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Manny Ramirez headed to the White Sox


Manny Ramirez will be sent to the Chicago White Sox on a waiver deal Monday, according to a baseball source who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

The Dodgers aren't expected to get any players in return, but are likely to unburden themselves of the $4 million or so that Ramirez is due to earn over the remainder of his two-year, $45-million contract.

In his last game for the Dodgers, Ramirez pinch hit against the Colorado Rockies in the sixth inning with the bases loaded. He was ejected from the game after only one pitch as he argued that the called strike was a ball.

The White Sox were awarded the waiver claim for Ramirez on Friday, which gave them until Tuesday to negotiate a deal for the slugging outfielder. The Dodgers had the right to negotiate a trade, keep Ramirez or simply let him be acquired by Chicago, which would then be responsible for paying off his salary this season.

-- Dylan Hernandez

Photo: Manny Ramirez watches a fly ball while batting against the Padres. Allen J. Schaben / Los Angeles Times

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Good Riddance!!!
This was a move that the Dodgers should have made a long time ago.
The Manny "experiment" was a certifiable failure!!!
He was a defensive liability and never healthy enough after signing his new contract to have any positive impact.
Give me some players with a heart and passion for playing the game.

Wow, no value in return. Just more dollars cut from the budget. Color me shocked. Well, since they don't officially throw in a towell or wave a surrender flag it's good to know when the team has officially given up on a season.

Bye Bye MannyRoids!!

I think this is a huge mistake. Manny was a huge draw for fans in LA and a big reason for tickets sold. Now that he's gone, what's the big draw? A team that consistently loses, lackluster pitching, and bad PR with the McCourts are reasons enough to send me over to Angel Stadium.

Can anyone look worse than Joe Torre has these past few days? It is obvious that Joe Torre is a Frank McCourt house man who'll do anything to make a buck, and that counts being dishonest to both the fans and the press as to why Manny wasn't in the line-up on a daily basis.

I guarantee you that Manny will rip Torre big time on his way out the door as to how he's been treated this year.

HAHAHA! Manroid is gone but your stuck with McCourt!

Baaaaahhhh. Couldn't you see the path of distruction this clown has created on the east cost prior to arriving to Tinsletown? Boston was typing these same emails when they finally got rid of him back then. What did you expect, you were getting a Mr. Baseball? Give me a break!!!

I won't be a hypocrite, 2008 was great only because of Manny. He gave this team a serious shot in the arm. Either and Kemp only looked as good as they did because of the "fear" Manny put in pitcher's heart. Thanks MAN-NY!


Manny was traded to the White Sox in a salary dump, with nothing in return? Are the divorce lawyers asking for more money or something??
This season has been over for a while now and 2011 doesnt look any better until we get rid of McCourts. It's just funny they are both fighting for the team, but yet they dont care about the Dodgers, they only care about the $$. Thats's what greed does!! To the McCourts: GO TO HELL!!

Good. He can't be gone fast enough, the antisocial, malingering, malcontent.

No more Manny excuses from whining Dodger fans and sports writers. Who are the Dodgers going to trade next? Maybe Mr. Kemp? If so, send him to either the Yankee or Red Sox organizations, so can experience baseball at it's fullest and brightest.

Salary dump. Not shocking with this regime. McCourt is likely going to line his pockets with that $4 million. Don't expect it but the only way this makes sense is if those extra dollars are used to sign Carl Crawford. Not likely though.

I guess I don't quite understand why LA fans (at least, those here) claim to be so glad to see the best hitter in baseball, hitting over .300 right now, go elsewhere. Are they afraid that post-season baseball might interfere with other diversions?

McCourt is McCrap...Torre is a liar; a corporate hack, a shill for McCrap: Manny out of the line-up for 4 straight games because Torre had a "feeling"! Yeah, the feeling was McCrap ordering Torre to keep him out so he wouldn't get hurt so McCrap could make the deal with the Sox & save his $4.5 mill for his attorneys & de-value the Dodgers for his DIVORCE case. What a sham. McCrap wanting to Dodgers to lose on purpose by keeping Manny on the bench so the Dodgers would lose games, fall out of the race, & then dump Manny because the Dodgers are out of the race. This is more than a catch-22, this is a catch-69 & guess who the suckers are? Us fans. McCrap continues to collect another $4.5 mill so he can win his legal case. Where's the MLB commissioner in this scandal? Right now the Dodgers are still responsible for all the deferred money they owe Manny, but I'm sure McCrap will figure a way out of that & soak us fans.

"He was ejected from the game after only one pitch as he argued that the called strike was a ball."

What a dud. An appropriate ending to a very disappointing Dodger career.

I think if the Dodgers and the McCourts have given up on the season, and it appears they have......I will not be attending any Dodger games the rest of the season.....I also have given up!!

If you don't want him then get something in return for him. They way the owner and management has been running things makes for a long time before rebounding. These younger guys have to start coming through, they have had 3 or more good years of experience. Need I say Cincinnati Reds.
Our pitching staff is so inconsistant, with the middle and closers losing more games than the average fan can tolerate.
Saving 4 mil for a guy who has more talent than half of that team makes no sense.
We are in for a long long wait until we get to any post season action because of the mis play both on and off the field in Dodgerville.

I will be watching the Minnesota Twins for now. They are getting more with less money.

Manny was out of the line up just to make sure he was kept healthy and just in case he didn't go on a tear that would make Dodger fans question the move. It was sad. I don't know why other Dodger fans are happy McCourt saved 4 million to use in his divorce proceedings.

More $$$ in McCourt's prospects. Good negotiating tactics Ned! I don't know why anyone would be happy about getting nothing in return for Manny. I'd rather just let him rot on the bench.

We were a better team with Manny in 2008. That was two years ago. We are not better with him now.

Idiocy prevails in our front office, thus, no return on him, only his salary gone. Our farm remains not fertile enough now to provide anything serious for the next 18 months. That part of it is a bad move.

Its only the first of many moves that will allow improvement. Unfortunately, the biggest moves that need to be made are in the way and currently authoring all moves - McCourt and Colletti. Those two have to go. Just no other way around it. There's no trust of them anywhere in the organization, let alone the fan base or this blog. As long as they're around, all we can do is recall the memories of 1988 and 1981 - and mainly 1981; those were true Dodgers.

I like the way Joe Torre handled this issue. It's all confidential, the player will continue to play somwhere else and there isn't a big brouhaha about it.

According to his biography from a year ago, Manny's parents never came to one of his ball games until he was pro. No high school games, no rec league games, no semi-pro. That seems sad. Couple that with his habit of endearing himself to a new town only to inevitably pull away into a cold netherworld. Here's hoping you find peace one day. Manny, we hardly knew ye!

Good bye Manny, and good bye ticket renewal for 2011. Every person who buys a ticket to see the DONE-GERS in 2011 is just contributing to keeping a poor product on the field...DO NOT SUPPORT THIS TEAM until they put a decent product on the field!

To those of you who wore your "RAMIREZ 99" gear to Dodger games, thus offering up hero worship to a steroid cheat who played his position like a slow, wounded turtle and ultimately became as brittle and useless as Jason Schmidt.... there, there. Don't worry. There's plenty of room in your closets to hang your Manny stuff. Like right next to the purple-and-gold "RODMAN 73" gear.

I'll tell you, the sports fans in this city... sheesh. No wonder LA gets laughed at the way it does.

Here is the biggest question...are the dodgers still giving away Manny posters in September? I believe it was the 17th, friday night game??

this really is GREAT move, as team recently shocked all by signing 1st-round pic Lee, & paid abt $4mil higher than they wanted to, butt now these buX are re-distributed, via minnie-mannie (long overdue!) departure.........

FAR better to have Lee singed than minnie-mannie!!!

Vacation Over?

Don't see how you would classify the "Manny" experiment as a failure. He re-energized the team and brought them two postseason series wins. Manny got hurt this year, so you blame him for the Dodgers not winning? Why not blame Ethier, Kemp, Blake and the players who didn't step up the way they did last year?

As for abandoning the Dodgers for the Angels, go ahead. The Angels are doing really well this year too (sarcasm intended). Seasons like this happen. Just sad that a court case has more interest than the team playing on the field.

As a white sox fan I'm glad that he's coming over to the south side. It shows that even since were 4 1/2 games back we got a GM who will swing for the fences. However, I can't stop feeling a little bit nervous about this deal. We are not the big team in Chicago, sadly we gotta deal with the drunken idiots up in Wrigley. This is a lot of money for us, I love the courage but there is going to be a huge backlash if this doesn't pay out. As regards to a comment about Pierre, love him! Can't have your boy back, never seen someone hustle on every play like that man. Don't feel too bad you guys got our pride and joy Pods.

Thanks, Manny. Had some good memories.

But people were right. You are a cancer to a team. You represent everything wrong with professional baseball these days.

Now to get rid of these owners.

Excellent day for Frank McCourt. $4 million for him to buy another house, although maybe that isn't enough, because Frank likes those $25 million homes. Or he can just spend it on wardrobe, girlfriends, whatever. And no pesky players in return to have to pay or worry about. Just $4 million bucks, the way Frank likes it.

As for the team, well that isn't one of McCourt's big concerns right now. The fans will show up, they always do. He and Ned can come up with a bunch of hasbeens and rookies to mix in with the few players the fans like, and it should be fine. Raise prices a little more next year, and he can keep the team as cash cow. I'm sure he's wondering right now if there are any other players he can unload for some more cash? Well, probably not right now, but certainly this winter. Bermuda here we come!

FOOLS!!!!! ALL OF YOU!!!!! DODGER GROUPIES FOR MANNY.....he is a quitter.......all of you smug punks out in LA thought you were smarter than everyone......FOOLS......BEST THING ABOUT IS YOU STILL SUCK.....hahahahahahahahaha

It's September 15 and the race for the division title is over. Is there still time for the Soxs to get a refund!!!??? aaah.


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