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Manny Ramirez plays like a keeper in Dodgers' 5-4 victory over Brewers

Here’s a question: What if Manny Ramirez, while treating the next couple of days as an audition for a new team, plays so well that he helps push the Dodgers back into the playoff picture?

Could he actually play so well that the Dodgers could not afford to move him?

Ramirez started resembling the player of old Wednesday -- or at least the one from the first half of the season -- collecting a pair of doubles and walking twice.

His second double drove in what proved the winning run, as the Dodgers edged the Brewers 5-4, and in the process, pulled to within 5½ games of the National League wild card.

Ramirez was reportedly placed on waivers Wednesday. That would give teams two days to put in a claim. If he clears, the Dodgers could trade him to any team.

Ramirez had been 0-for-7 since coming off the disabled list Saturday for the third time, but he started to appear like someone getting his timing back  Wednesday.

After Andre Ethier hit his 20th home run of the season in the third, Ramirez doubled to right. He walked for the second time and scored in the fifth.

And then in the sixth he followed a Ryan Theriot double with a run-scoring double of his own.

The beneficiary of all this offense was right-hander Hiroki Kuroda (9-11), who went seven innings, allowing Milwaukee’s four runs on seven hits and four walks. He struck out six.

Left-hander Randy Wolf (10-10), whose allowed departure by the Dodgers last offseason caused its share of fan anguish, lasted only five innings for the Brewers. He allowed four runs on seven hits, walked three and struck out four.

After the Brewers scored three times to go in front 3-1 in the bottom of the fourth, the Dodgers quickly regained the lead with three of their own in the fifth.

A Theriot double and walk to Ramirez preceded a run-scoring sacrifice fly by Matt Kemp. Casey Blake doubled Ramirez to third, before James Loney’s sharp single scored both.

Jonathan Broxton pitched a perfect eighth inning, and Ronald Belisario, George Sherrill and Octavio Dotel each got one out in the ninth, Dotel getting credit for his 22nd save, but first as a Dodger.

-- Steve Dilbeck
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so true that I have mixed feelings now. The Dodgers win when he's in the lineup. But they have an overload in the outfield. You cannot bench nor platoon Matt Kemp especially when he's starting to hit. So that leaves LF with Manny/Pod/Gibbons battling for that spot. Manny will be gone. I hope no one grabs Gibbons. I like his game. Casey Blake also, I hope he doesnt get picked up.

That's right, Manny is auditioning. Like he did in August and September and postseason 2008 when a new contract was the audience. After paying him for doing little for over a year, now you'll watch him put the White Sox in the playoffs. Hilarious!

Dodgers are in the playoff picture: 5 1/2 out of wild card with 32 to play almost as do-able as the White Sox, who apparently want ManRam, are 3 1/2 behind Minny. Dodgers could rattle off 8 or 9 in a row once they start playing NL West opponents again, who they usually beat up on. It might be another No Head Ned mistake to let Manny go at this point.

Just like the scenario from the Producers, where Ned is most likely hoping to move Manny and his salary, as per McCourt, but now seem to have "a hit" on their hands, much to their chagrin. What do they do now? How wonderful to see Colletti and company squirm in their chairs a little bit. They all deserve it.

Manny is playing for a contract, so Manny plays better. We've seen it all before.

Just like the blundering Bowa in the third base coaching box. My gosh, Manny is 3 times a DL casualty with a bad leg and Bowa tries to score him? He was out by an acre and a half.

Get the White Sox prospects for Manny, begin overhaul. I know 2011 won't be great, but if we're rid of the owner, his idiot GM and a bunch of these marginal players, maybe we can get some good ones to go alongside the few keepers we've got (Kershaw, Bills, Loney, Ethier).

I'm a White Sox fan, and I want to see them win. If a one-month rental of this oddity will help them, then I'm for it.

The Dodgers need to move on. I believe Money bailed on them in February with his "Dodgers won't have me to kick around" type of comment, so let's make it official.

The team should place Torre,Mattingly, Bowa and Schaefer on waivers. They could then rest in the secure knowledge that no other team or organization would claim them.

Guess the the price of gas is down now suckah...

Great team win. Don't remember Kuroda walking anyone. Alot of full counts but he seemed to get outs when in them. We will not get any prospect worth to the future what manny is worth now. I commented before this trip that we were probably done and that a 4-2 road trip would be false hope, 5-1 would actually put us back in the wild card race legit. Now i'm wondering what 6-0 would mean? If anything, keeping Manny means less money for divorce lawyers.


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