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Dodgers' Web doings: Oh, the pain of John Lindsey's near debut

Was that just tortuous, watching John Lindsey strolling up to the plate for his first at-bat after 16 years in the minors … only to be called back by Joe Torre?

After Lindsey was announced as a pinch-hitter Wednesday, the Padres made a pitching change and Torre then called on left-hander Andre Ethier. Who promptly hit into a double play.

Lindsey was goodhearted about his near debut, writes's Ken Gurnick, though many on the Web were harsh on Torre for teasing the 33-year-old outfielder in a lost season.

The Dodgers, however, feel they have an obligation to the teams still in the race to try to win every game against a contender. Lindsey figures to get his debut in the four-game series beginning tonight in Houston. The Dodgers have flown his family in. thinks that regardless of the situation, Torre should have let Lindsey bat.’s Chad Moriyama thinks it was the only reason left to watch the game and doesn’t buy the obligation-to-other-teams bit.

Also on the Web:

--’s Tim Brown takes a sympathetic look at Torre’s situation with the Dodgers and his looming announcement on whether he will return to manage the team next season.

-- The Daily News’ Tom Hoffarth notes that Thursday is the 45th anniversary of Sandy Koufax’s perfect game, a 1-0 victory that set an MLB record for fewest hits in a game -- one by Lou Johnson.

--’s Lee Jenkins offers an insightful look at the dysfunctional ownership of Frank and Jamie McCourt, which includes a glimpse of how Peter O’Malley views the painful proceedings: "It’s embarrassing."

-- ESPN/’s Tony Jackson thinks that how the Dodgers finish their final 22 games will have effect on how they are remembered, and they should show some pride.

And’s Tim Kurkjian thinks the Dodgers are in a position to determine the outcome of the National League West winner.

-- Expanding the postseason to include two wild-card teams would add more credence to actually winning your division, argue both’s Tom Verducci and’s Jayson Stark.

-- Steve Dilbeck
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All of us venting our spleen on the McCourts and on Dodger players in the Dodgers Blog is a good way to let off steam and by the large volume of negative posts lets the organization know of the disappointment of a great many fans.

The above means diddley-squat to the organization because:
1. Still collecting ticket (non-season) money, parking fees and concessions
money in large amounts.
2. Except for a couple, the media is very passive. I have always put
Plaschke in this corner but where is the great Jim Hill and the local TV
sports guys? Oh, I forgot, Hills' Channel 9 does Dodger games. None of the
present local radio and TV guys could tie the late Jim Healys' shoes.

It appears it boils down to one guy in a black robe that will make us happy,
unhappy or confused. I just hope that political influence from either side or any PC (see Jamie) does not enter into it.

I hope this doesnt turn out to be another Pedro Martinez , Edwin Jackson, Paul Konerko, Jayson Werth, Shane Victorino. The Dodgers love giving away good prospects. Here's the latest news on James McDonald. The Dodgers gave him up for O. Dotel. Yikes:
News: McDonald improved to 3-1 at PNC Park this season after throwing seven shutout innings against the Braves on Tuesday night.
Spin: McDonald struck out three while walking three (two intentional). In 25 innings at home, McDonald features a 2.16 ERA, 1.16 WHIP and .209 opponent's batting average. McDonald figures prominently in Pittsburgh's rotation heading into 2011.

Lindsey was a decoy. Ugh.

It was more than painful; the San Diego cable announces had built up this guy who had spent his post-formative adult years in the minors and was coming to bat for the first time in his career; to be pulled away at the last moment before he had his first AB in the majors....that was the BIGGEST deal of the entire game for a DODGER fan who had looked forward to this series all year since the cable company (COX) broadcasts the Pads on their Channel 4; and I have been looking forward to this series all year; the blues as you know got slammed.

The Padres, I guess are that good this year, and/or the Dodgers are that bad this year, again. Rumor is that Manny paid the Dodgers in his salary owed$'s to be sent to wherever he is tomight.


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