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We now take a break in this storm surrounding the Dodgers to present a ray of sunshine

Hungering for some good news from the Dodgers?

Morsels, be happy with the morsels.

Good news could prove tough duty this offseason, but at least something positive eked out when The Times’ Dylan Hernandez reported Tim Wallach had signed on to be on the Dodgers’ major league coaching staff next season.

It’s unclear if that means Wallach has passed on accepting a potential offer to manage another club for the coming year. Not sure how, in good conscience, you could keep any coach from accepting a big-league managing job.

But it that doesn’t happen, at least Wallach will return to the Dodgers.

This is a good move for a couple of reasons.

The first is, Wallach is simply a good baseball mind who works well with the players. He has a great presence about him. I’m convinced he will be an excellent manager.

Much of the negative reaction to signing Don Mattingly as the next manager was directed less at Mattingly than the Dodgers simply passing on Wallach.

Mattingly may prove a terrific manager, who knows? With him, there is more a sense of the unknown. He has his share of credentials, though not included is any previous managerial experience. Fair or not, the only two games he managed included a pair of gaffs. And, of course, he served as their hitting coach at a time the offense went into a second-half hibernation.

The theory was, the Dodgers should be above a first-time manager. It’s certainly a complete turnaround from their last hire, Joe Torre having managed since Doubleday took bat to ball.

Mattingly’s learning on the job may prove dolorous, or it may not. It’s the road the Dodgers are on now.

But his hiring of Wallach is a good sign. It shows he wants the best people around him and is not going to feel threatened by having someone on his staff others thought should have had his job.

That’s a confident move. For Dodgers’ fans, a crumb of good news.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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Goods news for the dodgers?
that remains to be seen .......
but its obviously bad news for either Mattingly or Wallach.

b/c eventually one of them will have to go.

I take this news with a grain of salt. It's nice to hear, but as long as McCourt owns this team, we can bring in the greatest managerial and coaching minds in baseball and all this will mean nothing unless there right people are between the lines. With all respect to Don Mattingly and Tim Wallach, this is simply rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic.
Until Dodger fans let McCourt know how they feel, like booing him anytime they get the chance at the Stadium, not falling all over themselves when he makes his glad-handing strolls during spring training, and cancel their season tickets with appropriate written explanations, he'll continue to think he's really in charge and he won't be leaving. Unless, of course, the courts make that decision for him.

Yeah, it's a crumb. But it could've been bite-sized. They stuck him back at 3rd base.

What's a 3rd base coach contribute except to know when to wave a runner in?? That's a waste of Wallach's talent.

I have a feeling unknown quantity Don will feel the heat from more-known quantity Tim standing right down the line, ready to transfer into the dugout if Mr Baseball is an early-to-mid-season disaster. And i'm including in that equation the talent he'll have to get the maximum out of it.

As in, staying ahead of Arizona, which i do not think will the bottom-feeder in the West next year.

I agree with "since '58"....this "ray of sunshine" is the equivalent of the bandleader on the Titanic announcing they have time for one more song. But Steve's Blog is a ray of sunshine without which we'd all probably be beating our dogs.

no disagreements with dilbeck, s'58 or skyharbor

Yet, still no word that he's taken his name off all the lists of all possible openings. (If he does land a manager's gig, I wish him the best.)

If he can help us hit, or won't run us into a gazillion outs between second base and home plate, I hope he's with us. And on both of those fronts, I suspect he'll help us if he's with us.

I have to a gree with '58 - until McCourt's gone and the organization is owned and run by competent baseball people, it's all a dog and pony show.

If I got this right, Wallach has been hired as a Dodger coach. Then if I'm right another team would have to get permission from the team to interview Wallach for a managerial position.
If this is correct, then this is very good news.

OldBrooklynFan: You are indeed correct.

I'm willing to believe that Wallach is well qualified for whatever position he gets, with the Dodgers or some other club. But, "He has a great presence about him"? Next time would you please use a cliche that at least actually means something?

How come other teams are smart and hire ex-Dodgers as managers, but the Dodgers pass on the likes of Sciosia and Dusty Baker?

A drop of rain to the man crawling across the desert in 130 degree heat...and no water in sight..take it. Yes, crawling across the desert--and there's Frank, selling me a parking space. Just sell the GD team, will ya please? And take your missus and just go away. Anywhere. Here's a thought--both of you--go get a job with the Giants. I beg you!

But his hiring of Wallach is a good sign. It shows he wants the best people around him and is not going to feel threatened by having someone on his staff others thought should have had his job.

When I read that line, it brought to mind Walter Alston and Leo Durocher. The press at the time pictured Leo as the manager in waiting and Alston as clinging to a precipice. But the quiet man from Darrtown, Ohio, just kept signing those one year contracts, 23 of them. Few managed one team longer, few managed longer period.

Geez relax, it's not the end of the world. A few right moves and were ok. The Padres payroll was 37 mil last year and the rays was around 50 mil. Texas was 55 mil. It can be done.


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