!

duds ought NOT tender martin, as he's fallen-off sharply, each yr.....shadow of former self, & now w/questionable hip, for catching???
again, do NOT TENDER him, & then if something/contract can be worked-out -- @ MUCH smaller pay -- then perhaps do so, as martin may be able to play in a "super-sub" capacity, helping out some @ 3B (?believe he came up @ that spot?), & also spot duty as backup catcher, w/some play too @ 1B (to spell Loney), & also maybe even play some @ corner OF spots

Martin was finished 2 years ago.

That said, we can expect colletti to sign him to a multi year deal soon.

gee, really?
who cares?

Russell Martin had one bad year really. Before last year he faded two years in a row in the second half. Of course you cant blame all of that on him Torre deserves some of it but he did fade in all. He has has maybe 1 and 1/2 great years. Not including 2006 he faded every year in the second half although this year we can blame in on his injury. Ever since 07 when he tried so hard to pull every ball to get him to 20 HRs he has never been the same. I have never understood the fascination about the kid especially since what made him a good player he has totally abandoned. If you remember he was so good before 08 because he was able to hit a ball where it was pitched. Dodger stadium was fascinated because he showed pop and hitting ability beyond his years. We no longer see that and defensively he is not that great to try and hope he gets back to what he was

Martin should switch positions..move him to 3 base

Martin had ONE good year at the plate...and NONE behind the plate...the only fond memory I have of him is wanting to kick Victorino's ass in the 2008 NLCS.

It is high time for the Dodgers to move on. Take a look at his decline. It really looks like that of someone who gave up the roids. I don' even have a problem with the users since all those who admitted were given a "get out of jail free card". Russell should have kept using. Watching him, even EARLY last season, he played like someone 15 years older. His bat is limp, his defense is dwindling (and NOT due to overuse! He's a bleeping catcher, there is no such thing as overuse for another ten years AT LEAST), and his hustle is pathetic. Remember the play he injured himself on? He was too scared to plow into the guy and too lazy to bother sliding. To be honest, I was happy to see him injured, I felt like he insulted every single fan in L.A. with that pathetic tippy-toe-try-to-dance-around-the-catcher act he pulled. I'll take the combo of Ellis and Barajas any day over pathetic Martin. Disgusting. Good riddance.

Martin was an excellent defensive catcher. Was is the operative word. He also killed left-handed pitching for a year or two, but he's toast. Adios.

I have no ill will towards Russ, but can someone explain why a player in his situation would be expected to get a 20% pay raise because of being arbitration eligible? I don't get it.

There is a reason he wasnt a third baseman through the system defensively he isnt that great at 3rd and he can't hit for power or average to even think about moving him to 3rd

It was the injury to Russell Martin that will have done him in. Before he left, it was thought for years the positive qualities of his catching were the key reason the pitching staff did as well as it did. With Martin out we got to see, No, they're doing fine with Ellis and Barajas, hm! And with Barajas batting, we got to see what we haven't since Martin's best year, a catcher with some sock who can come thru in the clutch with hits that were stung. Hm again!

How sentimental is Mr Ned? As soon as they sign Barajas, i think they will quietly non-tender him the next Friday afternoon. and wish him the best of luck.

Then for whatever reasons he seems to have lost it---is he ill??---Russell can try to get back, starting fresh with another team.

AJ Ellis is older than Russell Martin, he' s not young....

Martin was better behind the plate defensively this year by the way, he threw out more runners and higher percentage than he ever had....

Not saying we should keep him, just saying that alot of what is said here is simply not true. He's a decent hitting catcher (when you compare him) and decent defensively. He's an average catcher in comparison to what's out there. I think the problem is just that he's not worth 6 million. So if you sign him it's got to be for less.

couldn't martin be a viable everyday 3rd baseman?

couldn't martin be a viable everyday 3rd baseman?


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