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Dodgers blow a seven-run lead in 10-9 loss to Phillies


What a meltdown. What a completely miserable meltdown.

After leading 9-2 going into the bottom of the eighth, the Dodgers suffered their most crushing loss of the season Thursday when Carlos Ruiz completed a stunning Philadelphia comeback with a two-run double off the wall against Jonathan Broxton for a 10-9 Phillies victory.

The Phillies scored four times in the eighth off Ronald Belisario and four more times off Broxton in the ninth.

For Broxton, it continued a miserable history against the Phillies. Philadelphia loaded the bases in the ninth without a hit as Broxton hit batter and gave up a pair of walks. Casey Blake then booted a potential double-play grounder for a two-run error before Ruiz completed the comeback.

Struggling Matt Kemp returned to the lineup after a two-game benching and drove in four runs, two on his team-high 19th home run.

After being shut out the previous night, the Dodgers went right to work against Joe Blanton, scoring three times in the first.

Scott Podsednik led off with a single to center and James Loney drew a two-out walk before a succession of singles by Ronnie Belliard, Kemp and Jamey Carroll each drove in a run.

The Phillies got one back in the second against Clayton Kershaw after Ruiz singled and Wilson Valdez doubled him to third. Blanton managed to drive in the run when he bounced out to Belliard at third.

Philadelphia made it a 3-2 game in the fourth when Jayson Werth singled, stole second and scored on a Ruiz hit.

The Dodgers, however, got the run back in the fifth after Ryan Theriot singled and an Andre Ethier single sent him to third.

Belliard lined out to Raul Ibanez in medium left, but Theriot tagged anyway. The throw by Ibanez was on line, but Theriot made a terrific slide, going to the far side of the plate to elude the Ruiz tag and then touch the plate with his left hand.

The Dodgers got to reliever Chad Durbin in the seventh when Loney singled and Kemp drilled his two-run homer to left.

The Dodgers seemed to have the game put away after scoring three runs in the eighth on RBI singles by Blake, Kemp and Carroll to take a 9-2 lead.

But the Phillies managed to turn it into a nervous affair against a lost-looking Belisario in the eighth.

Belisario gave up four runs on four hits and a bizarre balk when he faked a throw to third, despite there being no runner at the base. He did not record an out.

Beleaguered reliever George Sherrill followed Kenley Jansen to put an end to the Phillies’ rally.

Broxton came on to close it in the ninth, but did not record an out.

The loss dropped them nine games behind the Padres.

The Dodgers, who had 18 hits against the Phillies on Tuesday, had 15 on Thursday.

Kershaw went 6 2/3 innings. He gave up the two runs on six hits and a pair of walks, with four strikeouts.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Phillies catcher Carlos Ruiz is swarmed by teammates (from left) Mike Sweeney (5), Brian Schneider and Greg Dobbs (19) after hitting the game-winning, two-run double in the ninth inning against the Dodgers on Thursday night at Citizens Bank Park. Credit: Barbara Johnston / US Presswire

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Broxton. enough said.

how many times does this have to happen before torre pulls the plug on broxton? this is mentally demoralizing. the implosion against the yankees appears to have started it. let's try dotel or jansen. give broxton a mental break. make up a DL-stint for appearances sake. do something because this is getting ridiculous.

Broxton is a chump. Plain and simple.

Gee, what a surprise.

I can't believe what I saw tonight, the season is definitely over...this loss is demoralizing. The bullpen should be embarrassed with themselves.

I have said it before, and I will say it again. Bronxton does NOT have what it takes to be a closer. Torre has been using Kuo in consecutive games now for at least two games. Let's have Kuo close as it will greatly benefit the team. Do this before the season ends prematurely.

This was Torre's fault. You don't leave in a closer who has historically bad times against a team in their home park after he has loaded the bases with no outs. You just don't do that. In fact, Broxton should never have been put in the game. The Dodgers had too much at stake to tempt fate with him in this lethal situation. Sorry. Asking for a miracle is not managing.

This should have been our turnaround game. Hats off to Matt Kemp for a great night at the plate.

Please add Broxton to any trade of Kemp.

Not again!

From Frank McCourt to Ned Colletti to Joe Torre, this is the most poorly I've witnessed the Dodgers being run. Colletti was blessed with the best farm system in baseball when he took the Dodgers GM position, thanks mostly to the savvy work of Dan Evans, Kim Ng, and Logan White. These prospects eventually became the key pieces in the Dodgers playoff runs over the past two years. Unfortunately, Colletti did no replenish the farm system. He made foolish and shortsighted trades that will really negatively impact the Dodgers over the next 5-10 years. McCourt also cut the Dodgers draft budget and the Dodgers stopped offering their free agents arbitration, which meant not collecting any supplemental draft picks as a form of compensation for losing free agents.

Things will not get better until the franchise has a new owner, a new GM, and a new manager. The Dodgers need to get back to the philosophy that made them successful in the first place - a strong emphasis on player development, a much larger international presence (McCourt has almost entirely cut international scouting), and savvy trades that don't involve mortgaging the future.

When McCourt did give Colletti some money to play with, Ned reacted like an amateur gambler in Atlantic City. Ned quickly began handing out large sums of money to anyone who would bite. It was almost like Ned was in a hurry because he was afraid that McCourt’s checks wouldn’t go through. Colletti signed “name” players who were past their prime to appease the average fan. With Jason Schmidt, Juan Pierre, and Andruw Jones all locked up, in Ned’s mind, he had just built a championship contender. In reality, he had just assembled a collection of overpaid retreads.

Just got word on the Phillies website that they'll be retiring Jon Broxton's number next year when the Dodgers return to Philly.....

Tonight I'll add another exclamation point ...


How many times is Torre going to let Broxton continue to do this? Kershaw would have 15 wins by now if it wasn't for Broxton. He always falls behind to the first hitter. He has lost his ability to throw strikes, and all confidence. When you can't hold a 7 run lead in the eighth inning, you got problems. Torre refuses to go to Quo as the closer, and we will go down with the ship with Broxton at the helm.

Lifelong Dodger fan but I threw in the towel on this team when they got swept by the Giants two weeks ago. Broxton can't save a big game to save his life. The most amazing thing is that all the loyal Dodger fans still spend their hard earned money to go watch this lousy team. This team has NO HEART! John Smithers

Joe Torre's use of his bullpen is analogous to BP trying to cap an oil spill:
Deny the severity of the problem.
Employ inadequate resources.
Use strategies that indicate that they do not know what they are doing.

Ouch. CPB has become Can't Play Baseball for for Diggers.

Yes, Blake "boots" way too many ground balls to be a major-league third baseman. Yes, Belisario was bad. But jeez. This game, like many, many Dodger games this season, was lost by Joe "Lose Any Way Possible" Torre. Or perhaps it's Joe "Put In Broxton No Matter How Often He Blows It" Torre. Or maybe it's Joe "Take Out Effective Non-Fatigued Pitchers For Unreliable Relievers Like Broxton" Torre.

There is only one explanation. Joe Torre is betting against the Dodgers.

We need a new manager. Let's see... I hear Pete Rose wants a job. At least he always tries to win.

As a long time Dodger fan I'm totally embarrassed by this loss. This is a new low for this lowly team. It's totally unacceptable. It's time to put on waivers some of the veterans and get whatever they can for them. It's football season folks. It's over.

What more can I say?

I knew the Dodgers blew when Broxton blew a huge lead against the PHils in the playoffs last year.

He sucks. He is just a big guy who throws heat without any finesse.

Torre sucks. Plain and simple.

"Casey Blake then booted a potential double-play grounder for a two-run error" - This would imply that Blake actually touched the ball. He didn't, the sentance should have the words 'Bucknered a potential double-play'

As the saying goes: Good teams find a way to win. Bad teams find a way to lose. I stopped watching after Broxton loaded the bases. Why wait around? I found out the inevitable when by brother called me. Broxton never has been and never will be a big game closer. He has proved it time and again. D-I-V-O-R-C-E. The McCourts are incapable of feeling any shame.

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha dodgers blue they needed the money

In the end my friends, we cannot overcome the insanity that is Joe Torre. This from the LA Times 2 days ago:

"Torre said that while the Dodgers' recently added bullpen depth made it unnecessary for Belisario to be used in the eighth or ninth innings, he wouldn't hesitate to use the reliever in crucial situations in the sixth or seventh innings."

Somebody, please call a doctor....the Heimlich Maneuver needs to be applied to the Dodgers. (Good thing I'm also a Lakers fan.)

Hey, it could be worse........................................................................NOT!

Who, besides Torre, didn't see this coming a mile away.

Torre Is overated just like Stengel was overated. Yes they won But with the YANKEES, who are willing to put a good team on the field. Check out their records with the other teams they have managed.And I do not mean the mets.. Over rated and forced to pitch the most overated Dodger pitcher of all time. If this keeps up No one will take him in a trade and he will become a player to be named later(broxton)mccourt continues to insult not only us saps (Dog fans)but the entire baseball world. Why are you continuing to go out and pay for franks next divorce. He thinks YOU are STUPID..... There is no sense even getting to the playoffs with this loser(broxton) At least with kuo or Dotel you have a chance. What super relief pitcher or big time closer has an era of over 3? None comes to mind. I think this guy will probably last in the bigs but only as a mop up pitcher on bad team like Baltimore or pittsburgh or AZ. I just feel so bad for the season ticket holders they already spent their mone and are stuck. frank please sell the team.

It is pretty obvious that Broxton is incapable of performing in clutch save situations and needs to be taken out of the closer role ASAP.
He continues to try to muscle his fastball, has become too predictable, and is getting hammered. Major league hitters can wake up Christmas morning and hit a fast ball no matter how fast it is thrown. He needs to master his slider/second pitch and learn to throw it for strikes in all situations. In addition, he needs to work on a change to throw off his fast ball. In all cases he needs to throw his fastball for strikes as a minimum standard. He is too predictable and until he learns how to pitch vs. throw he/we will suffer the same miserable results. Time to end the experiment and realize this reality.
Einstein said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Time to step up and stop the insanity Joe!

Repeat after me: Can't hold a seven-run lead in the eighth inning...can't hold a seven-run lead in the eighth inning...can't......go on.

the dodgers are junk. their players are junk.

It's time to put Broxton out to pasture. He is struggling and it is no secret. He needs to be put on the D.L. There is no excuse for this. Period. The offense is improving but the middle relief and closing pitchers are slumping. I feel for Joe Torre.

even as a phillies fan, i feel bad for this kid. not!

Frank McCourt - you suck. Take a hike and let me have my team back. I'll give you cab fare back to Boston for this worthless heap of pikers and choke artists.

DODGERS need a new owner & a new manager.

Torre is managing with an old heart and no brains. He "wants" guys to succeed who clearly don't have the heart or brains. With Brox-for-Brains, he's got neither. Invert the 'pen--close with Kuo and Jansen, use Brox and Sherrill as set-ups until they can't even do that. Monasterios can pitch the 7th. Use Belasario in the 6th until he gets whatever he used to have when he was a drunk back. Weaver, once HE'S back, can do situational--he's a pro.

If this were NY or Philly, the scribes and stands would want Torre's head on a stick. Let's put it on a big foam finger at least, make him a finger-puppet.

He oughtta resign. He's that bad.

And Donny Baseball ain't the answer either. Gimme a guy who's paid his dues--Bowa, Wallach. We screwed up and let Scoscia walk. Let's not make the mistake again with Wallach.

The worst ball I've ever seen from the Dodgers and I saw Stan Williams walk in the tying and winning runs in 1962 against the Giants.

Who's to blame here?
If I was managing, I would put in Janson after Belisario put a couple of runners on base. I am sure he will get out of that inning and still have Kuo and Broxton in reserve.
If I was managing before tonight's game, my closer would have been Kuo. Broxton and Janson as my 8th inning guy.
However, I am not making anywhere close to Joe Torre's salary. Anyone could have managed better and the Dodgers don't need to pay that much money.

Well the dodgers are performing as they should. No moves during the offseason, minimal trades at the deadline, equal a team that is not a serious contender. Hopefully their next owner will spend as well as he charges.

(reprinted from another Dodger Blog)

I wish, at least for a night, a full suspension of all rules governing this forum. I wish, with all due relish, that I could become James Joyce, the author not the ump, and spill forth the most unbridled invective and obscenity that literature and the first amendment support. For the only language that can be used for this effluence called Dodger baseball, is the language of the Marquis de Sade. Polite dinner party rhetoric, better known as the Dodger Way to Play Baseball, does an enormous disservice to people who spend their lives, not to mention our forefathers of Brooklyn, who would look at this loss as chopped liver compared to what they went through.

That being said, I have such ill will for this organization tonight for the disproportionate reciprocity I have received as a loyal member of the Dodgers fan base. What I have been treated to this season, in terms of grotesque losses, is mythic. It almost feels intentional, in some strange paranoid conspiracy. Tonight, was the most vomitous experience in a season of vomit. I guess you get what you pay for. Back tomorrow night for more.

you want BLUE, this calls for new mgmt at the top. ( sorry for the broken thread). ml

Funny, I'd rather see Sherrill as the closer, than Broxton. The ninth inning "holding on the lead" Dodgers are so predictable. Torre sets the table with players that can't do the job. It's embarrassing. Torre runs out to the mound to give that big oaf a pep talk, when he should be tearing him a new one-remember Lasorda reaming Orosco to motivate him to end an inning in 88, when it counted? I believe he mouthed WTF is up, Jesse. And it worked. Enough soft soaping these guys. If they're gonna lose, Joe, make them regret it. Other posters have hit it on the head. Don't hamstring this marginally talented squad with your Yankee Clipper laissez-faire management style. It's not working.

Long knives are out of the sheath for the TRU BLU. This seals the season.

Let's get rid of Broxton. He is not reliable anymore.

This game was painful to watch. Blowing a 7 run lead in the with 6 outs to go. Trade Broxton. I don't want anything to do with Broxton. He doesn't have the mental approach to be a legit closer. The season is done. Unless they pull a miracle but its pointless to be optimistic nowadays. TRADE BROXTON!!!

Why listen to the radio? Why watch on TV? Why give a flying fuqua? I went jogging at 7 pm pacific because after bellasario's mental collapse, I knew we were gonna lose. I knew brox would not come perk up to a 3 or 4 run lead. He is done this season. Arm is dead. Just check him out. This is an athlete? He is another Hainsworth. Seriously an athlete? Really? I'm all for physics and mass=acceleration, but at this point in the season? Lets face it the hitters dont respect the relievers and the starters don't respect the hitters. Torre is counting down the days as is ownership. Hey Eli, add TRU BLU to the mix of your plan. Help us please!

Why Torre continues to have faith in Broxton is way beyond me. Broxton throwing in the ninth is the same as the Dodgers throwing in the towel. If NBC ever decides to do a show called The Biggest Jerk then they should definitely cast Frank McCourt.
Frank come on seriously, don't hold the team hostage while you decide what to do with your succubus wife!

Season is over. The Dodgers don't want to win. Yes Broxton blew the game, but let's remember that other times the hitters, well, never hit. These players must be competing as to who let's a game get away. Pitchers blow games, hitters don't hit. It's just awful. Next year Dodgers better load up, or I'm flying South or North. These players have no respect for the uniform they put on, trade them all. "THEY ARE ALL RUSTING IN THEIR LAURELS."

"Attention. Attention: This is Captain Joe Torre switching deck chairs on the Titanic. That's right, I am running the bullpen. I have no idea what I am doing. Someone let me run this ship and I fell asleep at the helm and have apparently run it into an iceberg. (With the New York Mets I ran it into a Greenberg). I urge all of you to get to the life boats as soon as possible. Save yourselves. I will be going down with the ship, of course. But before I do, here's a brief word for Bigelow Green Tea..."

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end
No safety or surprise, the end
I'll never look into your eyes...again
Can you picture what will be
So limitless and free
Desperately in need...of some...stranger's hand
In a...desperate land
Lost in a Roman...wilderness of pain
And all the children are insane
All the children are insane

I know... Let's send Broxton to Switzerland to work on the large Hadron Collider. He can throw stuff at stuff and it'll get hit so hard he'll discover a new particle, and maybe Joe can take notes and eat big bowls of oats. Sorry it's late...

broxton has NO, G-nads, balls, tanates or whatever you want to say. he'll never ever be able to grow a pair! get rid of his ass!

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