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It should be the John Lindsey hour in Dodgers last games

Time to give John Lindsey some love.

Six of the Dodgers last nine games are against the Arizona Diamondbacks, which means they carry absolutely zero relevance to anything. Unless you’re Kirk Gibson and trying to make a case to stick around.

Lindsey should start each of the six games against the Diamondbacks.

It’s not like he hasn’t earned it. Sixteen years trudging around the minors before getting your first sniff of the major leagues is qualification enough. It’s way more than enough.

The affable Lindsey has had one start and 10 at-bats since his Sept. 6 call-up. And one hit.

Mostly he’s sat and cheered his new teammates on as manager Joe Torre tried to play his best lineup against teams still fighting for the National League West title. You know, like the Dodgers used to do.

But there’s nothing of significance at stake in the six games against Arizona. Lindsey is 33 and may not come this way again. Let ’em play.

[Update:] No love for Friday.

Lindsey is not in the Dodgers' starting lineup against the Diamondbacks. Non-regulars getting a look include Chin-Lung Hu at shortstop, Russ Mitchell at third and Trent Oeltjen in center.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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Indeed. LET HIM PLAY !!!!

Absolutely!! Maybe Joe Torre will show Lindsay some love the same way he did with Hueneme HS star Howard Hilton when he was with the Cardinals.


Heck, just step aside Joe. Let Donnie Baseball run the club from here on out.

Steve, I agree 100% with this post. Yes, let Lindsey play. C'mon, Torre, these games are meaningless. Sometimes, I just don't understand his thinking...actually, it's been more than sometimes these last few weeks.

I don't think I could take another season of Torre. The lineups he created and the way he used his bench was moronic.....good riddance.

Great post Dilbeck - exactly right.

Unless there's something we don't know, absolutely no reason Lindsey should not be playing every inning of this series. Lefty-righty crap doesn't matter.

He's earned the playing time.

And I'm fine if he plays in series against teams in the race, too. We're the Dodgers, and we worry about the Dodgers, its all about the Dodgers, and not somebody else's pennant race. That's nice to do, but its more about us.

How can you people say let Lindsey play? Loney is having a great year and about to set a career high in batting average and RBIs. Without Loney's outstanding second half the Dodgers would have fallen out of the race by July 31st.
When you say it like that how can you not play Lindsey? It's not like Lindsey deserves anything but it isn't like Loney has done anything in the second half that prevents him from being set down.

Lindsey or Loney...John or James...nihil ad rem or meager... flip a coin.

If anyone deserves something be the fans as in 'more', least more than getting caught between an rock and a hard place 22 years - but that's another story; Cubs fans be ahead of us in line the confessional.

A base tale of two 1sts - one portends Notre Dame Rudy come to Chavez Ravine, other carte du jour more Oscar Mayer than Denny's Grand Slam. Neither delivers as needed diamond spot best served sudden impact an Louisville Slugger: one judged via career locale, other an proven/found wanting baseball commodity; neither carries a major league Dirty Harry .44, rather 2 pop guns, no waiting.

They as the rest this fabulous collection of stiffs need to be taken out and- ...well, least buried like this bone of a season has been for some time now.


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