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Imagining the Manny Ramirez scenarios

The Manny Ramirez Option.

Kinda sounds like some great ’70s spy film, maybe starring Robert Redford or Jon Voight.

Options are what this is about for the Dodgers, who really have nothing to lose by putting Manny on the waiver wire.

If he goes through unclaimed, then they can listen to any trade offer they want. If he gets claimed, they can pull him back and work out a deal with the club that claimed him; or just let him go to that club, saving the rest of the around $4 million he’s owed.

Let’s imagine,  one way or another, he’s outta here. First the National League teams get a shot at him.

-- What if he ends up with the … Giants? Look, they’re collecting outfielders. Manny wouldn’t be an upgrade for that offensively challenged collection? Best of all, guess which team the Dodgers play the weekend after the Sept. 1 deadline to be playoff eligible? And at home.

Say the Dodgers rally, but the Giants edge them out for the wild card with Manny leading the way. How’s that for a twisted nightmare?

-- Imagine if the Padres claimed him. They couldn’t use him? They’re thinking of signing ex-Rockie Brad Hawpe. How juicy would that be, Mr. Dreads playing for the Padres?

-- The Phillies. OK, maybe not the most likely, but that Shane Victorino-Jayson Werth-Raul Ibanez outfield has had trouble staying healthy all season. Like Manny wouldn’t fit in there.

Plus, the Phillies have shown a willingness to do the one thing the Dodgers have not the past three years -- drop some serious cash on a player.

-- If he gets through the NL, the first American League team in playoff contention to get a shot at him are the White Sox. Like the Manny and Ozzie Show wouldn’t be worth the price of admission.

Plus, this would be great because it would finally be the realization of Ned Colletti’s $125 million vision -- an outfield of Juan Pierre, Andruw Jones and Manny.

-- Next up would be the Red Sox, and how much fun is that? Would the Red Sox actually claim their wayward slugger just to keep him away from rivals Texas, Tampa Bay and New York? Lord, I hope so.

Then would Manny approve the deal? Come on, this isn’t great?

-- Texas and Tampa Bay aren’t nearly as much fun to imagine, but both had scouts watching him during his rehab in San Bernardino, his return to Dodger Stadium and now in Milwaukee.

If the Rangers nabbed him, he probably has to remain an outfielder, what with Vladimir Guerrero already the DH.

-- The Yankees. You’re thinking probably not, but it’s not like their outfielders are the strength of the team. Plus, rumor is, they’re not afraid to spend some coin.

Maybe none of it happens. Actually, I’m starting to think none of it does.’s Jon Heyman wrote most executives now believe Manny will slide through unclaimed.

The Dodgers could then deal him, but it would have to be before Sept. 1, and that’s not much time. And difficult to explain to fans unless they get something unexpected back, with the team still hovering within wild-card contention.

Right now it’s about options. Some more intriguing than others.

-- Steve Dilbeck
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$9 will get you $10 the Manny goes back to the AL

he knows he needs to get back to work - b/c vacation is over!

I don't care where they trade him as long as they get some decent prospects in return. If they trade him to the Giants or the Padres, then so be it (though I don't think the Padres can afford him).

I'm sure that Manny will clear waivers. If he can only play as a DH for any length of time, what would an NL team do with him?
He can really only help an AL team. There is no doubt he'll go back to the AL. The only question now is, How can the Dodgers improve themselves by trading him?

The maracino cherry on top of, arguably, the worst season of my Dodger life, would be if the team actually gels on this road trip, somehow come Sunday are roughly within 3 games of the Wild Card, and the Dodgers trade Manny and, for good measure, also deal Kuroda and Blake. In other words, a true Frank McCourt fire sale as he prepares the transition to Dennis Gilbert as new owner. As Vinny would say, "in a year that has been so improbable, the unconscionable has happened".

Manny belongs in L.A. like garbage belongs in a dump

Trade him only in a package deal that includes Frank and Jamie!

Colletti never had a vision of Manny, Jones and Pierre in the same outfield. To those who bemoaned the Dodgers not making a big signing or trade this year. When is the last time a big contract worked out for the Dodgers?

Anybody notice how many xtrabase hits the dodgers got in the three games Manny started? 7 in yesterday's alone! close to twenty in the 3! That's more than we got in the weeks leading up to his return. Don't see anyone giving us anything that's going to help us this year or next year so moving him would be strictly a salary dump. Why let McCourt keep any more of our money?


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