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Still more bad news for Dodgers: Catcher Russell Martin placed on disabled list with labral tear in hip

A Dodgers team scuffling to get back in the division race and battling numerous injuries was dealt another blow Wednesday when catcher Russell Martin was placed on the 15-day disabled list with labral tear on his right hip.

The Dodgers had previously called up catcher A.J. Ellis on Wednesday, knowing Martin would miss at least some time,  and sent down Xavier Paul.

With Martin going to the DL, just before the game the Dodgers activated outfielder Reed Johnson, who had been on the disabled list with a sore back.

Martin injured his hip in the second inning Tuesday, trying to tag up from third on a shallow fly to right.

Martin did not slide, clipped the back of catcher Nick Hundley’s foot as he went by and then landed hard and awkwardly on his right leg, seeming to jam the hip.

Martin fell to the ground, but remained in the game until the seventh inning. According to the Mayo Clinic,   labral tears can take from a few weeks to heal  but sometimes require arthroscopic surgery to repair the torn portion of the labrum.

Martin's agent, Matt Colleran, told Times beat writer Dylan Hernandez it was undetermined whether the injury would require surgery.

"There are going to be some consultations with some specialists about it," Colleran said. "They're not saying he's going to need surgery, they're not saying he's not.

"That's not going to be decided until he meets with those people.''

Johnson completed a two-day rehab assignment at Class-A Inland Empire in San Bernardino on Tuesday, going 3-for-6 with a double.

"I’m ready to go,’’ Johnson said. "I feel good.’’

There was some good medical news. Shortstop Rafael Furcal admitted "I was afraid’’ when his back stiffened up on him so severely after Monday’s game he had trouble walking, but said Wednesday his back had progressed to the point where he hoped he could return in three to five days.

Furcal said the back pain is in the same area where he had surgery in 2008. An MRI taken Tuesday showed no structural damage but a strain.

"I didn’t really feel anything during the game,’’ Furcal said. "Then when I got home I was sitting on the couch to watch TV, and I couldn’t get up. Then all night I could not sleep. In the morning I was so stiff. I feel so bad, I remember the first time I had surgery.

"[Tuesday] was tough. I was afraid. Then I had the MRI and today I feel a little better.’’

Furcal said until he had the MRI, he briefly feared his career could even be over.

To make room for Ellis, who hit .286 in 49 at-bats during his previous stint here, the Dodgers elected to send Paul back down rather than designate Garret Anderson for assignment.

In his two times up with the Dodgers, Paul hasn’t exactly embraced his opportunity.  He hit .231 with eight doubles and 11 RBI in 121 at-bats.

Anderson, however, is hitting .184 and has six doubles and 12 RBI in 152 at-bats.

-- Steve Dilbeck
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Bad news? Maybe for every other team in the league isn't the Dodgers. A weight has been lifted. The .240 double play hitting extraordinaire is finally gone.

how will we know Russell is missing? His RBI or HR's?

Right on, Nick. This is actually good news. I wouldn't wish an injury on anyone, but I prefer Ausmus behind the plate. A much smarter, less visceral player.

The dodgers are going to lose a defensive cather;however his sloppy at bats as of late will not be missed. Ausmus is in for 2 games and look at that... they have won two straight.

The glaring differnce in last years dodger team and this year is the bench. Mark Loretta and Juan Pierre are much better than Garret Anderson and Ronnie Belliard, Reed Johnson, etc....

I think it's time to trade Mr Martin while the time is right. His lack of offense wouldn't be such an issue if Matt Kemp and Casey Blake could perform like they are capable of. Too many streaky hitters in this lineup.

22 years going on 23.....we need a world series!

First of all, Martin should of slid on that play and for one would of been safe and secondly he wouldnt of gotten hurt. And once again I sit here baffled at why the Dodgers keep Garret "the walking dead" Anderson on the roster. What the hell is the reason? Yes, Paul wasnt doing that well but he still is hitting 50 points higher and has 1 less RBI in 30 less at bats than Anderson, has more speed than him and covers more ground in the outfield. I dont get it. I was sure they were just waiting to get Johnson or Manny back to waive Anderson but I was wrong again. Now I'm hoping for Manny to get back, not necessarily to have him help out but more to see if the finally put Anderson out of his misery.

Just more evidence that Martin, like Kemp, is a dumb-dumb. How he chooses not to slide in that situation just demonstrates his graduate degree in stupidity. DL sounds good, maybe the Dodgers now will get some production out of the catcher position

this can hardly be viewed as "bad" news, as "martie" is ABSOLUTELY horrible, & his "loss" is definitely a case of "addition-by-subtraction".....the only concern is that it likley detracts from what limited trade value this ID10t had, butt "dogs" FAR better off w/o this fool & his absolutely non-Xostent baseball IQ.....his "future" is as a minor-league hockey player, somewhere in the frozen-north!!!

still, noteworthy that "dogs" best catching-option now is 40+ yrs old -- incredibly dys-funk-shun-all organizat-shun!!!!

butt now that reed johnson is "healthy", perhaps "confetti-for-brains" will re-ship "pussy-sux-nik" back to K.C. for May???

or since senile-old-coot (torre) refuses to allow Janson to pitch, maybe they'll re-convert him to catcher???

I just read a piece from ESPN talking about the baserunning issues of the dodgers. The most recent instance, of course, is James Loney getting thrown out at third base before Matt Kemp had the chance to score. It should also be noted that while James Loney was indeed thrown out at third base, a complete lack of effort on Kemp's part is also partly to blame for the Dodgers not scoring a run.

I mention this, however, to bring up Russell Martin, which is the focus of the piece above. Am I the only one that sees Martin's injury as a result of his own baserunning gaffe? There is no reason whatsoever why Martin should have come into home without sliding. His injury is purely his own fault and is a result of what has become a general and widespread disability of the Dodgers to play the game right. If he slides into home, he would 1) undoubtedly be safe, and 2) not be out for the rest of the season with a labral tear.

Seriously, going into home standing up. What do they teach these guys in Canada? Better yet, what are the Dodger coaches teaching these guys in Spring Training or practice? Simply pathetic.


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