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Dodgers look like team going through the motions in 3-1 loss to Padres

This is how it’s going to be now. The Dodgers seemingly playing out the string, before a half-empty Dodger Stadium, struggling to muster anything that resembles an offense.

One day after officially being eliminated from the postseason, they came out Wednesday looking lifeless and forlorn.

They went quietly, this time 3-1 to the Padres, Miguel Tejada’s two-run homer enabling San Diego to reclaim first place in the National League West.

The good news: The Dodgers have only 10 games left.

The defeat dropped the Dodgers’ record to 73-79, marking the second time this season they have been six games under .500; the other was when they were 8-14 on April 29.

Despite a solid start by Ted Lilly, Wednesday just offered more of the second-half fade that the Dodgers have been specializing in of late. They managed three hits.

Wednesday marked their sixth consecutive loss to the Padres. Since starting the season 5-1 against San Diego, they have gone 2-9.

One night after being on the wrong end of Clayton Richard’s first career shutout, they scraped together one run against Tim Stauffer.

Stauffer was the emergency starter for the Padres on Sept. 6 when Mat Latos came down with the flu. He held the Dodgers to one run in four innings and has been in their rotation since.

Stauffer (5-4) gave up his only run in the second inning after Matt Kemp led off with a double and advanced to third on Jay Gibbons fly ball to the center field wall. Kemp scored on A.J. Ellis’ groundout.

The Dodgers’ offense had peaked.

The Padres scored all three of their runs against Lilly (8-12) in the third. Chase Headley led off with a single and was sacrificed to second on a bunt by Stauffer.

David Eckstein sent a sharp bouncer into the hole that was fielded nicely by shortstop Rafael Furcal, but his throw bounced past James Loney at first for an error. Loney threw off-balance to the plate, the throw bouncing past Ellis for another error as Headley scored.

Tejada then put the Padres ahead with his two-run homer to left. It was his eighth home run since joining the Padres before the July 31 non-waiver trading deadline.

Lilly went seven innings, giving up three runs on eight hits. He struck out eight and his only walk was intentional. After starting 5-0 as a Dodger, however, he is 0-4 in his last five starts.

Lilly is eligible to become a free agent at the end of the season.

After Andre Ethier’s second single in the third, the Dodgers did not manage another hit against Stauffer and three San Diego relievers. Heath Bell pitched a scoreless ninth for his 43rd save.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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Jeff Kent was right a couple of years back: the "kids" on this Dodgers team have no heart. Jamey Carroll, Casey B lake and Rafael Furcal seem like the only position players who play as if they care, as if they have any pride. The rest, but particularly Loney, Ethier, the mercifully disabled Martin, and most of all Kemp, play as if they don't care one way or another what the final score is.

I used to make the mistake of buying a small share of some season tickets. Watching the blasé Dodgers "kids" go through the motions of playing baseball cured me of that. I don't really care if the Dodgers win or lose - what I was paying my money for was to see a team who played as if THEY cared. These stiffs don't care, so I quit.

Wow, the Padres must love playing the Dodgers. A ten-game losing streak snapped by playing the Dodgers. Overtaken by the Giants? Fear not, as long as they play the Dodgers, things will get back on track, maybe they can even capture the NL West pennant.

Ugh. Glad I didn't waste money, time or effort to see this putrid team.

Was 2005 this depressing?
I remember it being difficult and exasperating, but not merely gloomy.

We could point to the Year of the DL and think, "Yeah, well, bad luck, they woulda been fine if they were healthy."

This is grim. I think about getting in one game at the stadium this year before then end, but no -- I need to stay home with Vin to get through these games.

At least the AJ Ellis walkoff was a fun game to watch.

MLB worst 17 shutouts... another pitiful performance with just 3 hits against Padres.. I have an idea. Let's get rid of the hitting coach!!

Actually, they've looked like team going through the motions since the All Star break!

but I digress ,,,

The offense is truly offensive! The defense in a coma, the manager is asleep at the wheel and the owners are paying more to their legal teams than to the ball club the last month of the season.

It appears that the Dodgers have embraced their role of spoiler. They are just losing to everyone! Hey it's the same effect as winning them all, isn't it?

But keep your head up, there are about 4 selling months before spring training!

I think it says a lot about the character of the Dodgers so called stars that they play so poorly now.

At the same time, I can't get upset about losing to the Padres if it helps keep the Giants out of the postseason.

no doubt this has been a brutal season but part of supporting a team is going through the ups & downs. Disagree with Lou as while Kent seemed like a "heady" player....he too had his ups and downs. Kemp is a gifted athelete and the package of him, Loney, Eithier is solid. Each have different traits but for all of the complainers who didn't appreciate Manny, who brought a "big game" atmosphere made players around him rise to the occasion. Anyway, in this game you need the right ENVIRONMENT and someone to make the other players better but more important, we need new ownership with the financial resources versus leveraging parking fees to pay other bills AND a solid manager who can motivate players to perform to their ability. Torre was not the person and surely Mattingly is not the person but that's part of the game.

At this point, anything they can do to keep the Giants out, I'm all for!

@ Lou,
I'm not quite sure how you can blame the team leader in HRs and the person that accounted for 2 of the team's 3 hits as having no pride or doesn't care. You claim that Casey is a player that plays with heart but he has been just as poor in the second half as your whipping boys. If Furcal could have stayed healthy all year you may have had an argument with him but his inability to stay on the field is as much a contributor to the poor season as Loney's dive into the abyss. Jamey Carroll's play has been great but remember he was brought here to be a fill-in and insurance if DeWitt failed. I don't think there were many teams call the Dodgers at the trade deadline inquiring about his availability.

Humourous : "Dodgers will play role of spoilers" Los Doyers have been playing spoilers for years, looked at the spoiled product on the field, i.e. Loney, Kem, Eithier........................

I turned this one off after Tejada's homer. I've seen too many games with this scenario this season. Instead, I tuned in KCET and watched, appropriately enough, "Secrets of the Dead." And do you know what? The score was still 3-1 in the paper this morning. Looks like I didn't miss anything but Vinny's play-by-play, and that's sad. Not even Scully can save this group.


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