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Jonathan Broxton can't get it done again as Giants rally for 5-4 victory

Dodgers1_300 It is the sad, strange mystery of the Dodgers’ 2010 season. One without explanation, a puzzle to players and coaches and management and media alike.

The disappearance of Jonathan Broxton.

Or at least the Broxton who was an All-Star, who had saved 20 of 22 games at the break.

The post All-Star Broxton has been a whole other matter, a tentative-looking pitcher, one seeming to lack confidence as much as movement on his fastball.

The Dodgers gave Broxton another chance to save a key game, turning a 4-3 lead over to the right-hander in the ninth inning Saturday, only for him to give up two-run homer to Juan Uribe.

And a desperate Dodgers team was stung with a 5-4 defeat.

The National League-West leading Padres have lost nine consecutive games, yet despite the unexpected opportunity, the Dodgers have made up precious little ground.

They remain eight games behind the Padres in the division, and nine behind the Phillies for the NL wild card.

The Dodgers jumped to a 4-0 lead Saturday, then held off a barrage of San Francisco solo home runs.

Ted Lilly went seven-plus innings, giving up two runs on solo home runs. He allowed only one other hit, walked two and struck out seven.

Matt Cain was matching Lilly early until the Dodgers scored four runs in the fourth. Rafael Furcal walked, stole second and went to third on a single by James Loney.

Casey Blake lined a double to drive in both, and Jay Gibbons drilled a two-run homer to stake the Dodgers to their 4-0 lead. It was Gibbons’ third home run in 29 at-bats since being called up from triple-A Albuquerque on Aug. 8.

It was still a 4-0 game going into the seventh, when Buster Posey hit his solo home run off Lilly. When Edgar Renteria led off the eighth with a solo shot, Manager Joe Torre went to Octavio Dotel, who immediately gave up a solo shot to pinch-hitter Pat Burrell.

Torre went to Hong-Chih Kuo to get out of the eighth.

And that forced him to go to Broxton in the ninth. Kuo, now the closer, had also pitched Friday.

Broxton (5-5) struck out Jose Guillen to start the inning but then gave up an infield single to Cody Ross before Uribe lined his 18th home run.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Giants infielder Juan Uribe (foreground) is congratulated by outfielder Cody Ross after hitting a two-run home run in the ninth inning Saturday night at Dodger Stadium. Credit: Mariah Tauger / Los Angeles Times

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Broxton is in postseason form. Funny thing it wasn"t even the Phillies.

Torre-ble and his lethargic regime should all go away, he never was much of a manager and proved it once and for all this year. Give Wallach a shot, he's paid his dues and he doesn't look bored to death the entire game.

So as Vinny is announcing the ascendancy of Baby Huey Clueless to the mound...I can hear that little rat bastard from League of Their Own taunting the girls..."You're gonna lose, you're gonna lose'...except it was me...saying 'We're gonna lose...' and lo and behold just like magic, Torre and Broxton snatch defeat from the clutches of victory. Expectations fulfilled, how could I be angry? Disgusted is more accurate with being able to predict the inevitable...and just when I thought that we were having a groove on.

Please...dump Broxton AND witless Joe Torre...

Joe, how could you?


Agree give Wallach a shot at manager. He has paid his dues. Tie up Broxton and drop his fat (rear) in the Pacific Ocean. He's trash.

I am sorry. Torre is not a good manager. He does not know how to handle a pitching staff. And what about Honeycutt? The entire management crew has got to go. Period. And take sourpuss Broxton with you.

As soon as James Loney tumbled around second base and was thrown out, I knew that we were in for a catastrophic loss. You could make a highlight reel of the myriad ways the Dodgers have gagged away wins this season. Anyone who has watched the team this year could very easily see the pattern that has led to so many of these choke-o-ramas. This is an organization in absolute and complete disarray. Pound for pound the most disgraceful, embarrassing and depressing Dodger year of my life, by far. And that, my friends, is saying a great deal, believe me. It would almost be better if they were 20 games out of first. The fact that they actually are still mysteriously alive in this pennant race just prolongs the suffering and bile of each and every fan. Where is Jack Kevorkian when you need him?

I DESPISE Jonathan (Blown- Save) Broxton... My heart sinks every time some idiot calls him in from the pen. Even last year, I'd cringe. Oh to have Gagne back !!!

Broxton blows a save. Wow, stop the presses.

Jonathan Broxton is incredibly fat, is a mental midget, has no game, is afraid to throw inside, shrinks under pressure, and is entirely over-rated. His middle of the plate meatballs are easy to hit when he falls behind in the count, because he is predictable, has little command and has no movement on his pitches. Batters are sitting on his fastball and when they hit one, they hit it hard. Batters are told to take a few pitches until that meatball is served up.

He is so fat that he waddles. He is easy to steal off of because his delivery is so slow to the plate. He has no move to first, so runners take advantage and the infield defense must always cheat a step or two from their normal position to try to keep runners in check. Defensive indifference has become common when the Dodgers are ahead by more than 2 or 3 runs and fatty is on the mound.

I for one am tired of seeing this loser in Dodger Blue. GAME OVER.

How is it that Steve Lyons knew that Uribe could only hit the hung breaking ball and Broxton and Barajas didn't? Broxton hasn't thrown a good breaking ball since before the all-star break. He's a one-pitch pitcher who can't locate his one pitch. He's like Kyle Farnsworth, Mark Wohlers and other one-pitch wonders who pitched well until the league discovered that the fastball was all they had. Bring back Saito.

Well, what can I say. It is just another example of Broxton being Blowston.

By the way, Dotel must be Broxton's twin brother. They both are home-run giving, unreliable major chokers. Relief pitchers that cannot relieve, a couple of oxyMORONs.

Why didn't Joe with Therito as a pinchrunner for Blake in the bottom of the ninth? Maybe he steals second and scores on Carroll's single? There is nothing left to say about Brox. He needs to re-invent himself in 2011. Lose weight. Speed up his delivery and learn a change up. Essentially, become Heath Bell!

The LAT and the Blogosphere are setting-up a shootout between Don Mattingly and Tim Wallach when they should be asking, "Who would make a superior manager of a team with a small market budget?"---which is what the Dodgers are becoming.

The answer to that question is Ron Gardenhire, manager of the Twins.

The press is mindlessly throwing bouquets at Wallach because they see him as the Second Coming Of Scioscia. He isn't.

Why make this a two-horse race?

One more thing: Should next year's manager's name be up to Torre to decide?

Does this year's performance rate an open invitation for Joe to return?

Jonathan Broxton has blown every important games since last year's post season. He can no longer be relied on as a closer. Joe Torre has proved he really is not a very good manager. His bullpen management, always suspect, is terrible. This has been the most disappointing Dodger season ever.

It's a little early but here is my Christmas list.

1. New owners. The McCourts should never of been pushed through and approved by Bud "the idiot" Selig.

2. New closer. Closer's perform in the big games. Broxton has proved to be gutless in those games.

3. New manager. Give Tim Wallach a chance.

4. A veteran starting pitcher. A Derek Lowe or a Jon Garland (didn't we once have those guys?)

with the way they're playing, it's a miracle that even a .500 team! oh wait, the seasons not over yet. they need to clean house. loney, get rid of this boring no power 1st basemen. broxton, please someone take him off of our hands. "rihana" kemp needs to go. i'm tired of his thin skin. blake, i like his professionalism, BUT he's an out. russell martin is past his prime at 27. they basically need a whole ne team. please torre, don't renew your contract! the way you have handled the pitching is laughable at times. lastly, to mr. and mrs. mccourt SELL the team to an owner who can afford to be a professional sports owner. how about mark cuban?

Hey Ned, ya listening?

Dump Broxton - period. I will NOT look at that fat loser's face next year on the mound in Dodger Blue - ain't gonna do it. He's emblematic of everything that's gone wrong for the team of late.

We may not be able to do anything about the ownership situation but we sure as heck can dump a southern fried baby Huey.

Call it addition by subtraction.

Yeah, Broxton is a mess. I squirm, like everyone else, each time he is brought in. His stuff' is there, but absolutely no one can survive on fastballs alone. You trade him, and you trade away talent that has no current source of guidance to get the most out of his talents.

Speaking of 'guidance', he has had NONE, save for the 'automaton' strategies of Joe T. I say let Mr. T. retire, bring Broxton back next year in non-save situations WITH some 'real' he can regain mastery of multiple pitches and his confidence. He may or may not be a closer down-the-line...but giving him a fair chance would be more just, something that we can all agree he hasn't had under Joe T.'s 'guidance'. Only at that point will we see Broxton's true value to the organization.

Torre's decision to use Broxton in a must-win game begs the question of his ability to manage. Whether or not Torre decides he WANTS to come back, in light of his insistent use of Sherrill and Broxton in the midst of what could have been a pennant race, he should not be ASKED back.

For the record: breaking ball to Uribe was called by Torre. Not a fan of Jeanne Zelasko (Mrs. Curt Sandoval) until last night. She made a monkey out of Uncle Joe in the post game interview with an interrogation that reminded me of "Chinatown." She pounded Torre about whether Kuo was his closer or set up guy. (He's my sister. He's my daughter.) Torre buckled under the repeated questions - I think she got off eight in a row - finally appearing as confused and uncertain as to what he should have done with Aubrey Huff (Personal Answer: Sherill, then Broxton, then Kuo). Hard to beat Joe Torre my friends. He has cost us, at least 9 games - the difference in the standings. As I said prior, Theriot has to sit with the return of Furcal. We had the best 1-2 in the national league. Please get rid of Furcal - not so much for his play but because of all the damage he does with his limited flexibility. Him and Kemp in a trade could bring in some sexy booty.

Why does that old senile half asleep coot Torre keep using this big oaf in important situations. Every time the team seems to have a little hope of possibly making a run they find another way to blow it. I cannot recall a season of watching Dodgers baseball in the last 35 years that has been so frustrating and one that has included some of the most inexplainable losses. I keep saying that the season is over and then I get some little hope of things getting better and always some more disappointment. At least I have stuck to what I said in July, that I wouldnt attend another Dodger game this year and support this embarrasing product.

With apologies to the movie Major League, a slight paraphrasing:

I have something I think you all ought to know about. It seems that the McCourts don't think too highly of our worth. They put this team together because they thought we'd be bad enough to finish dead last, allowing them to get rid of all of us for better personnel. The new personnel will allow them to have a payroll in 2011 of less than $50 million, just like the Padres team we can't catch this year.

RIP James Gammon (Lou Brown), April 20, 1940-July 16, 2010
RIP L.A. Dodgers 2010 version, April 5, 2010-June 27, 2010

Dear Kreg in San Diego ......

sorry to say, but there is no Santa Claus.

Well I think Torre is clueless as can be. If this was NY he wouldn't get away with trotting out that rally-killing ape. Other teams will soon be showing Broxton with cimballs on their scoreboard. Work out a trade with the Mets for K-rod. We swap losers but maybe we can still salvage something.

He was not forced to go to Broxton. There are other pitchers, I would have used Jensen first. The only way Broxton should have been in there was as a last resort. He has proven by past actions to deserve that status. Torre allowed the hard work of the whole team to be tossed aside to try to get one player on track. Bad managing, I thought this guy was a good coach. I just can't see why he threw away the season for him. Torre doesn't care move him on. I hope the Dodgers don't bring in Wallach before they are absolutely sure Mike Scioscia isn't going to be available.

This one person has cost the Dodgers a post-season berth this year. Because of his uninterrupted string of failure, the team playing around him knows it really has little chance to win.

He has brought the entire team down.

Well as I have returned from my daily thumping of The Big Giant losers at the San Francisco Chronicle. They are so stupid it's hilarious. They actually think they have a shot. I calmly reminded them of their past and that it wasn't about to turn for them now. Yet they dissolution themselves. So I take it upon Myself to post My favorite Tommy Lasorda Quotes beside his picture and remind them of true history. I ask them to bow down to Their master Tommy and kiss the boot. Alas they resist. I had (and I'm sure the Dodger players) had only one word to describe the way I felt as Joe Torrment put Broxton in the game. NOOOOOOOO!!!

"confetti-4-brainz" ought to trade BroX-the-TON to mets, for former Halo K-Rod.....
(& Phils will LUV being able to face the fatsO on a more regular basis!!!!)......

further, Klown-Kemp ought 2b sent packing to st. looooooser, for cards' CF Rasmus...


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