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Dodgers working on deal for Ted Lilly

On the eve of the non-waiver trade deadline, the Dodgers remain in talks with the Chicago Cubs about a deal for Ted Lilly, according to baseball sources.

The Dodgers and Cubs have also discussed infielder Ryan Theriot, according to one source.

Lilly, 34, is 3-8 but has a 3.69 earned-run average in 18 starts. He is in the final year of a four-year, $40-million deal.

-- Dylan Hernandez

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why? we need a rental reliever before a rental starter. Sell the team Mc(divorce)Court!

Don't do it Ned!

At this point why bother? This season had already been ruined by the front office's failure to act in the offseason and all season to date. There is going to a huge price to pay for the things that the Dodgers have done in the last few years - or more accurately, failed to do (e.g., no offseason market, no activity on international players), and I am afraid that we are already seeing signs of it.

Can the Dodgers afford to lose any more prospects? How about facing reality and start getting rid of unneeded players...Let's see, we have Manny the DL 20 million dollar singles hitter... we have Sherrill, with his 7.23 era...we have Anderson, the "good club house guy", with his .188 batting average...we have Belliard, with his .213 batting average...Are there any takers?

When do we start blaming Donny Don, the hitting coach for the lack of hitting?

Just what the bums need another LOUSY PITCHER. Maybe they should scour the asian market Kuroda has got to have a relative with a record as good as Lilly. They would probably get away with paying him the major league minimum. You know thats right up frank`s alley.They stink and thats a direct reflection on ownership and management. They waltzed us down the aisle on Lee, Oswalt and Holliday (sic).There has to be more than a few of us who know that every time these guys speak they are lying they are inveterate liars. BOYCOTT THE DODGERS AND ANY AND EVERYTHING frank HAS ANY THING TO DO WITH!!!!!!!!

Don't really get Theriot's purpose, unless DeWitt would be one of the players in the deal. DeWitt is better than Theriot, maybe just have Theriot as a backup?

I don't really see the need to spend a lot in prospects to get either Lilly or Maholm. Neither one is difference maker quality, and the problem right now is not starting pitching, it's the bullpen and the offense.

Wandy Rodriguez.

The real heartbreak is not in the won/loss column or this excercise in futility called "trades"..... but that "Dodger Baseball" is no more. Our last glimpse of the Dodgers is in a manager's office cross-town and the soon to be vacant chair of the greatest baseball announcer of all time. This season will only be a pimple on the face of a seriously ill franchise that has been pillaged by its stewards. We've been betrayed.

Great move Neal. Land a guy who has lost his prime years ago. No worries, the other major players in the NL are only landing major studs, probably won't affect us.

After all, we needed a power hitter and u scored with Scott P., who is basically Juan Pierre, the guy you jetted at the end of last season. Yeah he will be a terror when he comes up to bat for homers. Oh, wait he doesn't hit them.

So, lets see we need strong relievers, nah don't get them Neal. We need a strong starter, ignore it..our minor league system will provide that. We need a power hitter, Dunn is available, but maybe a has been is out there who is cheap.

Look, we haven't had a true 5 man rotation all season long and we're playing the entire NL West head to head for the rest of the season. For of those that think this is over, you can go home with that. I hate the Mccourts as much as anyone else, but the fellas on the field are still out there in DODGER BLUE! Have some pride and show up and support them anyway. They might surprise us. just drink and eat before so you don't line the divorcing love birds' pockets and just cheer like your life depended on it. They're still only a player or two away, pending a nice hot streak with the bats. The pitching is actually shaping up, all we need is for the bats to wake up. As long as Colletti doesn't mortgage our farm and promise half the gate for the rest of the season, I say make the trade if it's worth it. Lilly's better than having a spot starter every 5th. Theriot can warm the bench.

@ craig......who is neal ? u talking about NED COLETTI?

The season is over! Hopefully Mr. McCheap & Mrs. Mc.... will have to sell the team due to Mc(divorce)Court. Then maybe we'll get a owner who has money & wants to win.

Does anybody really think Lilly will make us any better? Can he hit too? We're done, Ralph. Time to retool for next season.

The McCourts just wasted another Furcal-Martin-Loney-Kemp-Ethier prime year. It won't be too long before Furcal (2011) and Ethier (2012) leave and Kemp (2012), Matin (2010), Loney (2010) could all be gone by next year, too. What a waste. This is a club that was in the NL championship and is a pitcher and another hitter from a World Series. A total disaster. Let's not forget the McCourts inherited this talented group and had nothing to do with getting them. All the McCourts have done was wring every penny from a competitive team and at the same time not sign any young talent for our farm clubs and that's why we can't trade for big league names. "Hello, Ted Lily. I hope the beating we gave you isn't any indication of future performance." What a waste.


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