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Manny Ramirez speaks... OK, not really

Manny Ramirez has a say in his future, as the full no-trade clause in his contract gives him the power to veto any waiver claim or trade.

Not surprisingly, Ramirez had nothing to say on the matter. The 38-year-old hasn’t granted any substantive interviews since the first few days of spring training.

Asked by Jim Peltz of The Times in Milwaukee about his thoughts on being placed on waivers by the Dodgers and whether he would waive his no-trade clause, Ramirez said, “No, I have no comment on that.”

-- Dylan Hernandez

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Time to go Manny. Take Frank and Jamie with you.

Manny Ramirez is a scumbag and a thief.

He should be prosecuted for his actions, bilking the Dodgers out of millions of dollars that he has no right to claim.

I knew this was going to end ugly. Saw it a mile away.

So I have read many times this season how Manny doesn't give interviews any more. Last year Manny was very talkatibe. Can you explain Dylan, what you and the other sports writers did in Spring training that offended him so much he stopped talking for a whole year?

Apparently Manny no longer talks to the press or most of his team as it seems he is always on the bench with Belliard, Padilla or Furcal. Don['t seem to see much interaction with the younger guys as well. For it me it seems like the team has pretty much moved on. I know Eithier says he misses him in the lineup, however the guy can hardly move on the basepaths or outfield. Tough call the Ds unload him just as they are getting a whiff of the wild card?

Exactly how is Manny Ramirez a thief? He got paid for his performance. He made the other hitters around him better. He changed the confidence of this club and helped the Dodgers win two postseason series when they had only won one postseason game in 20 seasons (but go ahead, give the credit to Casey Blake if you really believe that). He has not been a bad teammate, he has not pushed around any front office personnel, so what exactly has he done to bilk the team? Jason Schmidt, Darren Dreifort, Darryl Strawberry and Andruw Jones may have bilked the team, but I wouldn't say that Manny has. Remember, he didn't get paid by the team during his 50 game suspension, so Frank probably loves him even more!

He's the most electric player the Dodgers have had since Kirk Gibson. He's more laid back on the field than Gibson, but there have been many stories about his work ethic. And while Gibson had the incredible 1988, he was injured most of his last two seasons with the Dodgers, with less than 10 homers in each season.

I, for one, will miss Manny Ramirez with the Dodgers.

Manny gave this team its strength since his arrival. To those who question his many games have you watched? Since his arrival I've watched him hit like a demon (even through his rough streaks), teach the rookies/younger gen. how to loosen up and play baseball, be THE standing reason behind Kemp and Eithier's greatest successes (come on, why do you think they saw so many pitches?) , draw the hearts and minds of millions, and give Dodger fans the excitement and pride we deserve. The juicing issue...they all did it. He cheated no more than the rest of MLB. Anyone who says he dogs it with the injuries...look at his numbers....look at his pattern of-play..he was on FIRE until this recent double-Dl situation. When he came back from the first injury he started slow then hit his way out of it like a champ. THAT is MANNY BEING MANNY.

Hasta Luego carnal...gracias para todo.

This team would not have gotten as far as they did the prior two seasons without Manny, suspension or no suspension. And if he hadn't been injured this season they would really be in contention right now. What's wrong with some of you anyway?


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