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That could be it for Scott Podsednik, Dodger

Scott Podsednik’s season -- and possibly his career as a Dodger -- has probably come to a close.

Manager Joe Torre said Podsednik would probably miss the rest of the season with plantar fasciitis in his left foot. The Texas native is schedule to return to Dallas on Wednesday to get a second opinion.

Podsednik, 34, and the Dodgers have a mutual option at $2 million for next season.

Given his age, lack of power and foot trouble, I can’t see the Dodgers bringing him back unless it’s as a backup.

He was hitting .310 with a .400 on-base percentage and 30 stolen bases in 95 games with the Royals when the Dodgers acquired him for a pair of minor leaguers, catcher Lucas Mayand right-hander Elisaul Pimentel on July 28.

He had disappointing results as a Dodger, batting .262 with a .313 on-base percentage with five steals in 39 games. The foot, of course, could have had something to do with that.

Getting minimal pop from the corners, the Dodgers need some power from the left-field spot. And there figures to be plenty of roster movement after this disappointing season.

Plantar fasciitis is a painful condition on the ligament that connects the heel to the toes. If it persists, potential surgeries include cutting to promote healing or disconnecting it.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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Wow! What a turn of events! No, I'm not talking about Podsednik's season...I AM talking about the manner in which Dilbeck has described Podsednik's value to the Dodgers. WTF? Podsednik would be a 'steal' at $2 mil. His foot condition is likely very treatable, too. This guy was doing just fine (both offensively and defensively) as an everyday player. I was at the game where he made the running catch just prior to crashing into the stands. This team could use a lefty with his speed, motivation, and hitting. Seems like Dilbeck is spreading propaganda or admin./brass originated rumors (same thing) rather than anything else....

Just another stupid Colletti trade. What's new?

The party is over in L.A. Turn out the lights.

Best wishes to the young man to get well and continue his career.

But Dilbeck is correct - he wasn't likely on the roster for 2011 anyway.

And that's another reason we question his acquisition anyway by the former Giants GM. Organizational depth at catcher was already on the radar, and we let one go in this deal.

Colletti, go back to SF.

No great loss. He was never a good fit for a team in need of power. Ned keeps repeating his mistakes over and over again. All Pods is , is Juan Pierre light!

Oh. You mean that we might not have Juan Pierre Light in left next season?

What a shame.

See 'ya.

We told you so, Uncle Neddy.

Ouch! Plantar fasciitis is very painful. This may have been why Scott's performance as a Dodger has not been all that exceptional. Again,as you point out, Steve, the club needs more production. Scott is (was) a very good table setter in his prime. That may prove to be behind him. I recall having the same condition at around the same age twenty years ago. It took a lot of time to heal. Scott has some serious monetary incentives to get well. I hope that he takes his time, keeps perspective and stays healthy. I wish him the best in healing and in his future.

Adios, Podsednik or Juan Pierre CHEAP light !!!!

Podsednik has less arm than Pierre & but more leg & less overhype than the journey 'e' - #16 = THE most overhyped player in MLB history.

Speaking of the one got stolen away, Pierre will soon add MLB's stolen base crown 2010 to his other multiple stat categories won the course his career... will also look great next to his World Series ring/Championship (echoes th'e' empty mantle/trophy case deafening.)

Pierre > ethier
2003 > 1988

Juan Pi-erre!


Top free agents available this offseason include Adrian Beltre, Paul Konkerko and Jason Werth. These names sound familiar.....

Bring back Beltre for 3rd, Werth to LF and Konerko to First. Then trade Kemp for a solid pitcher and closer. Keep Lilly, Billy and Kershaw, maybe Kuroda...Put Loney in the outfield.

I would encourage Mr. Colletti to try to bring him back. He is a quality 4th outfielder and can fill a valuable role at the right price. his time here this season is not what the man is capable of. I feel strongly that the injury has been affecting his play and will bounce back next season.

It's McCourt that needs to go. As long as ownership uses the City of Los Angeles' beloved Dodgers as their personal piggybank, we are doomed. But i keep the faith. God bless the Dodgers and the faithful Dodger Blue. God bless Vinnie and Tommy Lasorda too! But the McCourts have got to go!

Mr. Dilbeck, you are a good writer and i always look forward to what you have to say. but i feel the need to address my fellow "commenters".
From the court transcripts playing out in the McCourt divorce trial, it appears that they are just using the Dodgers as their own personal piggybank.
I feel that Ned Colletti has done an above average job as GM. He has never said a bad word about his employer. That must be a difficult thing to do. The McCourts have stifled his ability to improve the ballclub. He has no budget to improve the team and has done an admirable job with the restrictions that are in place. (I can't believe i'm defending a former Giant!) If you want to place blame, put the blame where it belongs. And that is the owners! McCourt Must Go! McCourt Must Go! everybody say it together!
Thanks Mr. Dilbeck!


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