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Dodgers pass on offering arbitration to Vicente Padilla, Rod Barajas and Scott Podsednik

In continuing their recent trend, the Dodgers announced Tuesday night they would not offer salary arbitration to outfielder Scott Podsednik, catcher Rod Barajas or right-hander Vicente Padilla.

No big surprises, and not a lot a tears to shed here.

Failing to offer arbitration used to mean adios to their returning to the Dodgers next season, but these days teams can still re-sign players to whom they fail to offer arbitration. All three were Type-B free agents.

The Dodgers already had offered to pick up their half of a mutual option on Podsednik at $2 million next season, but he turned down his half and is now a free agent.

Podsednik is going to test the free-agent waters and see if he can do better than the one-year deal he received last season from the Royals. Good luck. It’s still conceivable he could return, but it’s far from a sure thing. He’s backup material.

Padilla made $5.025 million last season, and there was no way the Dodgers were going to approach that number again, especially for what would now be their fifth starter.

Padilla spent two stints on the disabled list and finished 6-5 with a 4.07 earned-run average.

Barajas made only $500,000 last season, so passing on him was less about the dinero than the Dodgers' being ready to commit to the 35-year-old.

There are other free-agent catchers out there still to be had.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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Sign Zack Duke

Yes!!! We are going hard at cliff lee!! What do you guys think, we gonna get him?

I agree. Go out and sign Zach Duke. He will flourish in our big ballpark. Keep going after good relievers though. Get rid of George Sherrill and don't resign Jeff Weaver. Go out and try to get Rafael Soriano and some other top relievers. But seriously sign Zach Duke to that fifth starter spot. Our rotation would be set for atleast three years.


Padilla is a good pitcher! Maybe he isn't worth $5 million, but he's a good pitcher. Perhaps he's too injury prone to gamble on. When he's on he's hard to hit because he mixes speeds up so well. Of course, other times teams seem to light him up like a phat one. Let's hope they find a real 5th starter this year instead of Triple A level hurlers like they had last year.

Coach Lopes might be able to transform Pods into Juan Pierre: 68 stolen bases in 2010.

Been rumored by Ken Rosenboob that Ned offered Aubrey Huff a 2-year $22 mil deal which Sabean then got permission to match. If that story's correct, all I can say is THANK YOU GIANTS! Also if its true, Ned's incompetency knows no bounds.

Delwyn Young is out there again, whereas LA didn't have a spot for him last year, he can take Pod's place. Padilla going from unexpected opening day to 5th starter would be nice if it happens.

I like the fact they are passing on these guys. Realistically they aren't part of a long term return to being an elite team and there are plenty of mid-level free agents who could fit the bill better. Once the high profile guys (like Cliff Lee) have found a home (no, I don't think the Dodgers should get in that bidding war), there should be many options for the Dodgers to add a few key pieces without a big investment. Zach Duke definitely would be a nice pick up. I'm sure he would love to get out of Pittsburgh and join an organization that's actually focused on winning.

This article should have included the Dodgers not offering J Mart arbitration. This worries me greatly as I had hoped Rod Barajas' role as backup for the arbitration price of around $700 would have been a no brainer. Right now a platoon of Barajas and Ellis would be a definite upgrade over last year's Russell\Ausmus situation.

All things considered, if Ned offers arbitration to Russell after his declining performance since mid '08 and coming off his hip injury, then he is stupider than even I can imagine. And I can have a wild imagination.

I think Vicente Padilla is worth $3-4 million as a fifth starter. In that price range, no one is better. I would take Padilla over Duke anyday. Garland is not as good, but stays healthy and is more consistent. But Garland may command $20 million over three years. Barajas at $1 million for a year would make a good platoon with either Martin or Ellis. Podsednick, well I am not convinced that he is much better than Xavier Paul. Personally, I would look at Jermaine Dye for the LF slot, and Luis Durango and Tony K. Gwynn for minor league depth.


Why would this article include arbitration offer to Martin? The Dodgers have until December 2 to decide that. This arbitration deadline is only for players not under team control...
I think they decline Barajas because he would probably get more in arbitration than if they just try to sign him as free agent. And they also may want to see what else they can get first rather than be tied down with Barajas.

The only thing that concerns me about this announcement is...not offering Barajas a contract or even arbitration. We need to part ways with Martin.....and Barajas with his experience (even though not as vast as Bengie Molina) could help mature AJ Ellis. I agree with the Duke Statement but what if that does not happen?? and we just passed up a decent pitcher that we had in Padilla.

Really hope we bring Barajas back.As we get further and further from the Dodger tradition it is more important to keep guys around who remember what that tradition is about even if that knowledge come from being a kid, living and dying with every win and loss. Maybe more so.

(this is in reaction to one of the more idiotic posts i've read - via mark).

if the dodgers sign jermaine dye to be their everyday left-fielder, then the season is officially over before it starts.

perhaps mark, there was a reason he was a DH in chicago, and once released, no one picked him up.
he can't hit.
he can't run.
he can't field.
are you related to ned?

Really sign Zach Duke really come on the dodgers would have to have waited till he was cut free after he was DFAd. Instead the Dbacks acquired him


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