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Troy Tulowitzki shows Dodgers what clutch is: Powers pair of two-run homers in Rockies' 12-2 win


This just in: That Troy Tulowitzki fellow is a pretty good player.

OK, so the possibility remains he’s something quite more than that. At the moment, he only seems the greatest player in the history of the universe.

Tulowitzki is currently taking the National League by storm. He’s hitting the beaches, dropping behind enemy lines, driving the tanks and back on the island plotting the whole assault.

All he did Saturday afternoon was hit a pair of two-run home runs against John Ely to lead the Rockies to a 12-2 whipping over the Dodgers.

Tulowitzki now has 14 home runs in September alone, a new Rockies record for home runs in a month. He’s tied Albert Belle and Barry Bonds for most homers ever in a 15-game span. The Rockies still have 14  games to go.

He’s hit three home runs in two days against the Dodgers. And he has four mult-homer games this season, all in the last 10 games.

Of course, all this came Saturday against a Dodgers team that looked so dead you expected them to roll over on their backs, stick their feet in the air and beg for toe tags.

Saturday marked their fourth consecutive loss and dropped them five games under .500 for the first time since May 5.

The Dodgers couldn’t put a run across against Jhoulys Chacin, whom they had pounded for five runs in five innings when he was last at Dodger Stadium on Aug. 17.

That was back when the Dodgers were still under the illusion they might pull off a remarkable comeback. You know, like the Rockies have. Colorado has won 13 of its last 15 games.

With Vicente Padilla shelved with his sore neck, the Dodgers turned to Ely, their early-season phenom. But since his unexpected 3-1 start, he has gone 1-7.

Ely (4-8, 5.00 earned-run average) is considered a candidate to be the Dodgers’ fifth starter next season, but he’ll have a long way to go from his recent appearances to earn serious consideration.

He lasted only 4 1/3 innings Saturday, giving up six runs on five hits and five walks. Jeff Weaver gave up the other six in the eighth.

Chacin (9-9) threw eight shutout innings. The Dodgers avoided being shut out when rookie Russ Mitchell hit a two-run homer in the ninth inning off Franklin Morales.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Rockies shortstop Troy Tulowitzki and catcher Miguel Olivo have some fun in the dugout after Tulowitzki's second home run on Saturday against the Dodgers. Credit: Gus Ruelas / Associated Press

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I'm speechless .....
this has really been some meltdown.

Tulowitzki should definitely be considered an MVP candidate after what he has done this month.

Things are only going to get worse for the Dodgers. There will be an illusion that things are getting better in November and December when season tickets are up for renewal....but once those checks are cashed...we'll have the same dysfunctional team we have now. This is what the McCourts do best.

I don't understand why Torre didn't insert Ox Tongue into this debacle, rather than Weaver. Ox Tongue had proven the night before that he cannot retire Rockies; he was perfectly capable of giving up that grand slam. And Ox Tongue needed to give up those runs, in order to make sure that his ERA reaches 5.00 by season's end. Very poor decision-making on Torre's part.

This keeps getting worse. The only good thing is Gibbons.....

You are optimistic in stating that "Ely is considered a candidate to be the Dodgers’ fifth starter next season." If the Dodgers don't resign Lilly, Padilla, and/or Kuroda, Ely will be a candidate for the #3 slot.


In a 3+hr (SNORE...ZZZZZ) game.

Exhibit ONE why MLB is slowly losing all credibility.

Ahem. Why is Torre still managing? These games are meaningless. He is a lame duck. His heir has no managerial experience. Common sense would dictate that Mattingly be given the chance to manage now - when there is nothing at stake. Give him full control now. What gives? When has a manager been released, stayed on the bench and managed while his non-experienced successor sits and watches? For the record, the Dodgers did not renew Torre's contract. He refuses to retire. So the real story is Dodgers Let Torre Go. Anything else is spin.

skyharbor - bet you anything they raise the ticket prices as well.

kjp - excellent point, and I think you're more right than wrong.

The one thing we should remember when contracts are being handed out is that there are very few character guys on this team. With nothing to play for many of the players act like they wish they weren't even in the game.

kjp is right. ANY optimism for next season is badly placed. He also was right about the Dotel-McDonald trade. He knows his stuff. I didn't bother to watch the game. Better things to do with my time. This team has given up.

The Dodgers are ending this season like it's already 2011 spring traning camp.this is a preview of what's in store for years to come.These DODGERS are starting to look like the old St. Louis Browns!The I.E. 66'ers look better than what they have on the field right now!

What's wrong with you people. The season's over. Are we going to let the Loser Giants win the division. No!!! Lay down if we have to. It's what the Loser Giant's have done to us in the past. They have laid down and lost so that other teams win over the Dodgers. Get with the program. This is LA. We will be back next year. Phils are going to win the NL anyway. Torre is gone so he won't be sending Broxton out there anymore. Beat the Giant losers at any cost. Even losing.

somebody is a loser alright!

Too bad Mitchell hit the homer. Another shutout added to our league leading total would at least have dramatized how bad the offense is and the need for change more than a meaningless HR in a blowout.


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