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'Los Doyers' and the money to be made

September 7, 2010 | 11:00 am

If there’s a buck to be made .…

You gotta be inventive to stay ahead of the pack in the marketing world. And if there’s one thing the McCourt regime has been good at, it’s figuring out new ways to squeeze a dollar out of the Dodgers faithful.

From increases in ticket, parking and concession prices, to the proliferation of commercial signage at Dodger Stadium, the McCourts recognized there was more money to be made off the Dodgers than what predecessor Fox pulled off.

And with actual fan attendance (as opposed to the announced tickets sold) down significantly this season, now comes their newest money grab.

They trademarked "Los Doyers."’s Roberto Baly spotted T-shirts with the phrase scripted across the front on sale at Dodger Stadium gift shops and quickly discovered McCourt had trademarked it for use on clothing and souvenirs.

The phrase is a riff on a Spanish pronunciation of Dodgers, and as the Daily News’ Tom Hoffarth noted, gained mainstream popularity thanks to local sports-talk host Petros Papadakis, who’s been using it for years.

The script has already appeared on the products of several local T-shirt operators, but you have to wonder now how long the Dodgers will let that go.

Remember, those attorneys are reportedly costing up to $1,100 an hour.

Wrote Baly: "Yesterday I asked my mom to say 'Dodgers,' she said 'Doyers.' I asked my dad to say 'Dodgers,' he said `Dogers.’ I guess Mexicans say 'Doyers' and Cubans say 'Dogers.' Maybe the Europeans pronounce it 'Dojers.' Should I trademark it?’’

-- Steve Dilbeck