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Dodgers GM Ned Colletti gets his budget, left-hander Ted Lilly gets $33 million over three years

Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti got his payroll figure for next season, which at least must have made left-hander Ted Lilly pretty happy.

Eschewing free agency, Lilly officially signed a three-year, $33-million contract with the Dodgers on Tuesday.

There is no deferred money in the deal. It includes a no-trade provision for the first two years.

Colletti confirmed owner Frank McCourt had given him a payroll budget for the 2011 season. Because  Colletti said he didn’t have a number after the season ended, this is progress.

"We know where we’re going,’’ Colletti said.  "It’s up from a year ago, but that’s all I want to tell you.’’

The Dodgers’ payroll has been going backward in recent seasons, and with McCourt mired in a contentious divorce, it was feared it would continue to shrink. Last year the Dodgers’ payroll was $95.3 million.

Lilly, 34, probably could have signed for slightly more if he’d tested free agency.

"There could have been more lucrative contracts if we’d gone down that road,’’ said Lilly’s agent, Larry O’Brien. "But Ted started with the Dodgers … and I think he felt there was some unfinished business here.’’

Lilly, who was born in Torrance and still lives in California, said he was aware of the ownership issue hovering around the franchise but felt good about the team’s direction.

"We have an incredible backing from our fan base,’’ Lilly said. "And I like the talent.’’

Lilly, who received the lowest run support in the majors, spent the final two months of the 2010 season with the Dodgers, going 7-4 with a 3.52 ERA. He joins Clayton Kershaw and Chad Billingsley in the 2011 rotation.

"It’s a good start signing Ted, but we’re far from finished,’’ Colletti said.

At least Lilly -- who said he would like to pitch into his 40s -- is a believer.

"I believe this organization can do something special and important,’’ he said. "And I want to be a part of that.’’

-- Steve Dilbeck

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What a waste--$33 mill for a washed up Cubs reject. It continues: McCrap & No Head Ned don't have a clue.

So what!!!!! lousy information

like wearing water-wings on the Titanic. Or lipstick on Dilbeck!! :p

Ted Lilly was 1-3 with a 4.31 ERA in September...turns 35 in January and had shoulder surgery less than a year ago. Seems like 30 wins over the next three years is a reasonable expectation.

lets bring back the Dodger Boy and Kevin Brown

i heard the dodgers scouting director is leaving cause ned blows

Send Frank McCourt a message.....
Go to Facebook Page "Frank McCourt. Sell the Dodgers. Leave L.A."

"We have an incredible backing from our fan base," Lilly said."

- Ted has been...

a) had
c) replaced by one of the Pod People
c) double entendre

"And I like the talent."

- Ted is...

a) a bat (Carlsbad Cavern variety)
b) a Democrat running for re-election
c) crossing his fingers behind his back

what the hell? no wonder Lilly signed this so early. Nobody would have even come close to 11mil/season. wow.

Bahahahahaha I can't believe this move... What a disgrace...

This is a good signing. The money is modest, spent on a man who could, potentially, indeed pitch into his 40s. He wants to be here, even with the pitiful run "support" the offense provided him last season, and the bullpen firestarters that torched the mound when he walked off it. Lilly is thinking long term, which the rest of us should do as well. That he is a mentor to Kershaw should not be undervalued: Billingsley progressed when Maddux was with the Dodgers (the first time), and backslid when he left. The Dodgers now have three starters, and this third could perhaps make the first better.

The team should next sign Rod Barajas, somebody else who actually wants to be a Dodger. Barajas and Ellis will allow the team to dump Martin, and are an improvement over him.

I won't believe anything Colletti might say. How can he or anyone else that is a focal point of 'this' Dodgers organization, and that includes Scully and Lasorda, look themselves in the mirror. If you want to be known as a representative of a great and a tradition rich organization, then you also have to be known as a representative of a two-bit organization when that comes about.

Ahh yes, good to see the stability within the once great, or even once good Dodger oragnization once again!

The owner somehow over-paying a G(eneral) M(oron)to do a job all the league & fans know he is incapable of doing!

And a GM in Dread Coletti who still thinks he is a GM!

Hey McDork,sell a manse, a few cars, etc. & add that to 33 Mil & get a young stud SP in here!

11 per season for an aged, injury risk for a 5th starter is an assinine business move for this, or any team! But then you did allow Dread to waste 47 Mil on a SAP who had already lost 3-5 mph off his heater in SF, withg obvious arm issues - hey Dread, weren't you in Frisco at that time, actually employed by another bonehead onwer ? Guess you wre out sick that day re: JS!

And he did waste another 36 Mil on a fat, out of shape OF in Jones, who hit .222 the prior year.

And 50 Mil on ManSHam & were kind enough to give the playerr the option for the 2nd season!

ANd another 42 Mil to a good guy, hard working OF, but one who has no power & no arm.

So lets see, 175 Million, ya got nothing from JS on the field, ya got nothing from AJon the field or off, ya got a dedent light hitting OF, who did nothing to put them over the top, he's gone & nothing in return & a PED using OF who cost the team not only thye n50 games hen had to sit, but the rest of that season & a sham of the season last year, then he is gone, & again, nothing in return!

So it stands to reason you'd sign an injury risk, aged SP for 33(11 per), who on a good team would be a 4th, more likely 5th starter! ANd you said last season he was your 5th starter but since you screwed over the rotation Dread, he will be forced to move up in the rotation & work his surgically repaierd arm even more than a 5th slot!

My God, the league is again rolling with laughter over the antics of Heckle & Jeckle! And Dread's statement "We know where we’re going, It’s up from a year ago, but that’s all I want to tell you.’’ is wearing far more than a little thin & let's face it Dread, ya fence post, what other way is there to go, but up, even if a little ?!

The song & dance has officially begun by Heckle & Jeckle; let the laughter, the angst, disappointment, frustration & anger begin again, under the worst management team in baseball !

Footnote, McDork fires the "President" of the Dodgers as he must not have been g=doing a good job; really McDork, not a good job ?! Compared to what ?!

kjp, poor run support aside, the Slodgers could have averaged 4.2 runs per game & TL would still lose - check out his ERA with the team from last season!

3 years is a bit long, but what they needed to offer to lock him up and prevent other offers. He would have gotten offers at or more than $11 million per year on the market. Bottom line is we need at least 3 reliable starters and Lilly is widely considered to be the second best available free agent pitcher. And with talk the Yankees could throw 6 years/$25 million per at Cliff Lee, you know we're not getting him.

If Lilly gets 10mil + a yr, what will Kershaw get in 2012 ?

Just like all of you I am tired of Frank McCourt & Ned Colletti- But what is getting to me even more is all the fans bashing ANY move the front office makes- Sure Lilly's contract is longer and richer than we wanted to pay - But two weeks ago everyone was lamenting that we wouldnt even sign a single free agent. Guess what kids Ned actually signed someone - someone who wants to play here - GET USED TO IT -We're not gonna be sigining Cliff Lee and probably aren't gonna give up what it would take to trade for Grienke. Lower your expectations.
I'm right there with everyone else wanting a change in ownership but guess what it's not happening right now. So as much as this organization was once great, it is not currently - And (barring ownership change) that's not changing in the immediate future. Yeah it sucks but instead of ripping apart every move and every player brought aboard maybe we should try to look at the glass half full.
Otherwise whats the point of being a fan? I want to root for my team and rip apart my rivals not continually rip apart my own team.

thats 11 million a year for three years which computes to almost three million a victory for he wont have more than five wins per year.

Ted, you may want to consider free agency. You were a good pitcher in 2010, no doubt. But the 2011 season has not started and the fans are already against you, which is sad. Save yourself Ted.

you folks are crazy. $11mil is probably too much, but on the open market he would've made just the same. He was the 2nd best pitcher on the marktet this year. I'm not a fan of McCourt but it's amazing how people say we never spend money, then this happens, and you complain anyway.

And no, Logan White is staying put.

Few guys want to win more than Lilly and he has done it everywhere he has gone. The Dodgers need more of that in the clubhouse. Dodger fans and players have had to endure what no others have with back to back div. champ teams handcuffed and a year thrown out the window because of an ugly divorce (the Pads were already on the way down when their divorce happened), but we have alot of the talent that got us to the top in the west and signing Lilly is huge compared to what we were dealing with this time last year. Ethier's 100% for spring training and Kemp and the pen can't possibly be as bad as last year. If the Blues can get one above average RHB with 20HR power who wants to win as badly as Lilly we could be right there with Col. and SF next year. We'll need a healthy Padilla too. Stop hating on a born and raised kid who wants to play for his hometown team and got paid a fair market price to do it. Says here he wins 15 next year if he and Ethier are healthy.

The last few posts are spot on...good move Ned...Knowledgeable fans know this move had to be made.

Agree that knowledgeable Dodger fans know this move had to be made. And better make these moves NOW. If Colletti gets recruited away...the Dodgers will go in the toilet just like the Giants did when Colletti left San Francisco.

This recent move is in no way going to turn this team around & I can't speak for others, but I am not angry with Lilly, rather, at Heckel & Jeckle; hey, if the morons are gonna offer 33 for an aging, SP who was their 5th starter at season'e end, then by all means Ted, grab it!

This team does not need a 4th or 5th starter, even tho' they may say he's a 3 - Heckle, Dread, ahev ya seen what is winning games in the Playoffs ? Yea & we need a stud ace & it's not that there are no top teir SP's on the FA wire, as there is a thing known as a trade! Yea, trade the weak Martin & the far overated CF Kemp & his attitude, & toss in Blake too - do what it takes to net a true ace!

See the Ranger's payrool ? 55 Mil ? That says to me they have an extremely sharp GM & Owner, unlike these clowns playing owner & GM here in DOdger Stadium!

I am sick of ther hang in there, we'll do better this season, the ugly perpetual half full attitude as what exactly has it gottem the Dodgers & their fans in the past 22 years, huh ?! If you're happy with the stauts quo, so be it, but this fan of more than 45 years is fed up with the horrible moves by this lame owner & wannabe GM! If you are happy with it, good for you, but I want to be watching the Dodgers on TV this time of the year & as long as these 2 cvlowns are at the helm, this ship will run aground every year forward !

A 3 year contract for a 35 year old pitcher? What has Ned been smoking? Sure, Ted is a homeboy, I get that, and like that, but he's 35.

Lilly just did to Los Doyers the same thing the chauffeur did to Jamie

Dodgers still need a real ace, 2 left handed relievers that can throw and 2 power hitters to bat 4th and 5th in the lineup. That comes up to about 40 million dollars if Lily is worth 11 per year.

Although there isn't deferred money, it gets paid out as follows:

2011 $8M
2012: $12M
2013: $13M

Just more Frank nonsense not willing to pay his bills now.


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