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Dodgers right-hander Carlos Monasterios in good condition after taking line drive off the side of his head

Monasterious_300 One day after making a scoreless bid to return to the rotation, right-hander Carlos Monasterios was hit hard.

Only to the side of the head.

Monasterios was sitting in the dugout in the fourth inning Sunday afternoon when Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran lined a wicked foul into the Dodgers’ dugout.

The drive came so quickly, Monasterios did not have time to react from his spot on the bench and it hit him on the right side of the head.

Monasterios never lost consciousness and was escorted into the team training room.

The Dodgers said Monasterios, who started and threw five shutout innings against the Mets on Saturday, was in good condition and did not appear to have a concussion.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Carlos Monasterios works against the Mets on Saturday. Credit: Jeff Gross / Getty Images

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When Velez was hit, I recommended the following practice--

..that MLB "strongly suggest" that players or other club personnel who are sitting in the dugout, wear a batting helmet if they are not paying full attention to what's going on in game.

For the third-base dugout, helmets designed for left-handed hitters, with the flap on the right, should be used.

This requires no added expense, since new helmets are purchased throughout the season.

Otherwise, teams should put up protective shields or panels, between the dugout and batter, like those used in hockey to protect the fans.

If someone get's hurt while sitting in an "unprotected" dugout and a helmet recommendation is NOT made, when it easily could be, would the "host club" be subject to legal action should an injury occur?

Just askin'.


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