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It's Frank McCourt to be seen, not heard

Dodgers owner Frank McCourt made a rare appearance on the field during Wednesday’s batting practice, stopping to chat with players, coaches, club officials and a group of fans from El Salvador.

Talking to just about everyone … but the press.

Approached by Times beat writer Dylan Hernandez and myself during batting practice, he shook hands and said hello. And then had a conversation with the team vice president of communications, Josh Rawitch.

That’s when Howard Sunkin, McCourt’s advisor who became infamous last month when it was learned he drew a $400,000 salary of the team’s $1.6 million 2007 charity budget, announced to us:

"He’s not speaking right now."

Funny, his lips were moving and everything.

I don’t know, guess Sunkin meant speaking to us.

Not that we’d have anything to talk to Silent Frank about, like his team’s underachieving, stud pitchers traded elsewhere, the team payroll, Russian soothsayers, income taxes or chances of a settlement before the Aug. 30 court date with his soon-to-be ex-wife, Jamie.

Frank then moved on to the fans from El Salvador. Hernandez asked Sunkin if he was talking, and he simply said: "Nope."

And this guy made his mark as a lobbyist? I thought those guys were always talking.

Call it coincidence, but McCourt’s very visible, if silent, stadium appearance came on the same day Times columnist T.J. Simers ragged him for going into hiding.

-- Steve Dilbeck
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Frank McCourt is living proof that you can be manicured, pedicured, coiffed, tailored and rich, and still be a buffoon.

There's an infamous New Yorker Magazine cartoon that shows two exectutives standing in front of a cardboard cut-out of a man seated behind a desk...

One says to the other, "its a funny thing, we've had a hard time finding his replacement".

When you can't defend yourself, say nothing. He is one creepy guy.

this guy is THE worst owner/operator of ANY sports franchise in history!!!!
his ineptitude is not just limited to being worst "dogs" owner, or baseball owner, butt THE WORST of ALL time in total history of sports!!!

Sleaze bag charlatan. Alienating the media and the fans is not a concern of his. He has more important things on his mind. Between him and Donald T. Sterling we've drawn a couple of real "winners."

He may be the most misunderstood and maligned person to visit Dodger Stadium and yet he surrounds himself with his yesmen to deflect the media circus rather than have an open conversation with the Dodger faithful.

I wonder what caused him to show his face in public? Probably advised by his legal team that it would show ownership credibility in wake of his divorce hearings.

Go back to your Century City offices and never be seen at Dodger Stadium again Frank. Sell the team, so we can rebuild. You are not welcome here.

Frank is not a man. He needs to speak to the media and tell something to his paying customers. He is a joke. Can't the LA polititians deport this carpet bagger back to Boston.

I can't help but wonder if Jamie might be posting all the preceding comments under assumend names????

I've been a Dodger fan for approximately 30 years and have not felt such utter disdain for the day to day operation of my beloved Dodgers, since the Fox group. Even then I was still optimistic about their future. Now I don't want to pull my hands away from my face in fear of seeing another gaff by this disgusting specimen of American capitalism. When will it end?

Hey all, Jamie here! I'd like to help you all out, but I have 4 houses to tend to & I can barely scrape by with the measley 650 grand frank gives me ach month!

Kidding, KIDDING !

I can top that norcal, as I have been a 45+ year fan - ugh!
But there have been some good, fun seasons, albeit not for 22+ years now.

What irks me is McDork was all about the media when he took over, always looking for photo ops but now, when he needs to be a stand up guy, the little coward crawled back into his shell! He needs to grow a pair & face the paying fans, as Since'58 said, as he has to remember who actually pays for his mistakes!

All great posts people!

Come on Joe, how about a little strategy ?! Geez Jope ya had 1st & 2nd, no outs, Carroll up - have him bunt the runners into scoring position, then they are forced top make a move; do they pitch to ELlis, or walk him to set up a DP & pitch to either the pitcher or most likely, a PH ! But you have to get those 2 runners into scoring position before anything else, esp. w/ no outs - Joe, Jamey is not a power hitter, so what were ya thinking ?! This is yet another example of my long stance that Joe needs to go as he apparently forgotten hot to strategize.

Keep the heat on the McCourts and hopefully they'll get run outta town.

I'm with you Sheila as this once great franchise is now known around the league as a joke! All the ESPN baseball reporters/writers say this very fact!

And where does it start ? Yep, smack dab at the top with McDork, then onto our incompetent GM Dread Colletti! Once this turns over to quality ownership & management, then we can get back on track.


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