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It only seems to get worse for Dodgers: They're swept by the Giants, losing fifth straight, 2-0

So limp, so weak, so lifeless.

Ten games, the Dodgers’ biggest road trip of the season, and they are shrinking before our eyes. Melting like the Wicked Witch after she was splashed with a bucket of water.

The Dodgers cannot hit, which naturally tends to make a team appear lifeless, but they are six games into their trip now, left 1-5 after the Giants completed a three-game sweep Sunday with a 2-0 victory.

It was only the first game of August, but their fifth consecutive loss left them eight games back of the San Diego Padres in the National League West and 6½ back of the Giants for the NL wild card.

Suddenly the calendar is beginning to look small.

Things are so bad, that Matt Cain beat the Dodgers for the first time in 15 career starts. He came in 0-8 vs. the Dodgers, but left looking as if he was the Giants’ two-time Cy Young winner.

The Dodgers got their usual strong start, this time from Clayton Kershaw, but as typical lately, it went for naught.

Kershaw gave up a two-run triple to Edgar Renteria in the sixth inning that accounted for all the scoring. Dodgers starters have a combined 1.81 earned-run average in their last 15 games.

Yet they’re 5-10 in those 15 games.

Because they just can’t score, not against Tim Lincecum and not against Cain.

The Dodgers managed four hits Sunday, which is getting to be their per game average. No hits means no runs, means mounting losses and growing frustration.

The Dodgers have scored two or fewer runs in nine of their last 11 games. That’s a pulse barely registering.

They never really threatened Cain (9-8), who went 7 2/3 innings, shutting the Dodgers out on the four hits, all singles, while striking out seven and walking just one.

Kershaw matched him through five innings, until Matt Kemplost Renteria’s drive in the twilight sun in the sixth. No sun, maybe Kemp has a chance for a diving catch. Maybe.

But little is going the Dodgers’ way. After Pat Burrell doubled in the sixth, with two outs, the Dodgers elected to intentionally walk Aaron Rowand to bring up Renteria.

Renteria, who had only 19 RBIs all season, was 0-for-9 lifetime against Kershaw. Make that 21 RBIs and one for 10.

Kershaw went seven innings, allowing the two runs on six hits and four walks. He struck out six as his record dropped to 10-5.

The Dodgers fell to just three games over .500 at 54-51. They now return home to face the Padres in a four-game series at Dodger Stadium, a team desperately looking for a sign of life.

-- Steve Dilbeck
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8 back, & counting!
I can see next season already as this one is close to becoming history.
And some here wonder why I was against these trades, for walkaway players & no big bat amongst the 3! & yet again, it showed tonight as they rolled over for a sweep by a team they needed to sweep, themselves!

Again, it is over & consider ridding themselves of Martin, Blake, Kemp, Padilla, etc. & get the true ace we need, the true slugger we need, in the OF & a power hitting 3B, a solid Catcher than can either poerhaps hit or throw runners out - both would be great but either would still be a vast improvement over the uniformed gnome behind home plate but none of that can begin until McDork sells, the new Owners can Dread & we get a modern day Manager.

In such a huge series, what an horrible weekend by so many average ball players; perhaps that's the key. Of the position players, we have 1 really good one at SS, a very solid player(off & def) at 1B & a good player in RF, but a very inconsistent & immature CF, & our Catcher, 2B, 3B, LF, are very ordinary ball players.

So glad I have great memories of '88 & the mid to late 70's as this team & all teams since 1988, have done nothing to create any lasting memories.

I can't even express how angry I am at the Dodgers and the owners right now. I may need to start boycotting soon, and that pains me that I would even think of that.

Matt Kemp lost it three months ago, about April. Very telling on how he got picked out and the comment is about his lack of concentration. Wasted season at best. Was Colletti right for calling Kemp out in April?
Theriot showed why he's from the Cubs' trash bin, he refuses to take walks and get on base. And to rub it in DeWitt goes 3 for 4 with a double and an rbi today, plus makes a defensive play that the Cubs say Theriot could never make.

Well, the Padres are probably excited that they have four games with LA. The Dodgers HAVE to win ALL four to have any chances. Also Ethier has been out, Manny has been out and so you are left with Kemp to be the big hitter BUT he is not hitting. And so if the Pads take 2 of four OR 3 of four we can just move on and hope for a better year in 2011. Unbeleivable that Frank has thrown this team into something that is embarrasing. Frank, SELL THE TEAM!

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today...

And I'm sure Torre will give all the credit to the other team's pitcher and say his guys are trying hard. Torre revealed as having feet of clay.

Is there a correlation between all this talk about getting Mattingly ready to manage the team, and the Dodgers not hitting - which is his coaching job right now?

Maybe he needs to spend more time worrying about our hitting and finding solutions. We can't even get enough guys on base for Bowa to run them into outs between second, third and home.

C'mon Dodgers - wake up! Sweep the Padres!

ESPN's blog says:

Manny Ramirez is taking batting practice and shagging flies, but running at "60-70 percent."

Time to put him to work.

Has he run at 70%+ at any time this year?

there's the stench of death in the air

R.I.P. Bums 4/6/2010 - 8/1/2010
Enjoy 4th place!

Viva los Gigantes!!!!

suhhhhweeeep! yes sir, go giants!!

I said before the first trade was made that the Dodgers need to be Sellers at the deadline. Now we won't make the playoffs and there will be no reason to think next year will be any better. If they would have put Padilla and Karoda on the market they could have brought answers for next year at C and 3rd. Manny could be moved before the August deadline for system depth. This and signing Cliff Lee during the winter and no one remembers 2010.

Yes, it was a great series for the San Francisco Giants. I loved watching them beat the Dodgers on Friday night and completing the sweep today. We're 2 games behind the Padres and looking tough to win the season as NL champs.
God Bless San Franciso!

Steve - you might want to mention Torre's key involvement in each loss. I.E. Why was Kershaw pitching to Renteria in the first place? What happened to the previous hitter? Why does Joe suddenly get hunches in the middle of at bats and order the pitcher to intentionally walk a batter to get to another veteran hitter? Martin went to the mound to console Kershaw after the free pass and say it was the Meddler who did it.

The core of the Dodgers have always thought they were better than they are. Whether this is a result of their being coddled because they are "Logan's kids", with apologies to Jerry Lewis, or whether they have been ultimately overvalued, the result has been the same: a complete team wide collapse. What is particularly galling is that they seem to be okay with losing. I have never seen anything like this. The urgency? If the ballplayers on this squad cannot summon that, then there is something wrong. It is hard for me to believe that all of this should be laid at the shoulders of Torre, or Colletti, or McCourt even. The players need to take a good long look at themselves in the mirror and get really honest with themselves if they have it within them to turn this around. I don't think they do, frankly. That is not a knock on them, I just don't think that they have the intestinal fortitude to win at all costs because that is simply not what is emphasized by the organization. Yes, I think that Torre and Bowa and Colletti and McCourt would like to win, that is totally different from scratching and clawing, not sleeping, not ACCEPTING such failure. I hate to say it, but this team should be ashamed of themselves. I don't know if that is possible, though. That would mean they might have to do something about it. Really pathetic effort all the way around.

what a waste. I probably am too much of a DeWitt fan than he deserves but there are few on the team that I pulled more for. So we trade him for a couple of decent players to try to make a run for owners who realize their tenure is short. There is no shot though. The future of the team is about to be given away once The PR and Parking lot owner realize that the season is shot.

Mark Cuban, Where are you?

this "sudden" free-fall ought NOT come as any surprise/shock to anyone, as this is clearly what ALWAYS happens to any organization that's so obviously/totally starts @ the very top, & the present ownership "team" (what a joke!!!) has absolutely NO "business" owning anything, especially a once-proud baseball franchise like the dodgers......they are a laughing-stock (w/their russian sooth-sayers, etc. -- give me a break!!!)........then GM "confetti-4-brainz" not much better, butt overall may be (only) competent, butt w/ned as the only competent "mgt" member, then that's really BAD.....then of course, there's the "senile-old-coot" in the dugout (i.e., torre) who NEVA was a very good mgr., just was afforded loads of talent in his yank-daze, so naturally he was relatively successful there, butt torre really has neva done anything great re: any other managerial stop, & yanks knew his time was up, so why is he still employed here????.......the yanks clearly are all about winning, & KUDOS to them for it!!, yet they knew torre was no longer the man 4the job......he clearly has no way of relating to today's younger players (kemp still makes the same bone-head plays he made 2--3 yrs ago).....
so need new ownership, + new field mgr (& NOT mattingly!!!), & also new coaches, & w/new owner, likley means ned gone too, as usually means new GM......
in summ, an entire house-cleaning in order here!!!!

Lot of true comments here now.

Echo-ing Dallas - only players of everyday 8 worth keeping are Furcal, Loney and Ethier. All the rest are no better than plenty of others at their position in the majors, and some are much worse. One step further, the other half of the team (pitchers) has nobody worth keeping other than Kershaw and Billingsley. Keep Kuo as a good deed, given all he's been through and what he's accomplished, but honestly, after that much surgical work, for him to have another season even remotely resembling this one would be on borrowed time. I'm delighted by this season for him, but certainly can't realistically expect another of equal or greater performance next season. He's comeback player of the ages - 4 surgeries, including 2 TJs. So keep him, that's 6 total, the other 19 blow it up.

Team showing shame? If that was a remote possibility, it would mean they collectively care and that's obviously not the case, though I wish it were. They've got more talent than the performance they've shown. You've got to care more than this bunch before there'll be an iota of shame. Its a heartless, gutless bunch collectively. Sorry, truth hurts.

And that might be drawn into the way the nucleus came up, as a group sans Ethier, rebuffing leadership from veterans. Yes, coddled like Dodger Tony said.

West coast ram is right - dump anything that will bring something, including Manny. Heck, bring on a ton of prospects - more than needed. Get enough to have extra to shop at some point between April and July next year. The farm isn't fertile right now.

And LADNLW ain't whistlin' Dixie - I'll bet the Padres are salivating at the chance to bury the Dodgers in LA. Well, already buried, whatever comes after that.

Dallas is right on one other thing: No notable memories since 1988, 1981 and the run of the mid-1970s. And for me, even 1988 is now tainted because Orel eventually started 34 games for SF in 1998.

It's awful to see the sense of urgency that the Dodgers have - or, rather, don't have. They are struggling and don't have the energy and drive to win. I would expect that from a young team like the Pirates, but not from a team that has won the division the past two seasons. Kemp continues his poor hitting, baserunning and fielding. He has more talent than that and he needs to show it. The media would have us believe that starting pitching is our problem. Not at all. Kershaw's pitching at an ace level, Billingsley has been good, Kuroda and Padilla have been strong lately. Hopefully Dotel can solidify the bullpen. But our young players need to hit and show they can do it without Manny.

This time last year, Kemp was hitting .317, Blake was hitting .286, and the now departed Orlando Hudson, since replaced by Belliard, since replaced by DeWitt, since replaced by Theriot, was hitting .292. One need look no further than the current anemic offense to understand why the Dodgers are facing the prospect of being a second division fixture for the remainder of the season.

I second Dodger Tony. Couldn't have said it better myself, except for his thoughts about McCourt the charlatan.

Plus ------ D-I-V-O-R-C-E

Matt Kemp continues to be a big disappointment. Not coming through in the clutch, not making plays in the outfield, getting thrown out attempting to steal and just having that "I could care less" look on his face. Also killing the team this season are the likes of Casey Blake, Russell Martin, Jonathan Broxton, George Sherrill and Garrett Anderson. What are those last 2 still doing on the roster? I was hoping that Sherrill would get the boot once they made those moves over the weekend but they optioned Taschner instead. What a joke.

AHHAHAH your Doggers are horrible, and it just the beginning!

Have fun Staring up at the Rockies pads and GIANTS for the rest of the season!!


I believe Torre claimed that Theriot had to be part of the Lilly deal and Ned claimed he did not. Sorry if got this mixed, but not a good showing by your GM and manager if they can't get their stories straight. Why DID they get rid of DeWitt? Of all the positions to be filled, 2B had three candidates - DeWitt, Carroll and Belliard. So of course we get another one - older, more expensive and not much more talented.

Kemp is just slipping further and further into his Raul Mondesi legacy. He soon will tagged as another "can't miss" prospect who "can't make it."

Don't worry fellow fans since this season has been officially declared dead and over; we can point to to the LAme duck situation the team is in today as the culprit. This dog's stench is definitely coming from the head.
Why would these players get up and play hard since the owner(s), GM, manager and coaches will all be gone at the end of the season? Can you sense any pride left on the team? I don't.
The chances of McCheap keeping the team are very low (thank goodness), and even if he keeps it, he will surely get rid of Colletti, and Lame Duck Joe can take his staff with him (please).
Hopefully, the new owner will bring Tim Wallach over from AAA and the team can start a new page. It is obvious that Lame Duck Joe has nothing left and is just going through the motions, no motivation coming from his "enthusiastic" leadership. Isn't telling that the headline reads "new lineup same old dodgers"? That's exactly right, the lackadaisical approach and the losing is catching. My suggestion to all fans, stop going to the games, and just like them, wait until next year.

Spring training for the 2011 season starts now,for the Dodgers, and hopefully under diffrent ownership! say goodbye to the FOX/McCourt era ,forever !

It is not so much about winning or losing for me, it is about the 'appearance' of t the current Dodger team. They have no moxie, no apparent will-to-win. It hurts to watch these guys.

Personally, I know nothing is going to change, with this ownership/management, but I can hope. The fact that the keep obviously non-productive players (Anderson, Sherrill), over ball-players (DeWitt) baffles me.

And, give me a head's-up player, (DeWitt), any day over Mr. Five-Tool-Please-Pick-Me-Off-Again (Kemp). And Torre? Any pulse there? I think not.


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