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Carlos Monasterios will make it through the season, but it's no guarantee he'll be with Dodgers next year

Carlos Monasterios has done it.

Wednesday is the first day rosters can be expanded to 40, meaning Monasterios is going to last the entire season as a rookie Rule 5 free agent.

In team history, only one other player -- D.J. Houlton in 2005 -- has ever made it through the entire season without the Dodgers having to offer the pick back to his original club.

Which still doesn’t mean Monasterios will be with the Dodgers next season. At least not the big-league version.

Once the season is over, he’s officially the Dodgers’ property and without restrictions. Meaning, next season, they can send him to the minors without having to offer him back to his former club.

"We’ll have more flexibility," said manager Joe Torre. "This year was a good experience for him.

"He needs regular work, and next year we’ll have that opportunity."

Which sounded like an announcement that Monasterios would be starting in the minors next season.

The Dodgers kept Monasterios as a long man when the season began but, because of various injuries, has been their main spot starter. He’s appeared in 28 games this season, including 11 starts.

He’s had mixed results -- 3-5, 4.02 ERA -- but prefers to start. Out of the bullpen, however, he’s 1-0 with a 2.32 ERA. He was roughed up for five runs in two innings by the Phillies on Tuesday.

Monasterios, 24, said he believed he belonged at the major-league level.

"Of course," he said.

But he pretty much throws two pitches -- fastball, breaking ball -- and the Dodgers want him to learn a third pitch. Until this season, he had appeared in only two games above the double-A level.

"He’s still learning," Torre said. "We knew when we took him in spring training that this was a kid we wanted for the future.

"He’s given us some good games, and out of the bullpen he’s done a good job. But he’s still in that growing process."

A process that, it appears right now, could take him back to the minors next season.

If he does make the club as a starter, that could be telling about the Dodgers’ offseason.

-- Steve Dilbeck
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By not dumping vets at the waiver deadline, our offseason is already told - more worthless PVLs. 3 starters, C, 2B, 3B, LF, entire bench and a weak bully don't lie.

Considering his experience, he's done OK with the team. Not great, but better than Russ or Ramon Ortiz.

No team in Major League Baseball knows more about Monasterios than the Phillies. No team knows his mental state, weaknesses, style, pitch selection and stuff better than the Phillies. So, of course, in the biggest game of the year, the Dodgers start him against the Philadelphia Phillies and of course the obvious happens. He is banged from pillar to post. Anyone in the organization could have started with better results. Moving up someone in the rotation would of course have been impossible because that would alter the rotation which is of course set for the September run - oh, the run is now over? So sorry to bother Uncle Joe. Hey, wake up Joe, time to announce your retirement.

Manny or no Manny, the Dodgers lost last night the same way they've been losing all season. Inconsistent hitting and inconsistent pitching, both starting and relieving. The faces are familiar: Monasterios, Troncoso, and, of course, a less and less effective Broxton. I watched the game off and on. After they fell behind 6-1, I went channel surfing. By the time I came back, Troncoso was just about to give up his homerun. After that happened, I switched off and came back to see the aftermath of Broxton's effort: runs that put the game out of reach and a chorus of well-deserved boos.
And this is the team that will being going up to SF for what Dylan Hernandez laughingly termed a "crucial series." C'mon, Dylan, stop being the unmitigated homer you have become and just report on the game. "Crucial series," my you-know-what!

What was reson for trading James McDonald for Dotel who is 35 and a free agency at the end of the season. James is 25 or 26. Monasterios is not going to be a good pitcher in the majors. Dotel was not a fair excange for McDonald.

" Dotel was not a fair excange for McDonald."

- that's why we also threw in Lambo to make things more equitable . . . nice. Ol' McDonald & Lambo from the farm, e - i - e - i - D'OH!

If McDonald becomes another Ferguson Jenkins... would figure.

in a season full of horrid decisions & misdeeds, this carlos-issue has largely flown under the radar, as this "pitcher" (indeed!) ought not be on any major league roster, neXt season, or maybe ever.......
dodgers likley have a dozen pitchers at least his equal!!!
another absolutely ridiculous decision keeping this minor-leaguer for entire year!!!

Was kinda hoping to see some of the pitchers from triple a make it bak up to the Bigs and let Monasterios stew on the bench for a while. Let's see if Elymania has anything left in the tank!


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