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Despite sullied past, Dodgers Dream Foundation continues to forge ahead

Here’s the question: Why?

Why would anyone donate money to the Dodgers Dream Foundation? Why would they even want to be affiliated with it?

The foundation is under investigation by the California attorney general’s office for paying club executive Howard Sunkin a salary of $400,000 in 2007 -- which was over a quarter of the charity’s entire budget.

Every time I write that, I feel like I need a shower.

At this point, you would think it would be best if the charity just closed shop and the Dodgers started fresh with a new foundation in a year or two.

I mean, who would write these people a check? Why would they?

The easy answer is, the charity still does good work. That despite the Sunkin fiasco, it can otherwise point to nine baseball or softball fields it has built or renovated in the community. To the camps and clinics it hosts.

But there are plenty of charities that do good work. The Dodgers even have another one -- which is actually their official charity -- ThinkCure!

Yet the Dodgers Dream Foundation not only forges ahead, Thursday it will announce a new venture, partnering with Cal State Northridge to carry on the legacy of Hall of Fame catcher Roy Campanella.

The funds reportedly still come in because the Dream Foundation doesn’t rely on Joe Blow to write a check. Its funding comes from businesses affiliated with the Dodgers which were finagled into a donation, from golf tournaments, fundraisers and, of course, the players.

The Dodgers already got into trouble once with the Dream Foundation. After signing Manny Ramirez to his last contract, they had him make out a donation and then said that would be their model for future contracts. At least it was until it was thrown back at them by the Players Union.

Players, like everyone else, should be free to donate to the charity of their choice. When the donation is made, there is a trust factor involved. A factor violated by the Dodgers and Sunkin.

I’m sure the Campanella initiative will sound admirable and well-intended. But Cal State Northridge could have hooked up with another worthwhile endeavor that wasn’t affiliated with a charity that is damaged goods.

-- Steve Dilbeck

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That clause in Manny's contract was nothing but a good old-fashioned kickback plain and simple.
If you or I did half these things that are going on we'd be in jail by now - shouldn't Frank?

Plus, there's the possible matter of income tax evasion at the corporate level.


I am now so cynical about the McCourts that it would not surprise me in the least if he paid Sunkin the $400k, only to be kicked back $200k by Sunkin to the McCourts who have bled the Dodger corpus to death financially and are seemingly constantly in need of money.

It seems that in this era of paying $14 million to "rent" the stadium to themselves, $15 parking, zero income taxes paid, eight residences purchased, two kids on the payroll who do nothing (oh I forgot about the botched field seat additions with the crooked views which had to be re-done because McCourts kid screwed it up) but get paid seems anything is possible with these two.

When you see an educational institution condone lying and cheating by affiliating itself with the likes of the Dodgers Dream gain a better understanding of why there is a proliferation of Frank McCourts and Bernie Madoffs invading our planet. Cal State Northridge ought to find its moral compass and make sure they aren't still Valley State College. Roy Campanella deserves better...a lot better. .

You mean Cal State Fullerton is not going to profit? Is it that old standby, a non-profitable organization scheme where all the input money needs to be spent with various bookkeeping tricks to show how it is spent.
Hey, the Reverend Scott, Jesse Jackson, Jim Jones and a host of others know and knew this scheme so why shouldn't the McCourts , with their devious minds.
Just get a famous front name and you are in business.

The Foundation of my Dodger Dream?
The McCourts out of an owndership position with the team ASAP!
The $400,000.00 Manny funded kickback indeed.
There is not enough soap in the world to wash this stench off.
They should be locked up with the City of Bell city council.

Steve asks, "I mean, who would write these people a check? Why would they?"

I thought that it was a requirement for those putting on the soiled uniforms of the local nine?

People like Frank McCourt are the reason why I was a communist. Raise the red flag! Dodger fans, "you've got nothing to lose except your chains"


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