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Manny Ramirez: The White Sox $3.8-million failure

Manny_300 So how do you think that Manny Ramirez pickup is looking to the White Sox now?

Manny not so much as resembling Manny was hardly what they committed $3.8 million for when they claimed him off waivers from the Dodgers last month.

Alas, he has been a major bust for Chicago.

He went 55 plate appearances before collecting his first extra-base hit -- a solo home run Friday. That still accounts for his only RBI as a member of the White Sox.

Meanwhile, the White Sox fell out of contention. They were 3½ games out when Manny made his White Sox debut on Sept. 1. By Sunday, they were 10 back of the Twins in the American League Central.

Still, White Sox General Manager Ken Williams told that he had no regrets about adding Ramirez and his salary for the season's final month.

"I would have regretted it if we didn't go out and get him and it turned out we were in this same place," Williams said. "Then, I would have asked myself, 'What if we would have tried to give the club a shot in the arm?'

"Now, in hindsight, if you factor in finances where you are, of course you can come up with a number of reasons to be regretful. ... I think [White Sox Chairman] Jerry [Reinsdorf] would feel the same way. At the end of the day, I would rather know we gave everything we have to try to win."

Now there’s an interesting concept. In the interim, of course, the Dodgers did save almost $4 mil. That’ll pay some lawyers fees.

Going into Sunday, Manny was hitting .271 with his one homer and RBI. He’s still walking, though, and had an on-base percentage of .426.

White Sox hitting coach Greg Walker said Manny having missed almost two months with leg injuries before joining the White Sox was just too much for him to overcome.

"If anyone could have, it was him," Walker told "It was a gamble, and I'm glad we took it. That's still asking a lot of someone not to play for two months and then jump into the middle of a pennant race and be the great Manny Ramirez."

Manny could not have done anything to enhance his future value as a designated hitter while with the White Sox, but Walker believes he can still be a dangerous hitter next season for someone.

"I know this -- he's great and he still wants it," Walker said. "As long as that happens, he'll figure it out. His pregame work is really good, and I think he wants to do good and help this team so much. But he hasn't quite got comfortable.

"Manny has been a good teammate and fun to be around. He has worked his rear end off, and I'm pulling for him to finish strong."

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Manny Ramirez. Credit: Rick Osentoski / US Presswire

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Steve, you might want to point out that Manny was hit with two 90 mph fast balls on the wrists in consecutive games with Detroit the first week he was acquired. Both looked extremely painful. Manny brushed them off and went to first. He was removed from the game after one plunking. So, I think Manny, who would never complain about that, might have been effected by it. He is still hitting over .300 for the season, something no Dodger regular can claim.

A .426 OBP is nothing to sneeze at.

It was a real treat to watch Manny for so many years. He was such a unbelievable hitter, he always made me feel like I was witnessing an important moment in baseball history each and every time he stepped in the batter's box.

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Chicago took a chance - a very long shot - and missed. Big deal, what's $3 million to a team that has a $108,273,197 payroll?

When the White Sox got Manny I thought to myself, do they really think they can catch the Twins...surely they can't. But looking at their schedule, something else made more sense. They had 7 games left with the Red Sox. Adding Manny into the equation suddenly made all these irrelevant games meaningful. I'm guessing the White Sox will benefit greatly in attendance and viewership during their upcoming series with Boston because of Manny regardless of what he is batting.

White Sox whould have resigned Jim Thome, wah wah wah.

Doesn't seem like much of a "failure" to Dodger fans watching the White Sox owner gamble $4M because there is a sliver of a chance his team might win the pennant. We should be so lucky.

Reading this makes me think of 2 big difference between the White Sox & the Dodgers. #1 they picked up Manny and took on his payroll as opposed to trading youth to not take on payroll (Such as with Cleveland - Blake/Santana). #2 they've won a championship in the last 10 years. Which brings up the major difference -- their owner wants to win & the Dodgers owner just wants a status symbol that makes him popular and famous. We've got to have MLB or the judge in this case run the bum out of town...

I guess that in most of these recent losses the Sox pitching staff has given up 6-11 runs per game. Manny could have hit a grand slam in most of them and the Sox would have still lost. His timings off but I personally don't believe his power's gone. If given the chance next season, which is a big if, I think he can come back and show everyone. But what do I know? I've only been following Manny his entire career.

Hollywood Dodger Mark

Very good point on Manny being hit twice in the wrist. And you're right. He won't complain about it.

Ah Steve, a .426 obp with the White Sox and you call him a bust? What a joke. The bust is the batters behind him who can't drive him in. Leave the man alone.

At least Manny is somebody else's problem now.

Pat G.: Manny is paid to drive in runs. One RBI in September qualifies as a bust.

The posters are right regarding the ChiSox ownership in acquiring Ramirez. You pay your money and take your chance.

With the Dodgers, the fans pay the money and Frankenstein puts it in his pockets. The right pocket for him and the left for Jamie. Of course, the back pockets for his adoring leeches, his sons. It is said that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree, so I must say, boys and girls, that if Frankenstein and his sons keep the Dodgers, expect misery far into the future. Don't you suppose that when there is profit made in the future that Jamie won't want her extra slice of the pie. We have a Catch-22 here with the fans being used as the catchers.

Hard to drive in runs when one gets pitched around most at bats which seems to be the case .

A lot of very good points i agree with enthusiastically. As to Dave's wish MLB or the judge will run McCourt out of town, it looks like it will be the judge. It would never be MLB, which imposed these leveraged frauds on us in the first place, avoiding as Bud the Slug Selig feared "creating a Yankees of the West". MLB SUX.

It is unimaginable the judge would decide Frank owns the team and Jamie has to live with the botched legal papers, copies of which say she's co-owner. California is a community property state. Even if Frank were to end up with the team, the judge would HAVE to add up their assets and split them evenly. Praise the Tao for the economy and Frank's total inability to get a loan. He will have to sell. We can provide the tar and feathers on his way outta Dodge.

I was so excited when Manny initially joined the Dodgers. At the time I happily read comments made by "sour grape" Boston fans on how they felt let down by Manny's quitting on them and leaving under a cloud of controversy.

Fast forward 2 years later to a similar scenario. But this time, Manny does not have the juice, so to speak to back up his words with action. Good riddance Manny and congrats to the Dodgers for the smartest move they made all year.

Pat G.: Right, thats the problem. Theyre pitching around the guy with one extra-base hit in 50 at-bats. Get serious, his bat is slow. Not sure what he was doing in Arizona all those weeks.

elccpa24 since you've been following Manny his whole career then you obviously know that the guy hasn't had any power to speak of since he quit cheating.

The guy can still hit but he a sliver of the slugger he used to be.

I'm sure they expected more power but if he's getting on base at a .426 clip, how is that a major bust?

Oh yes, Manny does qualify as a bust as a ChiSox. They acquired him for power and to drive in runs, and he doesn't do that anymore. This is the new Manny, the one without the juice.

And I gotta hand it to the Sox GM for being so publicly polite and taking the high road about it. He can't afford to admit that he made a mistake.

Nice to see that Dominican Fats made the same type of contribution on the Southside that he made at the Ravine, and also that he showed the same adherence to team rules.

Comedian Jackie Mason tells a story of how at a low point in his career he actually quit the business. He goes on saying that, "To tell you how well I was doing at the time, I was the only one who knew I had retired."

Well Manny agreed to get a haircut out in Chi at the request of management, and it seems after the deed was done, just like here and as in the case of Mr. Mason, Manny was the only one who knew that any practice of the tonsorial art had actually occurred.

With the rather pathetic maneuvering the Dodgers did at trade time, at least this deal produced some positive results.

"A .426 OBP is nothing to sneeze at."
Agree. They gave up nothing for him too. All they had to do was take on the rest of his contract. Sounds like they have a far more committed owner than the Dodgers. There's a reason why the Dodgers real attendance is about 25k a game.

Who cares.

$3.8 million failure? Steve, please devote a column about our $179++ million failure Ned Colletti.
Loaiza $7
Schmidt $47 (or was it 48?)
Pierre $44
Andruw $36
Manny $45
Nomore II $ (can't remember)
Mueller $ (can't remember)
Not to mention the other cheaper freaks and geeks that we're justtttt a tad worthless.

It looks like Manny just failed his audition for a job as a DH next year. It's adios amigo.

The Dodgers can be glad to be rid of Manny...he served a purpose for a year-and-a-half or so but clearly lacks the commitment to the game that he had even a year ago. He brought lots of enjoyment& excitement to Dodger fans & helped spark a few playoff runs, which is all we should have ever really expected to begin with.

Nice knowing you Manny...hope the door didnt hit you on the way out!!


Manny who??

Manny will never be Manny again unless he gets back to his old steroid days. It looks like the White Sox made a gamble and lost, well at least, they gave up zero prospects. A failure, yes, but a lesser failure than the Dodgers.

at least he tries.....more than anyone can say for the McCourts.....

as much as anyone who doesn't matter wants to bash him, he still is one of the greatest hitters ever and his talents are respected by most plyers/coaches who do matter opinion-wise

another great article saying someone who gets paid 3.8 million is a bust.. I sure wish I was a bust with 3.8 million in the bank,,sniff much is the writer of this article making and if it is less than 3.8 million, then he is a bust too.

Gee, what a shocker. Steve, weren't you the one telling us Manny could still perform and shouldn't be let go while the team was still 'in the race'?


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