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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss: Frank McCourt back running team -- see, he is the owner

Sound the trumpets, pop the champagne, cue the confetti … Frank McCourt is back in charge!

And here you thought this couldn't possibly get any more fun.

Those crazy Dodgers, it's always something. Unfortunately, just not on the field.

Upstairs, though, they are the best entertainment in sports.

The latest news is that Dennis Mannion is out as Dodgers president and that McCourt will resume overseeing the day-to-day operations of the club.

Makes you just want to throw your head back and sing to the heavens! Or is that scream?

McCourt running things is called going backward. This is sort of where McCourt came in, only then of course, wife Jamie McCourt was the team president. If Frank needs help, I understand she's currently available.

The Dodgers -- surprise -- gave no explanation for severing ties with Mannion. This is Frank, so naturally you wonder if somehow money's not involved.

Mannion handled the business operations of the club and was barely visible around the ballpark, but presumably did his job well enough, because the club claimed to be making money. Or at least the McCourts were.

Mannion was the guy everyone else ultimately reported to, or at least in the last year, after he replaced Jamie.

It was Mannion, of course, who absolutely trashed Jamie in a deposition in the McCourts' divorce proceedings, claiming she was frequently absent from executive meetings and not capable or interested in focusing on the team.

Frank thanked Mannion profusely for his support, and then showed him the door. What a workplace.

Since promoting Mannion, Frank had been working out of his office in Beverly Hills. Guess he’ll have to schlep back down to Dodger Stadium.

The manager is gone, the team president is gone, and the debt-ridden owner is back running things.

Just how much wacky fun can one team stand?

-- Steve Dilbeck

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Oh wonderful, Edward Smith is returning to the helm of the MLB version of the Titanic! What's next, Manny coming back to be the batting/supplement coach? Odalis Perez as pitching coach? And Jimmy Dugan (A League of their Own) as bench coach?

A movie could be made out of all this. Just alter the screen play for Young Frankenstein and you got a hit. The McCourts wanted to bring the Dodgers back to life and ended up producing an inept monster.

On the positive side, we'll know where to find Frank during business hours. It's time for the villagers to storm the castle. Get the touches and pitch forks!

Hope your proud Frank of your accomplishments.

ought 2have kissed & made up w/jamie, & just re"inserted" her (LMAO)

And soon it will Frank McCourt and Howard Sunkin sharing the same office...or the same cell.

Run, Dennis, run!


Starring Dennis Mannion as the 'Fall Guy'

Frank McCourt as 'Ebenezer Scrooge'

Jaime McCourt as 'Imelda Marcos'

Joe Torre as 'Johnny Paycheck'

Larry Bowa as the 'Constrictor'

Also starring Don Mattingly and the team as 'The 1962 Mets'.

Produced & directed by Ned Colletti

Talent courtesy Central Casting

Special effects by Vladimir Shpunt

Made possible by your generous support. Tickets now on sale...

McCourt taking over the day to day operation of the Dodgers is like Hitler taking over the European Theatre and deciding to invade Russia.

Are we talkin' about stability?
I thought we were talkin' about consistency ...
The meretricious Frank McCourt.

Didn't expect this move. Well, this IS going to be an interesting off season. Wonder what else Frankie Boy has up his sleeve. "See, I AM the owner." "I'm running things around here, so this proves it." Oh, NOW I get it, Frank! Silly of me. What's next? Can't wait.

It gets worse by the day. Get out, fans. There are plenty of other teams that deserve your support-this franchise simply doesn't. At all.

Google low life and there's a picture of Frank McCourt!

I know that Steve and the rest of the Dodgers Blog readers are probably getting fed up with my questions regarding Franks ownership of the LA Marathon. Did he buy the race with money from the Boston parking lot? Was a top notch pitcher negated in 2008 because of it? Why is the financial situation with the Dodgers only mentioned? Is the LA Times a race sponsor?
All the cards should be laid on the table regarding McCourt.

Or... what would Joe Friday think about the current state of affairs? (not hers, the team’s)

'This' is the city, latter day Los Angeles, California - now serving # 6,592,136 - take a number. Geographically located on the West Coast - just the facts. The populace continues to grow, like a horrible gangrene. It begins to get crowded - folks get angry sometimes. Almost 10 million people are already here, though some have left. It was formerly home of the Rams, the Chargers and the Raiders, so hypothetically at least it’s still an untapped football Heaven.

There was once a baseball team that played too - the Dodgers. They arrived back in 1958 - but today’s reality is it’s a real Major League nowhere, man. We have all kinds here: winners (Lakers), losers (Heaven’s Gate) and the pretenders (Dodgers). Those who give (fans) and those who take (ownership) - they’re the kind who make work for me. I carry a badge - and a burgeoning grudge. I also carry a few extra pounds, but… that’s another story, let’s stick to the script.

It was Friday, October 8th. It was fair in Los Angeles- make that tolerable. If you’re single and swing that way this can be a rough place. It’s more inhabitable if you’re a cohabitator - I made up that word, it’s a habit of mine - it’s also unlawful in my book - cohabitating that is (to hell with the law), not bending the truth - Police Officers can do that some cases. Speaking of which - truth, not cohabitation - we were working the day watch out of missing persons division. My partner’s off this week… furlough, departmental cost-cutting, that sorta jazz; I was on my own. The boss is Captain Frank McQuart, filling in for Commander Jamey McQuart who’ll return shortly. They’re not related. But they used to be. My name’s Friday - and it still is, just like I said earlier.

It was 7:30 a.m., we were reporting in early for another day - it got started in a hurry. A President had disappeared from his place of employment - no not him, that’s not till November. Rather, a President of baseball operations and they were writing his obituary almost before the disappearing ink severance check his had been neutralized without a trace, not unlike the Dodgers 22 years before. Something wasn’t right here… a cop knows about these sorta things, feels it in his gut… so, I swallowed another antacid. We had to try and find out what happened to the missing person: was it kidnapping? If so, we knew that a ransom note’s demand was unlikely to be paid.

(da da-dah-da - da, da-dah-da-dahhh)

As a season ticket holder, I am fed up with the Dodgers. If Frank McCourt thinks he can squeeze us for higher ticket prices next season - he has another thing coming.

Dodger Season Ticket holders, perhaps these details escaped your notice, but please consider:
- Replaced MLB blooper footage with public domain blooper footage in Standard def. $ saver.
- Wrapped the "K" meter scoreboard with a Farmer John ad. The scoreboard used electricity and required maintenance (i.e., cost $ to operate)
- The publicly stated payroll included large payouts to players not on the roster - the amount of $ spent on current players was much lower this year than in past seasons.
- The Philly Cheesesteak place that was often closed on the field level - they were only required to operate when actual attendance was over a certain threshold - it was rarely open.
- Frank McCourt is now president... Dennis Mannion gone... Kathryn K. gone (Dennis's assistant)... Debbie Levy gone (Jamie McCourt's assistant)... all money saving moves.
- The refurbishing of other levels other than field + loge... on hold... why? $
- Marty Greenspun, COO... gone back to the Yankees... position not filled... $ saved
- And the list goes on...

It's pretty clear that no expense was too small to escape Mr. McCourt's notice this year - and any penny saved went right into his pocket.

Remember this when they set prices for next season.

Frank McCourt: "Don't worry Dodger fans. I'm going to be making the decisions now."

Some jokes just write themselves.

I wonder just how much of a golden parachute was paid to Mannion to keep quiet. I seriously doubt any NDA signed would be something that applied to info Mannion could tell about the McCourts personal lives.

Same went for Torre...somewhow I wonder if there was cash put in his pocket on the way out the door just to NOT write another book. Can you imagine a compare and contrast the Dodgers vs. Yankees as an organization book written from the inside?

Does this mean Jamie McCourt will be in charge of the Taxi department. She seems to know her way around the taxi driver circuit.

First off, to 16blows: good stuff!
Well, it really doesn't matter who in the heck runs the club. Because of the divorce thing, there won't be enough money available to acquire players needed to improve the team.

I say Mannion jumped ship, and it will be no coincidence when others follow. Frank is not only cheap (broke?), but likely a jerk to work for. What an embarrassment...

The handling of the departure - nobody talks, Mannion's "canned" style comments on the release - indicate Mannion either didn't go of his own desire, or, he was paid to be quiet when he left.

Either way, Frank is up to no good. He's not only lowering payroll in the dugout, but now in the front office as well. One exec and two assistants - that's a good little chunk of change when you add in the benefits, etc. Small potatoes compared to bigger, more championship-aspiring organizations, but it'll save him some money.

You got to believe Frank say that item where the Pirates, losers for nearly 20 straight years, have made millions the last two years. What is it? Like $40 million over the past year or two years combined? Frank believes if that can happen in small-time Pittsburgh, it surely can be that and then some in No. 2 media market LA. Especially with the new Dodgers TV contract soon to launch. Being rid of Jamie's extravagant, albatross on the wallet lifestyle plus some of this high overhead with the ball team, he'll be gaining money real soon. Almost like having a booth at a parking lot.

Folks, Frank is milking the next few years until that new fat TV deal is hooked up. And then, he'll make even more money while only slightly upping what he puts into the club.

That is, if he is still owner. I'm not sure he will be, but I'm not sure he won't either.

Two months ago, I said it, and I still say its true. We have yet to bottom out. It will get worse, or should say, it will continue to get worse ... before it gets any better. That much you can count on. There's still a couple more, perhaps even a few, mortar rounds to hit us before spring training.

Free Vin Scully today from this awful situation. Free Vin Scully!

Who's next?

Leave the man alone. Leave the trash talk to those know nothings! Plaschke and Simers!

I hate to say this, but McCourt has finally out-botched ownership and management and now brought ridicule to the Dodgers that is worse than the Clippers. At least the Donald isn't in such a leveraged position as Frank is.

Or maybe he's using the Donald's business model: Doesn't matter how bad the team or the management, they'll still come and still pay. No offense to the players on either team, you just work for them. But don't be surprised if the stands are half empty come next year.

Vin doesn't deserve this backdrop to have to work under either.

I say Dodger fans should start protesting at Season ticket ordering (re: Don't), picket at the Stadium gates, everyone and their friends write to the Dodgers or LA Times and tell them why they aren't coming and drive this ************ (insert your own) "owner" out of town. He and his family have no business being involved with the Dodgers.

Magic Johnson, Eli Broad, Peter Ubberoth, Roy Disney, Hell - Jack Nicholson and a coalition of actor/investors, we need LA people to take over the Dodgers. Change the rules so FANS can buy into ownership. And then put REAL baseball people in charge. Then we'd have something to go to.

My 0.02.

To Ed Campos: What planet are you living on?

I think MLB has got to step in for the good of the game and run the team "until ownership issues are resolved." They would put a "Special Master" in charge of running the team - hey look how good the Rangers are doing with MLB on the levers of power.

Is there a bigger idiot this side of the Mississippi than
"Cheap Frank "McCourt ?
Sell Frank, PLEASE SELL!

If Frank were selling furnases, I'd be selling fire insurance or extinguishers...

just sayin....


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