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Dodgers discover a new low -- losing 10-2 to leave the Giants in first place


Lose enough games and you’ll suffer your share of indignities. Moments that haunt or embarrass or humble.

The Dodgers have learned that all too well this season, yet Thursday in San Francisco produced a new candidate for their season’s ultimate indignity:

Pushing the archrival Giants back into first place.

The Dodgers were fairly manhandled by the Giants, who pushed them around for a 10-2 victory Thursday that left San Francisco a half-game ahead of the Padres in the National League West.

The Giants haven’t been in first place since May 6.

Apparently, they just needed another shot at the Dodgers. Alas, Thursday was their last meeting. Now the Giants will have to find someone else to pick on.

The Giants took two of three in the series, and the season series 10-8. The next time they meet will be April Fool's Day, when the Dodgers open next season. Ah, next season …

The Dodgers completed their longest trip of the season at 3-7, continuing to wilt down the stretch.

They could do little with Giants starter Jonathan Sanchez (11-8), who had a career-high 12 strikeouts in seven innings. He gave up four hits and did not walk a batter.

The Dodgers got an unearned run in the first and a solo home run by Russell Mitchell -- snapping his 0-15 streak to start his major league career -- in the fifth.

And that was it. Oh, and Ryan Theriot snapped his 0-for-27 streak.

Meanwhile, the Giants pounded the Dodgers, then pounded them some more. Then for fun, just a little more. Their 15 hits included three home runs, two triples and three doubles.

Ted Lilly was the only starter in the three-game series who wasn’t on his game.

Lilly (8-11, 5-3 as a Dodger) lasted just 3 1/3 innings, surrendering six runs on seven hits, including a pair of home runs in the Giants’ four-run third inning.

That put the Giants up 5-1, and the way the Dodgers' offense has been going, ended the fog-shrouded evening’s suspense.

Aubrey Huff and Buster Posey all took Lilly deep, and then Jose Guillen did the same off Jeff Weaver. It was a party in San Francisco.

The Giants added a couple more against rookie reliever Jon Link.

Then the first-place Giants called it a night, won a season series against their rivals for the first time in five years, and sadly waved goodbye to the Dodgers.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers catcher Rod Barajas heads to the mound to talk to starting pitcher Ted Lilly in the third inning on Thursday night. Credit: Kyle Terada / US Presswire

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Let's do some quick math, first game in S.F. Los Doyers managed one hit; second game: four hits; third game: four hits which equals for the math impaired, nine hits in twenty seven innings. Even though the Little Boy Blues were out of the race some time ago, it appears most of the "hitters" decided to phone it in around the All-Star game.

The NL pitchers who have started against them should have asteriks by their stats indicating the lowered ERA's they have is because of they pitched against Los Doyers, essentially not a major league offense.

I don't think I have enough paperbags in designer colors for all of you to wear to Dodger games.

Way to go boys in blue
Go Giants!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don Mattingly must keep his job. Don Mattingly must keep his job. Greatest batting coach of all time. Greatest batting coach of all time Cannot be fired no matter what.

Every pitcher the Dodgers face can't be having there best game. It obviously for the most part is the Dodgers offense and non caring coaching staff. I think Matt Kemp is just going through the motions he swinging at everything just to get it over with. My 7 year old son could strike him out right now. I don't think we should wait for Torres decision we should tell him thanks but no thanks. Even if we won the championship last year I still would get rid of him after seeing his ridicolous performance this year. What is his love with George Sherrill? I am so darn tired of the Dodgers giving the other teams pitcher the credit.

I am absolutely tired of Torre saying the opposing pitcher pitch terrific and that was the difference. Every pitcher has there best game against us...come on! Our offense is a joke and so is Torre. Please Please retire or go back to New York.

Hopefully, we can get a new owner and and go back to calling the team the Dodgers instead of that stupid Los Doyers. How about the many loyal Japanese, Korean and Chinese American fans over the years? Shouldn't they be saluted also with some kind of emblem?
Talk about catering!

In the 3-game series:

Dodgers 30 K, 9 H, 4 R
Kemp 1-for-11, 4 K

This season:

Dodgers .253 average is 20th in MLB, 11th in NL
Dodgers 1,079 K is 9th most in MLB, 8th most in NL
Dodgers 107 HR is 27th in MLB, 15th in NL
Dodgers on-base percentage is .322, only 11 in MLB and 5 in NL are worse
Dodgers slugging percentage is .379, only 6 in MLB and 3 in NL are worse

The fact the hitting coach has not been fired is unexplainable. It defies all logic. He is not the leader for the hitters, nor the entire team in a different season. How could his body of work this season instill confidence from a major league hitter? Neither players with pop in their bats or players who hit for contact have performed under him. Neither.

As for Kemp, trade him. He'll start playing for a contract when he leaves, so his numbers will improve, but he's no leader and no one to build around. And when he gets the contract, like Beltre you'll remember, you won't get much out of him after that.

The 107 home runs as a team at this point in the season is just astounding. That is so pitiful, and that is even withstanding the recent acquisitions of "singles" hitters like Theriot and Podsednik.

The 2010 Dodgers team should hang their heads in shame - all of them, players and coaches! Don't they have any pride as a team?
The Padres were glad that the Dodgers came into town so that they could break their losing streak and the Giants were glad so that they could get into first place.
Next up, Rockies.
The "hitting" coach should have been fired long ago but then, he's Torre's boy.

Hey, what did Casey Blake do last night?? How come we didn't get any comments on Casey from Blo Hard Bob yesterday on the XM radio interview? Here is a guy that has been in the league 10 years and I don't see any reporter pressing him as to why his numbers suck. Is someone dogging Loney this week for his lousy performance since the Allstar break?

Kemp will not be traded. What's he worth, anyway, at this point? Mattingly cannot be fired as long as Torre is the manager. He will be the Dodgers' manager next season unless the Dodgers want to buy out his guaranteed contract to manage. We will not be getting a new owner anytime soon. The team will NOT be improved over the off season, because we can't afford it. So let's stop all this running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
I was happy to turn off the game last night once the Giants went up 4-zip.
Somebody in another section of this blog suggested the Times start an online petition to show the McCourt how much they're reviled here in LA. I have suggested some of you could vent your frustrations by being vocal at the Courthouse. Instead, we're still getting the same old same old. "Trade so-and-so!" "Sell the team, Frank." Puh-leeze! Try it at the courthose or the stadium if you want to have some effect. Personally, I've heard enough.

Typical Dodger fans don't understand why Torre trots Sherril out- it's because he's a lefty- DUH!!!

** I know your team better than you do.

GO GINATS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So now the gild is off the Lilly. Assuming the McCourt fiasco doesn't cripple the team and prevent personnel changes in the off season, the team will need to cease to hang their hats on the doubtful heads of Lilly, Padilla, Monesterios, and Ely, and trade for or sign some people who can consitently bring it.

"...and a solo home run by Russell Mitchell". It was nice to see the kid connect. He may still develop into a full-time player next year. He has obviously been pressing since being called up. Knowing that the team may have financial problems, the brass may want to take a longer look for next year. Blake is not getting any younger or any more productive.

With all due respect, The Giant Losers are have already begun to revert back to form. They won't be a factor as we all know their history. Neither will the Puds. Nobody will stop the Phil's. They have pitching, hitting, and experience. Perhaps someone will learn to pitch around Tulowitzki. The Phils will go. Probably play the Yankee's due to some missed umpires call. Again. The Giant Losers had Linsecum on the mound yesterday and couldn't beat the brewers. As for our Dodgers. We won't know anything untill after the judge pounds the gavel to end the divorce. I can't see him awarding the Dodgers to either. Since the documents were changed after she signed them. Team will most likely be ordered sold. In which case a fire sale is unlikely, because the largest salary,(Manny) is already gone. Furcal may be moved but he's always hurt anyway. As far as I can remember, The salary of the Dodgers has always been separated entity. Just a payroll account. So we've been told. p.s. Beware of Loser Giant spies on the Dodger blogs.


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