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Can the Dodgers come running back? Clock is ticking on turnaround

Dodgers_400 Unlike the Rolling Stones, time is not on the Dodgers’ side.

They've missed out on a sweet opportunity to gain some real momentum and edge back into the race. With Thursday’s loss, they are again eight games in back of the Padres.

"It’s certainly not early, but it’s not particularly late either," said third baseman Casey Blake. "We still have a third of the season left to go. That’s the positive thing right now."

They’re eight games back, with three teams ahead of them. That’s tough duty, particularly for a team playing without its starting catcher, shortstop and left fielder.

The Dodgers have 53 games to try to turn things around, to try to look like something more than a team barely over .500 (56-53).

A victory Thursday would have meant taking three of four from the division-leading Padres and would have left the Dodgers six games back.

"It’s disappointing, but we have games left we have to play," said Manager Joe Torre. "It’s going to come down to getting what we earn."

They’re hoping to earn it within the division. Thirty of their last 53 games are against NL West teams. And despite their recent skid, they’re still 27-15 against teams within their own division. They play the Padres six more times.

"We can’t be looking at how the guys ahead of us do," Blake said. "We have play to win and do everything in our power, in our control to take care of our business.

"You see it across baseball. It doesn’t matter how far you are down. You just keep playing and weird things can happen in this game."

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: San Diego's Chris Deonorfia scores on an inside-the park home run in the 9th inning at Dodger Stadium. Credit: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times

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Although I've been tough on Billingsley this season, he didn't pitch badly last night. He's pitched extremely well lately. So I have no issue with him. But the horrible at bats by everybody else reminds us that this year's edition of the Dodgers, which was unable to score any runs against a .500 pitcher with a fat ERA, is what we're going to be living with with the rest of the season. Kemp, contrite earlier in the week, has one big game then reverts to the Kemp we've come to expect. Ethier and Loney, once so reliable, are shadows of themselves.
Manny has ceased to exist since the middle of last season. Martin is history. Without the where-with-all to pursue anybody over last winter, and, I'm sure this winter, I believe this franchise is in bad shape. Unless Etheir, Loney and Kemp can play to their potential next season, we're in for some lean times. We can only hope that the courts will force out the McCourts.

No turnaround, there's always next year... FAIL.

D-O-N-E , done

Why not pick up Guillen and his 16 hrs and dump G. Andersen?
Why not take a whiff, at least, at the price tag for Pudge? He has tons more left than the 41 yr old coach/catcher Ausmus. Why not move Scotty Pods from leadoff and try Kemp. Both need a shake up...and Joe, please no more goof ball position changes like Eithier at 1B. Yikes. what where you thinking?!?

Sure, there are seven weeks left in the season, but if they don't sweep the Nationals this weekend, they're done. Heck, even if they do win all three, they could still be seven or eight back if the Padres win at least two against the Diamondbacks. I just don't think the Dodgers are good enough right now. Perhaps a better question is this: who will win the West, the Padres or the Giants?

Have the Dodgers even had a memorable come back game this year? This team gets behind and gives up. When all season were we down 3 or 4 runs in the 8th or 9th and came back to win? Nothing special this year.

Joe Torre is counting the days till he can get out of town.

Please someone buy this team from the McCourts. The negative front office vibe is spreading down on the field now.

too many teams in front of them, too many teams with winning records left to play, and too weak of a roster with an embarrasingly low payroll for an LA team to have any chance.

This trade would do the Dodgers a lot of good for now and the future:

From Washington Nationals:
3rd Baseman - Ryan Zimmerman
Catcher - Ivan Rodriguez

To Washington Nationals:
3rd Baseman - Casey Blake
Catcher - A.J. Ellis
Closer - Jonathon Broxton


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