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Dodgers exercise half of mutual option on outfielder Scott Podsednik

Scott Podsednik, Dodger.

Contain your enthusiasm, might be time to get used to it.

The Dodgers exercised their half of a mutual option for the 2011 season on Podsednik Tuesday. He has until Thursday to decline or exercise his side of the option.

Podsednik came to the Dodgers in a late July trade from the Royals, essentially to be their backup outfielder. Only leg injuries to Manny Ramirez, and then his trade the next month, turned Podsednik into the regular left fielder.

Which is not the best of ideas.

Hopefully, the Dodgers have returned to looking at Podsednik as a backup, because if they’re planning on starting him, that’s trouble.

Podsednik will be 35 going into spring training, has no power, showed surprising awkwardness defensively and missed the final few weeks of the season with plantar fasciitis.

He is, however, reasonably priced. The option for next season is $2 million.

On the season, Podsednik hit .297 with 35 stolen bases and 63 runs in 595 at-bats. For the Dodgers, however, he slid. He hit .262 with five stolen bases and 17 runs in 149 at-bats. When Rafael Furcal was out injured, Podsednik hit in the leadoff spot but had only a .313 on-base percentage as a Dodger.

A Dodgers lineup with both Podsednik and Ryan Theriot (.321 OBP) struggled to score runs. And, of course, the last time we saw Podsednik he was in a walking boot.

If the Dodgers want to use the stoic Podsednik as a fourth outfielder, however, he certainly has uses. They can’t platoon him in left with Jay Gibbons, both being left-handed. They could with Casey Blake, should they acquire a third baseman, hopefully with some pop.

As a speedy, veteran backup and occasional spot starter in the outfield, he’s a positive addition. The Dodgers, however, need to add some power to their lineup, and at the moment, left field is the clearly open spot.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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Well, now we know who'll be starting in left, don't we? I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for this club to acquire a "star" to play out there. This team can't afford a Carl Crawford...or anyone with similar skills, for that matter. Hmm, perhaps they'll give Xavier Paul a long look during spring training.

With Ned's usual evaluation of "talent", Pathednik was a shoe-in. Still don't understand if you got rid of Pierre, why obtain Pierre light? Just proves after 5 years Ned still has no clue.
Shame that Xavier Go-Back-To-The-Minors-And-Learn-To-Be-A-Major-Leaguer Paul probably gets no opportunity.
All one can do is shake their head...

That's a pretty dumb move. He had a .313 OBP for the Dodgers this year and his career OBP is only .340. For the Dodgers sake, I hope he declines the option.

Com'on the Dodgers hit like crap all year and it was getting all over everyone that came to the team. Scotty Pods is a a hustler and CAN DO on base.

Injuries, yeah that's a thing...but again he is cheap and he WANTS to stay...and ya can;t buy that.

Seems to me that if Ned needs to hang on to Pod, considering your excellent list, Steve, covering his detriments, especially his age and how he slid from his KC stats, where apparently he felt younger and excited to play every day, this says, as we've been fearing and expecting:

Do not expect a lot that's different from how it ended in October.

I agree with you that if he played occasionally, $2 mill for a decent base-stealing threat, who we hope can still get on base, is not bad. But as a starter, as he ended the season?

The Master Plan to empty Dodger Stadium, and keep it that way till Frank sells, moves unwittingly forward...

Reply to Labeldude:

Ned's in-season amnesia is showing. You're absolutely right. His fascination with speedy banjo hitters in left field with no power and weak defense continues to devolve. Which is the problem with Xavier Paul. Who, considering the nonexistant free agent payroll and his competition, Podsednik, Paul should be a lock in left. But because Torre never really cottoned to Paul, Ned doesn't either.

They're considering putting Loney out there, which should substantially improve the D, and will raise the HR quotient by a factor of 10, up to 10, unless his power continues to slide au Russell Martin (what IS in the water there??). Which would open up first for please, no, the object of much Colletti drool, Adam Dunn? And his 200/yr strikeouts? A player for a line-up of cellar-dwellers with little else.

How far we've fallen in the power department from Manny's day.

paul has been a loser since they brought him up. if he has trade value, use him to help get someone who can field and hit...pods, paul, and therioux, and others aren't going to improve this team. they are just bandaids to try to stop the bleeding. why do all the other teams seem to get hitters and have some threat in their line-up and ours just rolls over and plays dead...we have so many holes to fill to even make out team competitive....w hat's wrong, no one wants to play for the dodgers or colletti isn't liked? seems players jump at the chance to play for someone else. they sign Lilly, but he has to pitch a no-hitter to win.....and the bullpin is in a shambles....what is honeycutt there for?? and who said that broxton is a closer.....not in my book..was just playing over his head like martin

Podsednik, hey? Well, in baseball history, I can think of a few performers I would rate higher... Ray Oyler... Now, that guy could bang... Into tables and chairs... Yup... Oh, if the Dodgers could only get one of those converted pitchers who could whack the horsehide... Humm... Ryne Duren comes to mind. His Coke bottle glasses must have made the ball look like a double grapefruit. OH... Here's one. Koufax! Now that guy could hit most any side of a barn.

A better left field option is Brad Hawpe. He has always had a high on base and slugging percentage.

get rid of colletti

Scotty Pods might have an anemic bat and need a GPS to patrol the outfield but he goes home each night to his Playmate wife.
Those are numbers Pods can live with.


Please tell us when you're done providing updates on last years stopgaps that you'll look at some of the players in the Dodgers minor league system (in particular Double-A Chattanooga) and whether they have shot at making the team next year.

The Dodgers have three potentional leftfielders in Trayvon Robinson, Kyle Russell and Jerry Sands that had outstounding seasons in Double-A last year (all are around 23 years old). In Robinson and Sands' case, they're continuing their success right now in the Arizona Fall League which is a plus for them since their manager at the moment is DON MATTINGLY.

Regardless of whether the Dodgers resign Scott Podsednik, I'm sure the plan is for one of these players to take over the left field position at some point next year.

Old Dodger - don't know how you can call Paul a loser since he's never gotten a chance to show what he can do over an extended period of time. That's like the Ned Colletti mentality of having to prove yourself by hitting 10 HRs in 5 games, then get sent down anyway. If all they're going to do is platoon LF with Gibbons or Pathednik and some other godawful stiff from the scrap heap, why not give Paul a shot at it? At least he has some upside as a hitter, and he's a damn site better with the glove.
For the life of me I can't see why any GM would want an aging, terrible fielding, powerless OFer coming off a knee injury in Puds at $2 mil when you have a more viable (and better) player for $400K in Paul. For those that give Ned the benefit of the doubt because of Frank's money [or lack thereof], money has no bearing on this turkey. This is plain stupidity where you have to look at Flanders and just shake your head in disbelief that anyone making these kinds of decisions 5 years running still has a job.

OK, here's a thought...

Bring Adrian Beltre back, move C.Blake to first and Loney to LF full time... With one move (albeit costly) you stabilize 3B and LF for years to come and keep Blake in the lineup while playing him at a less demanding position...

Sorry... this is why Prop 19 shouldn't pass...

Xavier Paul has got fourth outfielder written all over him. The guy is undersized, has below average power and took seven years to make the Dodgers. The Dodgers know this and they've moved on in considering him a future regular (just as they've done with Chin-Lung Hu at shortstop).

Ned is absolutely nuts. The Dodgers are in for some pretty lean times until Frank and Ned are gone. Podsednik for $2M? Of course he'll take it. One more roster spot taken by an over-paid veteran. Maybe Ned was the guy holding the Gints down all these years.

Cheap is Good.

Pods is Cheap.

Pods is Good.

Loney tried the outfield several years ago in the minors and I believe it was negative in results.

It will take either luck or money.

Luck that a AAA player can move in. I give that about a 10 percent chance of working.

Money that a real major league player be signed or traded for.

My belief is no more than 2 weak spots in the batting order of the starting 8 on the field. Right now the Dodgers have the following weak spots: C, 2B, 3B, & LF. Two of those positions HAVE to be greatly upgraded.

And when they are, there are still 2 weak spots in the order, plus the pitcher slot for a total of 3.

dudgers still trying to replace Juan Pierre & failing to do so; x7 in 2010... 2011?

you guys acted like you didn't KNOW this was gonna happen! That's the only thing shocking. This is par for the course...


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