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Another Dodgers' game, another maddening Manny Ramirez benching

August 29, 2010 | 12:04 pm

Another day, another Manny Ramirez benching.

What to think?

Something is going on beyond those big alleys at Coors Field, the tough pitcher of the day, Scott Podsednik -- Scott Podsednik? -- offering more in the lineup and whatever "feel thing’" that Joe Torre has going at the moment.

Meanwhile, Manny was scheduled to put his $20 fanny back on the pine Sunday against the Rockies.

For the fourth consecutive game.

Ugh, is this any way for a team to try and charge back into the playoff picture?

Nope. I could offer you Torre's tired explanations given to reporters back in Denver, but come on.

"If we had the DH, we wouldn't even be having this conversation," Torre said.

Right, but of course there is no designated hitter in the National League and there is Manny on the Dodgers. What a waste.

Torre said Manny was tentatively scheduled to return to the lineup Monday when the Dodgers come home to host the team they're chasing for the wild-card spot, the Phillies.

As opposed to the Rockies, one of the teams they have to climb over to even get to the Rockies.

There is an agenda going on here from someone, and maybe it is as simple as not wanting to get him hurt before he's traded to the White Sox.

If that's it, at least this soap opera will be brought to a close by Tuesday morning. Right now, I'm open to all conspiracy theories.

That playing schedule for Manny that Torre said he was going to map out with him? Torre now said he'd do that on ... Tuesday.

-- Steve Dilbeck