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NL Manager Charlie Manuel on why Andre Ethier is starting in center field for the All-Star game

Asked why Andre Ethier is starting in center field for the National League in the All-Star game, Manager Charlie Manuel offered this response:

The reason he's playing center field is because when we did the fan voting and the player voting, we uh, [Corey] Hart had the, he was ahead of the outfielders, he has to start, he was supposed to start the game, and Ethier's the one I chose to play center field because I remember he played there a lot. We do not have what they call a true center fielder right now. We have some our roster, at the same time that was the reason why he started in center field.

Here's our attempt to translate what Manuel said:

Because Hart was third in player voting among NL outfielders, he was pushed into the lineup when Jason Hayward pulled out of the game. Manuel looked at his three starting outfielders and remembered that Ethier has played "a lot of center field" -- even though Ethier has never played the position in the major leagues.

But Ethier's college teammate, Dustin Pedroia, said Ethier played center field at Arizona State.

"He's a baseball player, man," Pedroia said. "He'll be fine."

-- Dylan Hernandez

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Hopefully its just to embarrass him / seems like reason enough?

Questions we Dodger fans would like all-access Dilbeck to find answers to.

1. Joe Torre won the NL West. Why is he not part of the coaching staff? Manuel feud? Offered, but declined?
2. Does Torre "believe" in a lefty specialist out of the pen as a baseball concept.
3. How long will the Dodgers carry Garrett Anderson?
4. What is the follow up on Dr. Shpunt?
5. Is Russell Martin statistically the worst catcher in the NL?
6. Will Torre announce his retirement September 1st?
7. How many different batting orders has Torre put out since he became mgr.
8. Did Torre ever rest groups of Yankees for day games following night games when managing the Bronx Bombers? If not, why does he do it now with a team that is younger, on average?

I don't get why they lump all three outfield positions together when voting. Why not vote for the best RF, CF, and LF in each league for the All Star team? If your going to lump the outfield together, then maybe you should lump the infield togther. Imagine 4 first baseman starting in the infield at the All Star game... oh wait that won't happen because it is completely ridiculous... (did I prove my point?)

Maybe we should bring back the balanced schedule? It's obvious from Manuel's comments that he knows nothing about Andre... Teams from the east and central simply don't see the Dodgers or other teams from the west enough to appreciate the talent level... couple that with ESPN's love for the Yankees and Red Sox and most people know nothing about west coast baseball. Being a Dodgers fan living in Michigan, it's hard to get some love for the boys in blue...

He has played CF more than once. The first half of the Andrew Jones year everybody played everywhere. I remember one game he was in center with Pierre in left and Kemp in right. Don't know if he ever started in center though.

Note to Michigan Dodger fan:

NO MORE BALANCED SCHEDULES. We don't WANT to play an equal number of games on the East coast or the Midwest like we do on the West coast. NO THANK YOU.

As it is if we win the division it'll be because we KILL in the West and not so much everywhere else.

Hey, you get to see the Dodgers 3 games once a year! It could be worse, you could still be an American League town. See you in Milwaukee 3rd wk in Aug ~~~

pedroia is Xactly correct here, as andre-the-ant is a "baseball-player" & on ongoing basis, would make FAR better CF than KLOWN-KEMP, butt senile-old-coot (torre) will neva figure this out!!!!!

I'm guessing Charlie went to the Casey Stengel school of public speaking. The Old Perfessor, or the Squire of Glendale as Lindsey Nelson used to call him, was great with his incomprehensible comprehensibility.

And DodgerFanInMichigan makes a great point. I've long believed that the outfielders should be chosen as an LF, CF or RF. I may be wrong, but I believe that was the method originally used.

Charlie Manuel did this just to annoy Dodger fans, who, coincidently, will be much better represented tonight than Milwaukee fans. I spent a lot of money to buy my kids second-row tickets just inside the foul pole, because Ethier is my daughter's favorite player. I hope Mr. Manuel gets an appropriate welcome when the Phillies visit Dodger Stadium next month.


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