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Dodgers' Eric Collins adds Big Ten football to his announcing chores

All you Eric Collins fans out there -- come on, I know you’re there -- will be excited to know the Dodgers’ TV broadcaster is about to expand his duties.

Collins was announced Wednesday as one of two main play-by-play football announcers for the Big Ten Network.

Collins is in his second season with the Dodgers as their play-by-play TV announcer on road games outside the National League West. That other guy, Vin Scully, does TV on home and road games in the West.

Collins, 40, has previously called college football for ESPN.

At the Big Ten Network, he is scheduled to be teamed with color analyst Chris Martin, a former Northwestern defensive back, and sideline reporter Charissa Thompson.

Tom Hart will serve as the Big Ten’s other main play-by-play voice.

--Steve Dilbeck
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Thank God I'm not a Big Ten fan and won't be subjected to this guy's awful and amateurish broadcasting. Eric Collins simply stinks.

Eric Collins is far and away the worst baseball announcer I have ever had the displeasure of suffering through. He can't possibly have a single fan...

My conspiracy theory is this: The Dodger purposely broadcast their games on AM 790, because the signal is so weak and the whining feedback noise you hear throughout the broadcast is so ear-splitting, that you are forced to watch the games on television and be exposed to the far more lucrative t.v. sponsored commercials.

I personally believe the McCourts made their selection for Charlie Steiner's replacement by determining who would take the lowest salary for the position. He was calling college basketball games when he came on board, so do the math....

Anything that keeps Collins away from the Dodgers is OK with me.

Thats great please just relive Eric Collins of all Dodger games ! Never have I heard such an ignorant baseball commentator, what a joke ! I love the team on Dodger Talk after games on KABC radio Levine & Sushon! They are very savvy funny sports guys that I think would be fun to have as a back up to Mr.Scully .
I didn't mind the Steiner Lyons duo . Why did they even hire Collins anyways ?

I worked with Eric two basketball seasons ago on national telecasts of Big West basketball. He is a good person who has been cast in a difficult role. Remember, the selection of the announcers is done by the Dodgers. It is their fault and McCourt is the bleepin guy.

Ross Porter

Every time I hear Eric Collins, I hope that Vin Scully lives forever.

@ Greg:

No one is calling into question Eric Collin's character....Whether he is a good person or not, his ability to call a baseball game is atrocious. He speaks so fast in spurts, then follows it up with long pauses... I don't think he and Steve Lyons gell very well as a broadcast team. They endlessly point out things that I am watching with my own eyes... This is the Los Angeles Dodgers. The fans of this team deserve the very best available.

Stop defending him and tell him, as a friend, he should play to his "Strengths" and stay with college basketball and football games.

This guy is horrible. He needs to stick to calling anything other than Dodger baseball. Anyone know when his contract is up?

Eric Collins is terrible. He sounds terrible and his comments are lame. I almost can't watch the game listening to him.

Is that the same Eric Collins who once said "after 2 innings, Kershaw has a no-hitter!" That guy? Spare us!


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