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Alert the media! Nationals would have interest in Matt Kemp

This just in: the Washington Nationals would have interest in Matt Kemp if he’s made available in a trade.

Also, the moon is round.

Guess this is how it’s going to be this offseason. Kemp sightings, rumors, celebrity gossip, hand-wringing and idle speculation.

Despite his falloff last season in several categories, his silly agent’s ramblings and his occasional run-ins with coaches, Kemp remains a supremely talented outfielder with tremendous upside.

Possibly, just a team or two just might be interested in such a player. Or possibly another 29 teams.

Kemp’s I’m-just-so-cool approach to the game can be maddening, but his supporters, detractors -- and Kemp himself -- all agreed there is more in his tank.

That’s doesn’t mean it will be realized, but who wants to wager it won’t? Kemp has already said he is aiming at a 40-40 season next year -- 40 home runs and 40 stolen bases.

How many players can throw out such numbers without being laughed off the field? That’s probably beyond his reach right now, but no one doubts it isn’t conceivable.

General Manager Ned Colletti has said he doesn’t expect a major overhaul of his roster and that his core players will return. He is, however, willing to listen to whatever.

The Washington Post story said the Nationals would have an interest in Kemp if he were made available, but failed to mention what they might offer in return.

The story didn’t speculate whether the Nationals would be willing to trade third baseman Ryan Zimmerman, but really, who else do they have that the Dodgers would be interested in for Kemp? Somehow I’m thinking Stephen Strasburg, surgery and all, is not available.

Right now, Kemp is the Dodgers’ lightning rod -- unless you include Frank McCourt -- and a speculative winter seems unavoidable.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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In a March 9, 2009 story by Dylan Hernandez in this newspaper, Kemp said he was capable of a 40-40 season.

Not saying he won't get there. Just saying we've heard this before.

Anybody else feel a little glow this morning, Brian Wilson having gone all Jonathan Broxton last night? ; )

NOTE TO STEVE ONLY re: dodger ticket price increase for Dodger spring games

Just received my 2011 invoice for Dodger games at Camelback Ranch. There is NO mention of a price increase however:

2010 14 games 4 seats were $1680
2011 15 games 4 seats are $2220

Looks to me to be about a 23% increase in ticket prices.

The invoice was signed by Glen Davis, Director of Ticket Sales and Operations, Camelback Ranch 623 302 5000

Thanks for your blog...I really think it has kept me from going insane!

Eithier, Martin, Blake, Loney, Ramirez, Kemp, Furcal (injury), and Broxton all had a bad year. Yet Kemp keeps getting flack? I don't get it?

I think he needs to work on his basestealing to get to 40. The HR part may be easier.

I'd wait until January, when the Yankees will probably call ...

Hey Dilbeck - As a regular and supposed veteran writer, please try to limit yourself to even double negatives or less, not triple ones like "no one doubts it isn’t conceivable." As written, you ARE saying Kemp's 40/40 goal is not conceivable. Maybe that is your intent and you just might be right!

Of course the nationals and tons of other teams are interested. We've seen what Matt can be capable of with the great year he had last year. I keep wondering the same thing, why was Kemp the one singled out for having a bad year when he clearly was not the only one. I do get frustrated with him but I'm not on the band wagon that we should get rid of him. No way.

Upside?........He's had over 1500 AB'S in the Majors.....He is what he is.I would agree on the Matt Kemp upside thing if he was coachable the problem is he isn't.Matt Kemp Kemp finished 1st in the National league in 'outs made'...he set a new single season record for Strikeouts by a Dodger player (He held the previous record)..Fangraphs projected 3.5 loses this year for the Dodgers because of that.
He's a classic example of an 'athlete' trying to play baseball.....Football/Basketball yes.......But it has never really worked in baseball....5 tools yes but he lacks the 6th tool.....Baseball IQ
Trade him at the 7/31 deadline next may get more then you'll get now

I don't understand how any fan of this team can care at all about Matt Kemp but not the idiot GM and Owner. Until they are traded it really dosen't matter about the small stuff.

He's in his walk year next season. Let's see what he does. The Dodgers will be going nowhere in 2011, and, if he's doing well, maybe we can trade him for one or more good players at the July 31st trade deadline. Let's not start running around with our hair on fire.

Keep Kemp! Give the player another chance. He just needs a life coach or baseball academy so he can get his head in the game.

I'd be happy with 30-30, so long as Ethier can also hit 30HRs. I can't see any deal made with the Nats or any other team right now for Kemp.

His body language says he doesn't want to be here and he doesn't ever want to hustle. He is Milton Bradley waiting to happen. I thought you had to have a 30-30 season before you have a 40-40 season but hey, arrogance knows no bounds. Good luck waiting for Matt Kemp. it's a sucker's bet.

If per chance they do trade Kemp before or during the season, does anyone really think we'll get anything worthwhile if Ned's the one doing the trading? If it were someone competent, I'd go along with trading Matty if it returned a buttload, but with Ned all we'd probably end up with is Dotel again.

I would trade Matt Kemp for Ryan Zimmerman and Bryce Harper.

I would trade Kemp for Zimmerman straight up in 0.74 seconds. Without even a second thought.

Kemp will walk after next year, there are no doubts about that in my mind. Zimmerman is signed through 2013 and is reasonably affordable for a Gold-Glove, Silver Slugger winning All-Star 3B who is not only good for 25-30 HR/90-100RBI every year but a .300 Avg is also a good bet.

Those "actual" stats completely dominate Kemp and any of his "promised" stats.

While we are putting our core to good use, Loney would be a good candidate to help bring a starter in my opinion. His RBI's are nothing to sneeze at and he is young enough to bring in the quality starter that we need. Yovanni Gallardo, Zack Grienke and Fausto Carmona come to mind.

Let's go Ned get something done this time!!!

as long as mcClown owns this team I don't give two (cents) who is on the roster. Not another dime spent at the stadium. Not another minute watching or listening on radio.
I implore all Dodger fans to do the same until the scam artist is gone.

All the comments on whether Kemp stays or goes is not addressing the issue. Matter of fact, it pertains to the rest of the players also. The issue is the money angle. As long as McCourt can put money in his pocket any trades will be beneficial to him and not to the team. He has the perfect lackey in Colletti in pulling off these 'improvements' to the the team.

Kemp is a good ball player in my opinion he struggles just like everyone else. When Joe sat him for a couple of games I flipped how can u sit one of your better players and let Casey Blake play every game? This guy is horrible what about Sherill and Broxton? They didn't get benched for being on a slump. Give the guy a break at least he didn't get suspended for 50 games.. just my .02 cents.


dods should trade kemp to nats for 3b zimmerman in a heartbeat, w/o thinking twice!!!
both xactly same age, born in sept. '84.......
getting zimmerman would settle the hot corner for dods for years to come, while even w/kemp, dods still don't have a true CF.......
team already (sadly) missed-out on acquiring 2B Cano from Yanx for kemp a couple yrs ago......
podsednik could play CF next season, & in a year or 2 current Chat. AA CF (& LA homegrown talent) Robby could take over in CF (btw, Robby will be playing for Mattingly in a few days in AFL!)..........
current 3B blake could play some LF (platoon w/gibbons), & blake could also spell loney @ 1B on occasion.....
getting rid of kemp would also satisfy the stated goal of both mattingly & colletti of getting the team "mentally tougher" as kemp is biggest offender here, still making FAR too many mental mistakes, both offensively & defensively

He would look good in Orange and Black, patrolling CF

Wishful thinking Steve. Zim is their franchise especially with the Strasbueg injury. And it would be way to ideal for us to actually happen. The Nats are looking to deal Morgan which we don't need but they do have alot of good rebuilding pieces if they would let us clean their cupboards for kemp. Espinosa and Storen could be had and great young upsiders. Throw in Morse and we get a big rh bat. The Dogtown kid Slaten seems to have figured it out and we defintely could use a reliable lefty out of the pen and the local kids always seem to play harder. Keeping Kemp till the deadline might be risky if he doesn't return to form.

If it was Kemp for Starsburg even-up, i'd jump at it. But there's no way, he IS the Nats' franchise.

Ryan Zimmerman? You just gave me the shudders. Yeah he's good, but he's not the future. The Nats finsished dead and last several times with him. Kemp's potential keeps him well above that standard.

The shudders come when i think Mr Ned might like that deal. Just the kind of bonehead trade he'd make.

Kemp's stated 40-40 goal, and his subsequent play at the end, tells me he has decided to make next year huge. Considering how he clobbered the ball at the end, i think he can do it once he puts his mind to it and keeps it there.

Memo to Ned: Shut the bleep up. Last time you opened your yap about him he had been scorching hot, and from that day on till the end he was ice-cold.

As for the gigantic boost in ticket prices for Glendale, just wait, Frankie-Poo, when you see the empty seats outnumber the fannies. Sneak prevu of the reg season, Frank. Better sell before the devaluation sets in.

Yeah lets trade Kemp for Zimmerman and while they are at it they should throw in Desmond, Ramos, and Espinosa. You are crazy to think they would trade there established franchise player for Kemp. Not because Kemp is less talented but due to fact that Zimmerman is a a farm hand who consistently puts up huge numbers when healthy. Not only that the Nats have him locked up until 2013 which means one more year than Kemp who is in his final 2 years of arb

The Dodgers will be a better team without this lazy, heartless chump, but no Strasburg. He'll never be the same. Which is why the Dodgers will probably make the trade.


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