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Here's one more thing for the Dodgers to worry about: Jeff Weaver has taken the wrong kind of turn

Weaver Like the sinking Dodgers don’t have enough going on, now they have to be concerned about Jeff Weaver.

Weaver seemed like he had taken to his role as a middle reliever in June, when he went 3-0 with a 1.13 ERA.

Except in his nine games since, he’s had a 9.22 ERA.

Those are some serious highs and lows, and there is no easy explanation.

The right-hander had a particularly tough night Monday, allowing five runs in two innings.

One minute he can’t be touched, the next he’s on the ropes.

"He’s struggling," said manager Joe Torre. "He’s struggling. He’s either striking people out or they’re hitting home runs. It’s a weird combination."

Monday he gave up five hits to the Padres, one a three-run homer to Chase Headley, walked one and struck out three. In his previous outing Friday in San Francisco, he gave up two runs in two innings, one on a Aubrey Huff home run.

Weaver had given up only one home run in his previous 34 games.

How could he be so good in June, and so bad since?

"I wished I knew," said pitching coach Rick Honeycutt. ``It seems like he makes two good pitches, then a couple of bad ones. Looking at the game after it’s over, it’s just a little consistency.

"He’s still getting some strikeouts so obviously his stuff still good. It seems like right now anytime he makes a mistake, there seems to be damage.’’

Overall this season, Weaver is 5-1 with a 4.37 ERA. But the bullpen has been filled with unreliable arms this season, and the Dodgers need Weaver to return to form.

To resemble the Weaver they had in June, not July.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Jeff Weaver reacts after surrendering a three-run home run to San Diego Padres third baseman Chase Headley on Monday night. Credit: Kirby Lee/ Image of Sport -- U.S. Presswire

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I'm not watching anymore. I give up right now.

This is the Weaver that drove me nuts when he was a starter for the Dodgers. It seemed like no other pitcher in baseball could so quickly give up three or four or five runs. This return to the old Weaver comes at the worst possible time, with the team unable to score runs, and the bullpen in chaos, replete with The Georgia Whale transforming into Charlie Hough.

As long as the McCourts are owners, the Dodgers will never be serious contenders! I love the Dodgers and been a fan since I was old enough to understand the game but now I refuse to attend games. I hope the divorce forces frank to sell the team!

Weaver needs to be handled carefully for the time being. Avoid using him in middle of the inning situations with runners on base against anyone with pop. We have Dotel for that now. Long relief should mean Monasterios as a first and only option. When Weaver gets out of his funk he can be relied on more. Why on earth wasn't martin moved? Are you telling me we couldn't have gotten Ramon Ramirez from the BoSox? That guy throws gas! We might have been able to get a lefty from em too! Martin is beyond recouping as a Dodger. He is the poster child for this year's mess. All talent no brains. He has as much power as any catcher in baseball but rarely squares one up. His arm is as strong as any but his mechanics when rising out of the croutch produce a different release point every time he throws the ball down. He is fast which means he gets out pretty quick with poor choices on the basepaths. Kuroda has 10 wild pitches but about half of those should be p.b.'s charged to Martin who never! slides to his right on outside pitches to r.h.b.'s, insisting on the lazy backhand, and yet he makes miraculous sliding catches on foul balls. He will be good enough after he is gone for some fans to bemoan the loss but he will never do it in Dodger blue. He needs to go and Sherril should carry his bags.

I'm not watching anymore, either. Crap ownership, management and boring team.

J. Weaver is on the down side of a less than mediocre career. You cannot blame him for wanting to pick up a paycheck. It is the guy with the purse strings that you have to blame. mccourt is in this thing for only one thing "MONEY"and the rest of us can go to the devil. You must support your team, but not if the owner insults the city the division the league and especially the fans. It is Selig`s fault. He started this three division crap so he could B.S. the fans, not just here but everywhere so they could always believe there team was in the pennant race when all the while it was all about MONEY. Keep the suckers coming in. PT Barnum has nothing on mccourt or selig

Honeycutt doesn't know and Torre doesn't know.I guess that's why they make the big bucks.....Ask them why Broxton screws up and I'm sure their answer would be,"I don't know".....It doesn't matter cause I'm still singing this song. AIN'T NO STOPPING US KNOW!!!!! WE'VE GOT THE GROOVE!!!!

He's without the dumbest pitcher I've ever seen. I agree cwith Janeenus, the guy'll drive you crazy. But he's just one more failing in a lost season. This season was over before it started. As soon as I heard the McCourts were divorcing I knew this year would go in the dumper. They never wanted to spend the money necessary to field a World Championship team. Look at how well the Phillies have done. They don't draw nearly as well as the Dodgers, but they can afford the pitching & bats it takes to win. The Dodgers is dead.

>He's without the dumbest pitcher I've ever seen.

I'm guessing you meant 'without a doubt'... Are YOU are calling him dumb?????


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