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Video: 'Don't Stop Believin' ' at Dodger Stadium

How many times has this happened to you? You're sitting at a Dodgers game when all of the sudden this guy comes on the DodgerVision screen ...



... and you think to yourself, "I'd really like to know more about this crazy guy lip-syncing and playing air guitar to the best song ever from the '80s."

Well, your prayers have been answered. Chris Erskine wrote a whole column about the Dodgers' "Don't Stop Believin' " guy, a.k.a. Jameson Moss, in Thursday's edition of The Times. It's a great read (except for the part where Erskine refers to the tune as a "a run-of-the-mill Journey song" ... he's kidding, right?).

So enjoy the column and the performance -- and if the clip above isn't enough for you, there are many, many more performances to choose from on YouTube.

-- Chuck Schilken

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Er... might want to fix the URL for the Chris Erskine article:,0,2498223.column

I've never figured out what Chris Erskine is doing in the Sports Section in the first place. He knows nothing of sports. He should go back to the Home Section where he belongs. This, assuming he knows how to write intelligently about anything.

Like another infamous tyrant (Vladimir Lenin)...
Frank see these 'Dodger Faithful' as 'useful idiots'!
(which they are btw)

ahaha I always look forward to the middle of 8th inning. Great post.

I go to every game and I don't look forward to the middle of the 8th. Why does everybody like a GIANTS song. The original guy who sings it is a die hard giants fan and said when he comes to giants-dodger game he leaves before the 8th so I won't hear his song played in dodger stadium!! Hey Jameson the clown do your jester act to another song!


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