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Dodgers put Manny Ramirez on the disabled list for the third time this season; out three weeks [Updated]


It’s not easy getting old, or at least being a 38-year-old Manny Ramirez.

For the third time this season, the Dodgers have placed Ramirez on the disabled list with a bad right leg.

Ramirez was put on the 15-day disabled list retroactive to July 17 before Tuesday’s game with a strained right calf, though the Dodgers said he’s expected to be out three weeks.

That would leave Ramirez unable to play until Aug. 9, at which time he would likely need a rehabilitation assignment.

Manager Joe Torre said he was certain Ramirez would be back at some point this season. Ramirez had just been activated from the DL with a sore right hamstring on July 15.

The next day he left the game in the first inning with what was described as right calf tightness after simply running to second on a pop up. An MRI Tuesday revealed the strain.

"That’s why it wouldn’t go away, it was something more than just mild, I guess," Torre said.

The Dodgers activated Brad Ausmus to take his place on the roster, temporarily giving them three catchers. At least for Tuesday, it gives then a much-needed right-handed bat off the bench.

Ausmus has been out all but four games after undergoing back surgery in April. Catcher A.J. Ellis could be sent down Wednesday if another outfielder is called up.

The Dodgers already have outfielder Reed Johnson on the disabled list with lower back strain. He’s not eligible to come off the DL until Friday.

"The player we bring up is probably going to be here until Reed comes back," Torre said.

The Dodgers have only one other outfielder on their 40-man roster, Trayvon Robinson who’s at double-A Chattanooga. The Dodgers, however, have room to add someone to their 40-man roster if they elected to call up an outfielder from triple-A Albuquerque.

Most troubling for the Dodgers has to be their inability to count on Ramirez. This is the third time his right leg has sent him to the disabled list. He went on April 23 with a right calf strain (though a different calf muscle). It is the second time this month he’s gone on the DL, having previously been disabled July 3 with a sore right hamstring.

"You never want to get used to it, you always expect him to come back,’" Torre said. "That’s the issue, you’re still anticipating him coming back. I know this was a big disappointment just by the virtue we just got him back off the list. And nothing really happened, but it was worse than we first thought."

Ramirez was also dogged by leg injuries in his final days with Boston in 2008, the seriousness of which was at contention with the Red Sox and one of the factors that led to his trade to the Dodgers.

If the Dodgers were considering trading Ramirez for a starting pitcher, Tuesday’s third move to the DL can’t help his value. Plus, Ramirez has the rest of his prorated $20 million for this season coming.

Though Ramirez hasn’t displayed the electric power he demonstrated when he first came to the Dodgers, he has still been highly productive -- .317, eight home runs, 39 RBIs in 186 at-bats -- when actually healthy.

Torre said the Dodgers would continue to start rookie Xavier Paul in left field in place of Ramirez, except against some left-handed pitchers.

-- Steve Dilbeck

Photo: Dodgers left fielder Manny Ramirez looks on from the dugout against the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium on July 18. Credit: Dilip Vishwanat / Getty Images

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Please trade him ASAP to the AL so he can DH. He is USELESS now in the outfield and will continue to get hurt. Forget it, this season is over. Dodgers need to clear out the clutter, Manny specifically. George Sherrill has gotta go also. Then, trade Matt Kemp and get a quality young pitcher.

Brad Ausmus? Really??? They have no bullpen. The pinch -hitting is brutal. So they add a 41 year old catcher as a RH bat off the bench? Yikes. Serenity now!

That's it. He's are the Dodgers. Of course, I didn't they'd win the division with a healthy Ramirez. There's that problem with the starting's not good enough to win the division.

Take that sign out of left field. "Mannywood", what is that? This guy could care less about anything but himself. It's obvious since he got off steroids, he ain't the hall of fame superstar we delusionaly hoped he would be. Please stop idolizing this self-absorbed -all of a sudden injury plagued over the hill ballplayer.

MANNYBALL ECONOMICS: Half-season of play equals double-pay.

With his hobbling "injuries," Money gives new meaning to doing "The Slow Walk."

He just needs more hormones to heal his female parts.

Look. The Dodgers obviously don't think he's faking. I don't believe his career production was a result of steroids and that now that he's off them suddently he's done. That's ridiculous. Furthermore, I would be surprised to say the least if Manny doesn't have a no trade clause in his contract. This team might be "done" but there are many more important reasons for that than Manny's production and health. And look at Vlad. For the least three years with those knees he looked done for, even as a DH. Now he's healthy and look at how well he's hitting for the Rangers. Yes Manny needs to be a DH in the AL. You going to hate him for that?

Hey, I hear Manny is 61 for 93 with you guys this year -- oh SORRY, that's GAMES PLAYED!

How do you like him now that he is showing his true colors?

-Red Sox Fan

The biggest tragedy of this situation was letting Juan Pierre go and paying his salary while he plays for another team. Dumb. Incompetent. Disgraceful. McCourt. Colletti. Enough said.

I recall a game when Emmitt Smith played nearly an entire game with a broken shoulder, hitting the holes, getting tackled, blocking a few times, yet ManSham goes on the DL for a tight calf ?! Are ya kidding me ?! Well, the Boston fans were right!

And the topper is ManSham gets paid thru the 2013 season, even tho' he'll be gone from here - thankfully - at season's end!

And I think the Dodgers are going along with his, ahem, "injury", as they are tiring of his game & they want players that play with heart, with intensity, with spirit.

As I said back then, what a bad move. I can't imagine many, if any teams will want to pay for his services next season; age, lack of production, suspension, & overall, his attitude. A tight calf, really ?! That would imply he was actually running! Before this, a tight hammy between the plate & 1B, then a tight calf between 1B & 2B ?! If so, yet I doubt it, he must not working out as he should not be having these kinds of injuries at this point in the season; again, he puts little effort into running the bases, or playing the OF.


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