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That behind the scenes look at the Dodgers won't be coming from Joe Torre

Torre_350 Like the Dodgers faithful need any more bad news.

Sorry, but I bring another disappointing tidbit from your 2010 Los Angeles Dodgers season:

There will be no Joe Torre Dodgers book.

No inside look at the McCourts. Nothing about what really went down with Manny Ramirez. No insights to Matt Kemp or James Loney, no private conversations with Larry Bowa.


"I have no interest in writing a book," Torre said.

Ah, come on. All the juicy insider stuff Torre could provide is just going to disappear into the ether?

When Torre exited New York, he teamed with Sports Illustrated writer Tom Verducci on "The Yankee Years."

It became a national bestseller, and bruised a few feelings in the process.

"The New York thing was much different," Torre said. "The time I spent there with the roller-coaster ride and all that stuff. When I had three years there like I am here, I had no interest in writing a book.

"But once you spend as much time as I did there, and having the excitement of winning and the depression of losing, and not really wanting to talk about it because it wasn’t finished yet … and I still wouldn’t have written a book if Tom didn’t come up to me and ask if I had any interest in the kind of book he wanted to do."

It’s true, of course, Torre has spent only three years in Los Angeles after leading the Yankees for a dozen seasons. And since he may very well remain with the Dodgers in some kind of front-office position, writing a book might not be the wisest decision.

Still, what could have been …

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers Manager Joe Torre heads to a news conference Sept. 17 at which he announced he would not return next season. Credit: Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles Times

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Blame the three-year contract.

Torre's turd year has been a stinker. Money Ramirez's third season was a no-show. (Though he technically played, what, three half-seasons?)

Did they award Donnie Softball a trey-fecta (or is it a TRY-fecta)? And who needs Casey Blake's three-peat?

The five-year gig Neddie noodled for himself, is incomprehensible.

Let's go back to the Walter Alston concept.

Nothing succeeds like a succession of one-year signings.

It would be fun to hear Joe's "story" which we will eventually in one form or another. But the real story is how Frank McCourt wound up in bed with Bud Selig. Let the LA Times turn loose one of their investigative reporters on this story that needs to be told...a story with a hundred tentacles that would likely emerge as one of the top baseball stories of the decade.

Yeah. It'd be a real treat to have Joe in the front office offering advice to Ned. Their leadership has worked out great so far.

I was looking forward to the book.

How much of a book can you have after only three years? Joe's right. But don't worry, if he doesn't write one now, there could be one way down the road, once he's clear of the Dodgers. Remember, he could still be a "consultant." As for the Times re: the McCourts, skyharbor, I think Bill Shaikin and T.J. Simers have already gotten the ball rolling on that one. I'd look for more from the Times, especially from T.J. I don't think they like the McCourts any more than we do.
For better or for worse, the Times did run the Peter O'Malley story. This is only the beginning.

I am so tired of Joe's fake innocence and sincerity. Because he doesn't get emotional and combative with the press he appears defenseless. It appears hard to accuse him of anything because he doesn't react - to anything! This whole thing with the Mets is one hot mess. First he is interested, then he denies it, saying he was only answering a question brought up on the radio. Below that calm exterior is one hot raving ego maniac that seeks the bright lights and attention. I am so sick of hearing about his Yankee years. Please Joe, just go!


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