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Dodgers trade Blake DeWitt to Chicago Cubs

The Dodgers told infielder Blake DeWitt a few moments ago that he had been traded to the Chicago Cubs.

"I'm definitely a little surprised it happened," DeWitt said.

The Dodgers have not announced a trade, but they are believed to be acquiring pitcher Ted Lilly and infielder Ryan Theriot from the Cubs. Theriot would replace DeWitt at second base.

-- Dylan Hernandez and Bill Shaikin

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good riddance, de-witt-less, as this move def. a case of "addition-by-subtraction"..........
though noteworthy too that, now, over a period of just 2 calendar-yrs, the dods have traded away each of their one-time "TOP 3" 3B prospects:
first, LaRoche, then Bell (just last July), & now DeWitt-less (though he now -- supposedly -- a second-sacker, but in reality -- NOT!!!)

no! they cant trade theriot! i love him !!!

dewittless, that's cute. did it take you all of spring training to cobble that together? theriot has fewer rbi's, a lower OBP, fewer runs, fewer walks, and barely a better average. this was about 2.5 million keeping the lights on in McCourt's house. instead of jockying for lilly too, why didn't we just keep randy wolf? this looks "ok" on paper, "addition by subtraction", but stinks when you dig deeper. one of those two "A" ball kids we let go is a twenty game winner in 5 years. i've tried to give colletti the benefit of the doubt, but i've since lost any appreciation for his decisions.

Theriot is complete garbage and Lily is a 2 month rental. Ned strikes again with his stupidity. I will not be renewing my season tickets unless Colletti and McCourt are gone!

Hard to tell which Titanic has the nicest deck chairs.

it's not like de witt didn't have his chances! 1 home run this year. he dropped that ball at second base last weekend to start the loss against the mets??? i think?

You have to feel for Dewitt ... who grew up a Cardinal fan - now he's been traded to the CUBS???

sad ~

Blake have brought much for the team, it's a bad business!


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