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Meet the new boss, same as the old boss: Frank McCourt back running team -- see, he is the owner

October 8, 2010 |  7:19 am

Sound the trumpets, pop the champagne, cue the confetti … Frank McCourt is back in charge!

And here you thought this couldn't possibly get any more fun.

Those crazy Dodgers, it's always something. Unfortunately, just not on the field.

Upstairs, though, they are the best entertainment in sports.

The latest news is that Dennis Mannion is out as Dodgers president and that McCourt will resume overseeing the day-to-day operations of the club.

Makes you just want to throw your head back and sing to the heavens! Or is that scream?

McCourt running things is called going backward. This is sort of where McCourt came in, only then of course, wife Jamie McCourt was the team president. If Frank needs help, I understand she's currently available.

The Dodgers -- surprise -- gave no explanation for severing ties with Mannion. This is Frank, so naturally you wonder if somehow money's not involved.

Mannion handled the business operations of the club and was barely visible around the ballpark, but presumably did his job well enough, because the club claimed to be making money. Or at least the McCourts were.

Mannion was the guy everyone else ultimately reported to, or at least in the last year, after he replaced Jamie.

It was Mannion, of course, who absolutely trashed Jamie in a deposition in the McCourts' divorce proceedings, claiming she was frequently absent from executive meetings and not capable or interested in focusing on the team.

Frank thanked Mannion profusely for his support, and then showed him the door. What a workplace.

Since promoting Mannion, Frank had been working out of his office in Beverly Hills. Guess he’ll have to schlep back down to Dodger Stadium.

The manager is gone, the team president is gone, and the debt-ridden owner is back running things.

Just how much wacky fun can one team stand?

-- Steve Dilbeck