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Dodgers start clearing it out: designate Ronnie Belliard for assignment

You can hardly call it the official start to the house cleaning in preparation for next year -- the Dodgers did waive Manny Ramirez in a straight salary dump.

Still, there seemed something almost symbolic about the Dodgers' designating Ronnie Belliard for assignment Tuesday. That cleared a spot on the 40-man roster for outfielder Trent Oeltjen, called up from triple-A Albuquerque.

The Belliard move could be viewed simply as recognition of his failure this year (.216 batting average, .327 slugging percentage in 162 at-bats) . . . or that the Dodgers’ season is effectively over and it’s time to start looking toward next year.

If the former is the case, there are a lot of Dodgers who’d better start getting nervous.

Belliard was a trade-deadline acquisition a year ago, and played so well (.351, .636) he ultimately pushed Orlando Hudson out of the lineup and started in the playoffs.

This year, however, the second base job was given to Blake DeWitt, and then, after his trade, to Ryan Theriot.

Belliard became a utility player, behind Jamey Carroll, and never blossomed in the part-time role. He hit just .171 as a pinch-hitter.

At age 35, this is likely the end of Belliard as a Dodger. There’s no real reason to bring him back.

If he clears waivers -- they didn’t already send him through? -- the Dodgers can either release or trade him. The minor league season has ended, so he can’t be sent down.

Oeltjen, 27, played on the Australian Olympic team in 2004. He appeared in  24 games last season for the Diamondbacks. He started the season in the Brewers’ farm system, before exercising an out clause and then signing with Albuquerque. He hit .347 with five home runs and 33 RBIs in 119 at-bats for the Isotopes.

-- Steve Dilbeck
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So when can we dump Torre?

Belliard sucked. Dump Torre and Broxton immediately, too.

See 'ya.

high-time, & good riddance!!!
"mannie" more similar moves lonnnnnnnng overdue, incl. -- especially!!! -- thecoot-getting-the-boot (torre!)

Does anyone believe that if Torre didn't have 4 WS rings that he wouldn't have been dumped August 1st. How can a batting coach from a team that has been shut out 15 times and has trouble doing the little things to win be expecting to be the next manager. The Dodgers look like the Rams of the last 15 years. One brief up tick in a long period of mismanagement at the top. It took the death of an owner to hopefully turn the Rams around and we can only hope that a devorice can do the same with the Dodgers.

Wow, never post when your mad or you forget to proof read and spell check.

he was just hired to be Manny's side kick anyway

Trent Oeltjen -- great. Another crap "prospect."

Should've re-signed Hudson instead of Belliard.

Somebody, anybody please buy this team...& then fire Torre & Colletti.
Wouldn't it be nice eto have as Dodgers owner someone who knows how wto run a championship Jerry Buss?

Belliard was God -awful this year, absolutely hurt us more than helped us. I still can't figure out what Orlando Hudson did to work his way out of LA? The guy loved to play, good number 2 hitter, made all-star team and won a gold glove. Plus, the Dodgers got him for a few million?? What happened. Was Blake Dewitt the future? Nice!!!!

westcoastram asked, "Does anyone believe that if Torre didn't have 4 WS rings that he wouldn't have been dumped August 1st."

I'm convinced he would have. Matter of fact, I doubt that he'd have been hired in the first place. Torre won in New York only because he had Georgie's money and the players -- and championships -- he bought with it. He never learned to really manage because he didn't have to in New York.

This mess is not all Torre's fault, of course. Mattingly is a joke, which is probably what the Steinbrenners must have thought, and why they passed over him in favor of Joe Girardi. And I'm also not gonna lay this corpse at Colletti's door either. He may or may not be the best choice for GM, but he's probably done the best he could given such a small -- and shrinking -- budget to work with.

That's why McCourt's gotta go...NOW!


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